Cae cloze exercises + first cert reading


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Cae cloze exercises + first cert reading

  1. 1. CAE. Gender bias and poverty1) __________ between men and women results in poorer health for children and greater 2)__________ for the family, 3) __________ to a new study. The UN agency Unicef found that in placeswhere women are 4) __________ from family decisions, children are more likely to suffer from 5)__________. There would be 13 million 6) __________ malnourished children in South Asia if womenhad an equal say in the family, Unicef said.Unicef 7) __________ family decision-making in 30 countries 8) __________ the world. Their chieffinding is that equality between men and women is vital to 9) __________ poverty and improvinghealth, especially that of children, in developing countries. The conclusions are contained in theagencys latest report. This report 10) __________ to a greater 11) __________ of opportunities forgirls and women in education and work which contributes to disempowerment and poverty. Wheremen control the household, less money is spent on health care and food for the family, which 12)__________ in poorer health for the children.An increase in 13) __________ and income-earning opportunities for women would increase their 14)__________ power, the report said. For example, the agency found that 15) __________ has thegreater share of household income and assets decides whether those resources will be used for familyneeds.Questions1 Unequal Inequal Unequality Inequality2poor poorness poverty impoverished3resulting according regarding with regard4excluded exclude exclusion excludes5ill-nourished malnourish malnutrition ill-nutrition6more few fewer least7survey surveying surveys surveyed8in around over among9increase reduce increasing reducing10points indicates shows suggests11lack lacking lacks lacky12leads result lead results13employ employment employee employed14house householder household home15whatever whoever whichever however
  2. 2. FIRST CERT. TheManBookerPrizeThe ManBookerPrizeforFiction isawardedeveryyearfor a novel writtenby a writerfromtheCommonwealth ortheRepublic of Ireland and itaimstorepresenttheverybest incontemporaryfiction. Theprizewasoriginallycalledthe Booker-McConnellPrize, whichwasthename ofthecompanythatsponsoredit, thoughitwasbetter-known as simplythe ‘BookerPrize’. In 2002,theManGroupbecamethe sponsor and theychosethe new name, keeping ‘Booker’.Publishers can submitbooksforconsiderationfortheprize, butthejudges can alsoaskforbooksto besubmittedtheythinkshould be included. Firstly,theAdvisoryCommitteegiveadviceiftherehavebeenanychangestothe rules fortheprize andselectsthepeoplewhowilljudgethebooks. Thejudging panel changeseveryyear and usually a personisonlya judge once.Great efforts are madetoensurethatthejudging panel isbalanced in terms of gender andprofessionswithintheindustry, so that a writer, a critic, an editor and anacademic are chosenalongwitha well-knownpersonfromwidersociety. However, whenthe panel of judges has beenfinalized, they arelefttomaketheirowndecisionswithoutanyfurtherinvolvementorinterferencefromtheprize sponsor.TheManBookerjudgesincludecritics, writers and academicstomaintaintheconsistentquality of theprizeand itsinfluenceissuchthatthewinnerwillalmostcertainlyseethe sales increaseconsiderably , inadditiontothe £50,000 that comes withtheprize.Q1 - TheRepublic of Ireland a. is in the Commonwealth. b. isnot in the Commonwealth. c. cantentertheManBookerPrize. d. joinedtheBookerprize in 2002.Q2 - TheMangroup a. wasforcedtokeepthename Booker. b. decidedtoincludethename Booker. c. decidedtokeepthename Booker-McConnell. d.decidedto use onlythename Booker.Q3 - Books can be submitted a. bypublishers. b. bywriters. c. byjudges. d. bythe sponsors.Q4 - Whoadvisesonchangestothe rules? a. The sponsors b. Thejudging panel c. Theadvisory panel d. PublishersQ5 - Thejudging panel a. doesntincludewomen. b. includesonlywomen. c. isonlychosenfromrepresentatives of theindustry. d. includessomeonefromoutsidetheindustry.
  3. 3. Q6 - The sponsors of theprize a. are involved in choosingthewinner. b. are involved in choosingthejudges. c. are notinvolved at all. d. choosetheacademicforthe panel of judges.Q7 - Theconsistentquality of theprize a. isguaranteedbytheprizemoney. b. isguaranteedbythegender of thejudges. c. isguaranteedbythemake-up of the panel of judges. d. isguaranteedbytheincrease in sales of thewinner.
  4. 4. CAE Open cloze. Forquestions 1-12, readthetextbelow and think of thewordwhichbestfitseach gap. Useonly one word in each gap. Thereisanexample at thebeginning (0).Writeyouranswers ontheseparateanswersheetbelow.Example0 ___which______________________The Clifton Suspension Bridge is a famousroad bridge acrosstheRiver Avon, (0) joins Clifton inBristol(1) onesidetoLeigh Woods onthe (2) side. Whenitwasoriginallybuilt, itwasthelongest bridgeof(3) kindanywhere in theworld and indeed, manypeoplehadbelievedthatbridgingsuch agreatdistancewouldturnoutto (4) impossible.WhenIsambardKingdomBrunelfirstdesignedthe bridge in 1731,thetwotowersthatweregoingtosupporttheroadwayweredesignedtohave (5) ancientEgyptianappearance. Unfortunately, Bruneldiedbeforethe bridge(6) completed and theengineerswhocompleted (7) ,coveredthestonetowerswithconventional red bricksinstead.Eventoday, more (8) a hundredyearslater, the bridge isstillanimpressivesight.Theroadwaythatstretchesbetweenthetwotowersistwohundred and fourteen metres long, at a height ofseventy-five metres abovetheriver and the A4 roadbelow. Originally, (9) car driver, cyclist andpedestrianwhocrossedthe bridge hadtopay a toll.(10) nowadays, peopleonfoot and cyclists cancrossfor free and (11) motoristsmuststillpay.In April 2006, the bridge wasused (12) the centre of a hugefireworksdisplaytocelebratethe 200thanniversary of thebirth of itsgreatdesigner, Brunel. 1. _________________________ 2. _________________________ 3. _________________________ 4. _________________________ 5. _________________________ 6. _________________________ 7. _________________________ 8. _________________________ 9. _________________________ 10. ________________________ 11. ________________________ 12. ________________________