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New York City Photos


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A slideshow of my recent visit to New York City and the UN

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New York City Photos

  1. 2. UN Visitor Center sign
  2. 3. Art piece in UN Courtyard
  3. 4. View down 44 th Street toward the UN
  4. 5. Sr. Joan Burke, second from left, chairing an NGO Commission meeting at the UN
  5. 6. Getting ready for a UN meeting - each country’s seat is marked by a sign
  6. 7. View from UN towards the East River
  7. 8. Rachael Ray’s studio is next to the SND UN office
  8. 9. Subway station at Times Square
  9. 10. Distinctive tiles mark subway stations – this one is a ‘T’ for Times Square station
  10. 11. Subway mural at Houston Street station (SoHo)
  11. 12. Typical sign about subway service changes due to ongoing repairs/construction
  12. 13. Front door of St. Anthony’s Convent in SoHo
  13. 14. View from my bedroom widow in SoHo
  14. 15. World Trade Center (WTC) construction site
  15. 16. World Trade Center (WTC) construction site
  16. 17. Children’s drawings commemorating 9/11 displayed in St. Paul’s Church across from WTC
  17. 18. Police and Fire Badges in memory of 9/11 displayed in St. Paul’s Church across from WTC
  18. 19. Plaque on SoHo Fire Station wall commemorating those lost on 9/11
  19. 20. Walking along the street in late afternoon