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Bootcamp presentation

  1. 1. BOOTCAMP 2013
  2. 2. Objectives: • What is IdeaSpace? • What is Boot camp? • Goal • Activities • Inside the Event • What do you mean by REGIONAL? • Target Participants • Pitching Competitions • Winners • What is National Competition? • Criteria • Benefits • First Batch Winners
  3. 3. • We run a comprehensive program for technology startups and aspiring technopreneurs from all sectors • More than funding, we provide various opportunities to help start-ups grow • Promote the culture of technology and innovation to a wider audience What is ideaspace ?
  4. 4. What is ideaspace ?
  5. 5. We offer a program that combines business incubation and acceleration by providing: • Access to resource: seed funding for early stage incubation and other resources/services needed; • Business education: learning via mentorship from business leaders, experience exchange with members from supporting group of companies and fellow technopreneurs, startup culture advocacy through community and school bootcamps; and • Connection: opportunity to demonstrate or showcase products to potential investors and link up for market runway with partner companies. What is ideaspace ?
  6. 6. Typical agenda: tech talks and mini pitching sessions • INFORM people about ideaspace and disseminate knowledge on entrepreneurship • INSPIRE through thought-provoking talks and success stories • IDENTIFY high potential ideas through the lightning pitch sessions and give feedback What is Bootcamp ?
  7. 7. oGOAL • We hope to inspire your students to turn their business ideas into reality and at the same time encourage them to submit their ideas to the National Competition oACTIVITIES • Typically, bootcamp is just a one-whole day event wherein we conduct a series of technology talk in the morning then a pitching competition on the latter part. What is Bootcamp ?
  8. 8. • Regional means ... “Bootcamps in every region “ Inside the Bootcamp
  9. 9. • Target Participants Inside the Bootcamp Colleges Fresh Grads/ Alumni Young Professionals
  10. 10. Pitching [pich –ing] Inside the Bootcamp noun 1. To aim to sell (a product) to a specified market or on a specified basis
  11. 11. • Pitching Competition • Top 10 teams will be given a chance to pitch their IDEAS in a set of judges. They will have 3 minutes to discuss their IDEAS and 2 minutes for the Q&A portion. • Pitch should : • Desrcibe- Describe the problem? ; What is your market? • Define- Define your Solution • Defend- Defend your solution ; Who are your competitors? • Details Inside the Bootcamp
  12. 12. • Winners Inside the Bootcamp Entries Down to Filtered by IdeaSpace Team Will have the chance to pitch their IDEAS during the Bootcamp Top 3 Winners Will receive exciting prizes Will receive consolation prizes 1st Place Winner
  13. 13. Inside the Bootcamp 1st Place Winner 1st Placer will automatically be part of the Top 100 Idea Entries of the National Competition and will have the chance to be funded by IdeaSpace 10 20 50 100 APPLICANT POOL
  14. 14. National Competition: Finding the TOP 10 Startups through a Multi-industry, Nationwide Search We believe this is the best format for us to: • Cast a wide net and level the playing field • Focus on the idea and go from there • Discover the best startups early • Help connect interested investors by identifying local talent
  15. 15. National Competition Criteria:
  16. 16. • P500K ($12K) initial investment spread over 6 months • Up to P2M worth of incubation support • Legal and IP Assistance • Training on how to start-up a business • Mentoring from executives in partner companies • Office space and facilities (including Fibr) in Makati • Housing for non-Metro Manila incubatees • After graduation from the 6-month program, participating companies can be eligible for up to P5M of additional investment via convertible note (depending on our assessment of their business case, prospects and needs) What is the award for the 10 winners?
  17. 17. National Competition Batch 2012 Winners ArmTech Affordable water purification machine for households DateCola Natural Date- enriched beverages, a healthy alternative to soft drinks Mirand Low- Cost and High Quality total joint implants for the Asian Market PGRS Produces electricity via rumble strips installed on high traffic roads
  18. 18. National Competition Batch 2012 Winners Pinoy Travel Provincial Bus seat reservation system using mobile technologies PortfolioMNL Online Market Place for creative professionals Prodigo A solution for highly targeted promotions for merchants using Big Data Analytics Tech4Health Solution for health monitoring of chronic conditions, including Diabetes
  19. 19. National Competition Batch 2012 Winners TimeFree Innovations SMS- Based automated queuing system WeGen New design of wind turbine that is more efficient than current technology
  20. 20. Bootcamps 2012
  21. 21. All it takes is a big idea …and a commitment to work on it
  22. 22. Reminders • Registration: • July 20 – August 18 • Signup: • Secretariat: • • 991-0871 ext. 2001 • Event: • September 28, 2013 • FREE REGISTRATION • FREE SNACKS AND LUNCH • PRIZES • PRIORITY WILL BE GIVEN TO TEAMS WITH ENTRIES.