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Jeannine du chateau

  1. 1. Jeannine Du Chateau Received in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technological University
  2. 2. Jeannine Du Chateau possesses exceptional problem solvingskills which allow her to evaluate a specific situation, identifyvarious options and implementing the most appropriatesolution, resulting into substantial cost savings and OEHSprocess improvements. She holds a vast professionalexperience that has helped her in managing complicatedenvironmental, health and safety related issues by providingfocused technical expertise.
  3. 3. Being a successful team leader, she has the skills to buildrelationships and manage activities that can help in achievingthe objectives of a company. She received her B.S. degree inChemical Engineering from Michigan Technological Universityand presently is pursuing Master of Business Administration inCorporate Finance, from Capella University, Minneapolis.
  4. 4. Jeannine Du Chateau started her professional career in 1994, asa Senior Environmental & Safety Engineer at RockwellAutomation, Mequon, WI. At the firm, shedeveloped/implemented and certified ISO 14001 remotely forfive sites. In addition to this, she also assumed directresponsibility at the homesite of approximately 2,000employees. She also served as an Internal CorporateEnvironmental Compliance Auditor and traveled to 14 Rockwellfacilities annually, helping with compliance activities for plantsoutside and inside the United States.
  5. 5. In 1999, she joined Det Norske Veritas, Houston as a SeniorLead Auditor and was responsible for conducting about 100EMS/QMS/OHSAS audits annually in different industries indifferent states. Owing to this, she was able to gain vastknowledge of the local, state and federal requirements forseveral locations and industries. Furthermore, Jeannine alsoassumed auditing and consulting duties for compliance,permitting and management systems all over the U.S, Canadaand Mexico.
  6. 6. Jeannine Du Chateau is presently serving as the SeniorTechnical Manager at DNV-Det Norske Veritas, Houston, TX. Thecompany is a global provider of services for managing risk andmultiple certifications and earns $9.5 Million NOK revenue on ayearly basis. At the firm, Jeannine is responsible for takingtechnical decisions related to Quality, Environmental, Health andSafety projects and training.
  7. 7. She has also led restructuring of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 180001(EHS) Audit staffing and structuring, whereby, she developed atrained and qualified staff in 2 months for possible project. Thisresulted in $135,000 in revenues each year for three years.Apart from this, she remotely managed training staff in theAtlanta, GA office. Jeannine is the former member of Federationof Environmental Technologists, Milwaukee, and LocalEmergency Planning Commission, Mequon.
  8. 8. THANKYOU