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community based rehabilitation for persons with disability in the Philippines: profile review

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Cbr final version lauro purcil

  1. 1. Preparing An Alternative Report on the Implementation of theUnited Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD): The Philippine Experience Lauro L. Purcil, Jr. ConvenorPhilippine Coalition on the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Board of Governor, KAMPI
  2. 2. Creation of the Philippine Coalition• February 2011• With the participation of the International Disability Alliance• Funding from Open Society Foundation
  3. 3. The Philippine Coalition on the UNCRPD• Over 9 Disability Constituencies• 18 member organizations and increasing
  4. 4. Philippine Coalition Members• Alyansa ng may Kapansanang Pinoy• Autism Society Philippines• Center for Advocacy, Learning and Livelihood (CALL) Foundation of the Blind Inc.• Government Union for the Integration of Disabled Employees• Katipunan ng mga Maykapansanan sa Pilipinas• Las Pinas Federation of Persons with Disabilities• Leonard Cheshire Disability Philippines• Life Haven Independent Living Center• New Vois Association
  5. 5. Philippine Coalition Members (continued)• Nova Foundation• Parents Advocates of Visually impaired Children• Philippine Association of Children With Learning and Developmental Disabilities• Philippine Chamber of Massage Industry for Visually Impaired• Philippine Deaf Resource Center• Philippine Federation of the Deaf• Punlaka• Quezon City Federation of Persons With Disabilities• Tahanang Walang Hagdanan• Women with Disabilities Leap To Social and Economic Progress
  6. 6. Objectives• Establish Core Group of Persons with Disabilities Organizations; and friends for monitoring the UNCRPD• Produce Alternative Reports for the Human Rights Council and the International Committee on the UNCRPD
  7. 7. Legal BasesCRPD:• Article 4.3 Full & effective participation• Article 33.3 National implementation and monitoring• Article 35.4 Transparency
  8. 8. Process of review of Peers(including countries that did not ratify the UNCRPD)The Universal Periodic Review by theHuman Rights Council
  9. 9. International Committee of Experts of the UNCRPDReview of Experts, including Persons with Disabilities
  10. 10. Accomplishments of the Philippine Coalition• Produced and Submitted the Alternative Report for the Universal Periodic Review to the Human Rights Council (28 November 2011)
  11. 11. Other AccomplishmentsPersuaded leaders and organizations of Persons With Disabilities that aside from being Rights Claimants, we are also Duty BearersMainstreamed the Coalition with the Philippine human rights movement
  12. 12. Engagements with Executive, Legislativeand the Judicial branches of national govt• Actively involved in budget monitoring and lobbying• Do a budget analysis from a disability perspective
  13. 13. Important Lessons Learned• The mainstream Civil Society and Human Rights movements welcome the participation of the sector• Government and society respect people and sector who assert and claim their rights
  14. 14. Persons with Disabilities are the experts on disabilities• Government and society must closely consult and actively involve persons with disabilities in all matters affecting the sector
  15. 15. Recommendations for countries who will write their own parallel reports• Do your homework! KNOW the CRPD• Know the core issues of each disability• Agree on the core issues of the sector• Do subsectoral consultations - women, children, etc.• Get into budget advocacy• Have a strong core group to push forward
  16. 16. (more) Recommendations for countries who will write their own parallel reports• Engage with the key human rights organizations of your country: let them get to know your advocacy AND know their advocacy• Get strong adminstrative support• Befriend media
  17. 17. Keep in mind…• Preparing an Alternative Report is not just a project… it is a PROCESS, an INCLUSIVE PROCESS(at times, it may seem slow to get down to the grassroots, but it will be worth it in the end)
  18. 18. Chief Goal of Awareness Raising• That Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities, like inherent dignity and equality is COMMON SENSE.
  19. 19. Because Human Rights is CommonSenseTherefore, IT IS NON NEGOTIABLE.
  20. 20. Let’s have COMMON SENSE.Let’s be responsible in ASSERTING our RIGHTS and FULL EQUALITY.
  21. 21. Persons with Disabilities around theworld cry out:NOTHING ABOUT US,WITHOUT US!!
  22. 22. Advocates of accessibility declare:Partial compliance is non-compliance!
  23. 23. We should demand from all -WITHOUT US, effort for disability isNOTHING!!
  24. 24. philcoalitioncrpd@gmail.com *Philippine Coalition on the U.N.Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities