Supermans New Career


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What career will Superman choose now that he can't fly?

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Supermans New Career

  1. 1. Career Technical Education Preparing Students for College and Careers Jeannine Huffman Technology 290 September 22, 2009 Now that I can’t fly what shall I do now…?
  2. 2. Have you heard about Weber Tech…? Dude, they have a Dodge Viper in the auto shop… That is so cool... … do they only have an Automotive Academy?
  3. 3. Look.. There’s Mrs.Huffman and Mrs.Pettitt at Weber…!
  4. 4. Wow! … what will I find at Weber Tech? …a Career High School with a small learning community dedicated to academic and career preparation with an emphasis on good citizenship. You get to design games and all the graphic artwork for it… … but what is the Green Academy about…? Hugging trees…? Virtual Enterprise is a simulated business run by students…! I get to learn First Aid, anatomy, health and safety topics, assess vital signs, intern in a medical office and be a CNA, or Certified Nurse Assistant. When I obtain mastery in basic and intermediate automotive skills at Weber and get certification in ASE and NATEF. I can get an internship to work with Ford or Honda and many others… Gaming/Green Tech Academy Technology Academy Health Academy Automotive Academy
  5. 5. QUIET…! You can’t go to a Career Academy High School because you GOOF OFF all the time… …GET back to memorizing your math facts…! Mr. Quigley, That’s boring…! I want more hands on projects with relevance and I heard Weber is starting a new Gaming Academy…
  6. 6. … that’s Jonathan and Martha… … 2009 Weber graduates on their way to the Skills USA Competition.. Don’t they look professional…? Dude… … are those the teachers or the students?
  7. 7. Mr. Quigley… I’ve been thinking a lot about high school... … I want to graduate but I am scared… … I don’t know how well I’ll do there… … sometimes I just want to give up and quit… but when I heard about Weber and other schools and all the cool projects they get to do… … I feel like there they will care about me… and I’ll learn things I am interested in and math will make sense…
  8. 8. Class… You can do it… I never thought I’d say this… you CAN get all the way through high school and beyond… Mr. Quigley… … You have always been an awesome teacher even if you do shout a lot… … Visualize a MENTAL PICTURE of you with your goal accomplished… … be PERSISTENT on your journey to your goal. Never give up! NEVER even think of giving up…! … When you hit a block wall take a little break… Yes… … I can do it...!
  9. 9. … everything from Law Enforcement… to Vocational Nursing… to Baking and Pastry. They also have Agriculture, Communications, Fire Science, Humanities, Office Management, Culinary Arts… they have a cool Senior Project on-line too… Yeah… At Middle College High School middlecollege . lodiusd .net you can earn your high school diploma and an Associates Degree at the same time.. … They’ve got 15 A.A. Degrees and 21 A.S. Degrees... Sure, but what if am not into that pathway…? I want to go to high school and college at the same… … I want to earn dual credits so that once I graduate I can get started in a job right away…
  10. 10. YOU THREE HAVE BEEN DOING A LOT OF TALKING…! …but the more I think about it you do really well in hands-on projects and you always like to participate in class assignments… a school with lots of hands on projects would be great for you… here are some I have heard of that you could go to when you finish 8 th grade… … The new John C. Kimball High in Tracy has a Career Pathways Program in Architecture, Construction & Interior Design, Health Sciences, Mass Communication… htm They are doing which is a program that says you can develop technical skills while learning… sometimes you even get to go work with famous companies… … it was started by the Star Wars guy George Lucas.
  11. 11. Dude… Humphreys College www. has a charter high school called Institute of Business and you can get a two year Associates degree… … then if you want… get your four year Bachelors… and later a master degree all at the same college… you can even get your law degree… … they have majors in Accounting, Business, Court Reporting, Early Childhood Education, and Liberal Studies…
  12. 12. Dude…you even get to enter your projects into competitions and earn awards… Yeah, but what skills do I need now to get into a career high school like that? … it means you can choose to learn about a career and still be ready for college if you want… … and what is a pathway anyways…? … you need to know how to get a long with others in teams… how to cooperate
  13. 13. I loved what I saw at Weber Tech and want to get a head start to pick a career… … I don’t want to wait until high school… I want to start my portfolio now… I have so many ideas… I’m going online as soon as I get home… … I want to go to bizKID$ and start a virtual business like the Weber students do in Virtual Enterprise…
  14. 14. What are some of the other High School Pathways nearby? Here are some I found… SUSD Early College Academy Merlot Institute of Environmental Technology International Baccalaureate Academy at Franklin High School Stagg High - Health Career Academy and Journalism Academy Venture Academy You can take a quiz to see what you like to do at… Career Technical Education (CTE) at the Santa Clara County Office of Education
  15. 15. Other Area Resources
  16. 17. San Joaquin County Office of Education Venture Academy (SJCOE) www. ventureacademyca .org Industry Sectors: Science and Technology Academy, Biology, Geosciences, Marine Biology, Oceanography. Health Program is coming soon. Other Info: Venture Academy is a collection of academic programs that were originally geared towards home-schooled students. Venture Academy operates in partnerships with regional occupational programs and Delta College and holds a WASC Accreditation
  17. 18. Santa Clara County Office of Education 1290 Ridder Park Drive San Jose, CA 95131-2304 www. sccoe depts / esb / cte / 408-453-6500
  18. 19. Stockton Unified School District Institute of Business Management & Law Humphrey’s College www. humphreyscollege .edu 209 478-0800 Opening Date : Pathways: Business Management, Law
  19. 20. International Baccalaureate Academy (IB) Franklin High School www. stockton Pathways : Arts, Media & Entertainment Other Info : A Pre-IB Program will be starting with the 09-10 School Year that will involve 6 th – 8 th grades that will feed into IB Program.
  20. 21. Merlo Institute of Environmental Technology www. merloinstitute .org Pathways : Environmental Technology Other Info : Merlo is associated with Skills USA
  21. 22. SUSD Early College Academy www. stockton seca / Opening Date : August 12, 2009 Industry Sectors : Music (Vocal and Instrumental), Theatre, Dance, Visual Art, Creative Writing, Motion Picture Arts, Radio Broadcasting, Television Broadcasting
  22. 23. Weber Technical Institute (SUSD) www. weberinstitute .org Opening Date : Fall 2001 Industry Sectors : Agricultural, Arts, Media, & Entertainment, Business, Engineering Technology, Health Sciences, Home Economic Careers and Technology, Industry and Technology, Public and Human Services
  23. 24. Tracy Unified School District John C. Kimball High School (TUSD) www. tracy kimballhighschool . htm Opening Date : August 2009 Pathways : Health Sciences, Architecture, Construction Technologies, Interior Design, and Mass Communications & Multimedia