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Comparative canada – united states


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  • Good job but please keep something in mind:
    -People feel safer....... and the security of this country allow them to live calm
    -The violence has come
    -People in Canada feel sorry for these murderers

    -It's the second biggest country of the world
    -Usa is conformed by different cities/ states
    -It's a place that people will want to visit
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Comparative canada – united states

  2. 2. UNITED STATES - CANADÁ• It´s a country where people feel very unsafe. So these people must have guns in their houses.• In Canada people feel more safe and the security from this country allow them live quiet.• The violence in USA has coming to the schools taking lifes grieve a lot of families.• In Canada cry these murder and these people pit to the distribution of gun.
  3. 3. CANADA• it´s the second country extension more all the world and occupies the half the north America.• USA is a country conformed by much countries.Their pictures are beautiful and it´s place that a lot of people will wontvisit.