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Over 50? Use These 10 Rules to Your Advantage in the Job Search


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Tips for experienced job search candidates from a top executive career coach

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Over 50? Use These 10 Rules to Your Advantage in the Job Search

  1. 1. Over 50 ? Use these 10 Rulesto Your Advantage in the Job Search! Jean Erickson Walker, 503-816-5956
  2. 2. “This time, like all times, is a very good one,if we but know what to do with it.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
  3. 3. Rule 1: Take control of your career  Know yourself Understand the marketplace Identify your market niche Create your marketing plan Become a career entrepreneur
  4. 4. “Be an entrepreneur, an explorer, challenged and excited about the frontier of your own life.” The Age Advantage by Jean Erickson Walker
  5. 5. Rule 2: Recognize your age is anadvantage If you think it is, you’re probably right; if you think it isn’t, you’re definitely right.
  6. 6. Hiring AdvantagesDepth and breadth of experienceGood judgmentInterpersonal skillsWork EthicsCommitment to company goalsCredibility with stakeholdersPolitical “savvy”
  7. 7. Perceived Hiring Disadvantages Inflexible Lack social media skills Corporate mentality Difficulty working for younger boss Too high salary expectations Ingrained prejudices and biases Locked in past ways of doing things Authoritative leadership style
  8. 8. Rule 3:Understand themarketplace
  9. 9. Then vs. Now Project Process Market SilosFocus on status quo Rapid, unpredictable change
  10. 10. Rule 4:Differentiate yourself Identify your market niche
  11. 11. “Fortune favors the audacious.” Erasmus
  12. 12. What is unique aboutyou? No two starfish are alike……it’s about who you are, how you do what you do, not about your titles, employers or even your skills and accomplishments.
  13. 13. Do a Thorough Self-AssessmentWhat is your unique product or service?What are your product guarantees?Who is the ideal customer for your product or service?What differentiates you from your competitors?What are your core values?What are your top three priorities in life?What are the common threads of your successes throughoutyour career?When are you most energized, most creative, mostproductive?What are the circumstances, the culture, the profiles of theorganizations and the people where you are most successful?
  14. 14. Create an Impact! Resume Cover Letter Interview Your brand is your guarantee. Is it consistent, comprehensive, visible? Is it focused on action, outcomes and promise for the future? Is it authentic?
  15. 15. Rule 5: Dare to dream...
  16. 16. Don’t confuse the edge of your rutwith the horizon.
  17. 17. Rule 6: “Start looking for work thatneeds doing.” William Bridges Consulting Contract work Project management Interim leadership Internal consultant
  18. 18. Rule 7:Create your marketingplan
  19. 19. Remember, it is aprocess, not an event
  20. 20. Take a Strategic View of JobListingsWhat does it say about the company’s needs?Is the company leadership team in transition?Who is the company’s primary competition?What is happening in the global marketplace?Where are the Private Equity firms investing?What are blocks the company may not beanticipating?
  21. 21. Rule 8 : “Do something. Do anything. Get Going. Posthaste.“ Tom Peters Finding a job is a full time job. Plan your work and work your plan.
  22. 22. Keep your eye on the goal Keep challenging your perceptions, ask fundamentally new questions throughout the process, test the validity of your assumptions and make adjustments. Never assume the next ice flow will be the same as the last.
  23. 23. “Obstaclesare thosefrightfulthings yousee whenyou takeyour eyesoff thegoal.”Hannah More
  24. 24. Rule 9:Networking is the key
  25. 25. It’s Who You Know that CountsCreate a powerful Linked-in profile, reach out to growyour presenceStart a blogGet involved in professional associations; go toconferencesParticipate in networking groups at your levelVolunteer: Be visible!Call up old customers, vendors, professional colleaguesRe-connect with recruitersJoin a community task forceWrite an article; teach a class
  26. 26. YOU have the power!
  27. 27. Rule 10: Go find the future!
  28. 28. Be here now, be somewhere elselater. Is that so complicated?