Customer Experience Tips and Predictions for 2014


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Looking back on 2013, what did we learn about delivering great customer experiences and where are we heading? Personalization and other themes emerge.

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Customer Experience Tips and Predictions for 2014

  1. 1. Dozens of Customer Experience Tips & Predictions For 2014 December2013
  2. 2. 2013 Was an amazing year, and Customer Experience is finally catching on! But we still have a long way to go. We’ve spent the month of December gathering the wisdom we learned all year long and made some predictions for 2014 while we were at it. Won’t you join us as we see what’s in store for us this coming year? It’s all about learning from the past and rockin’ the future.
  3. 3. Click to Read As always, change begets change. So what can we expect in 2014?To kick us off, I’m declaring 14 customer experience predictions for 2014. This is a quick list, and we’ll explore some of these in greater depth as we move along. Image credit: jaimemorto via Creative Commons
  4. 4. Click to Read Many people are jumping into social networking without understanding the value of personalizing their messages. As we head into the new year it's time we all resolve to treat the online relationships we create through social networking like real relationships. Image credit: mrbill78636 via Creative Commons
  5. 5. Click to Read Improvements in business accessibility for the coming year are definitely on my Christmas wish list. Otherwise businesses are missing out on happy customers and employees. Find out how it can help fuel collaboration, innovation, and an overall better experience. Image credit: r. nial bradshaw via Creative Commons
  6. 6. Click to Read I struggle with customer experience as an industry when unrealistic customer personas are used as ways for companies to feign real connections to customers. Here are 3 simple recommendations for keeping it real next year. Image credit: x-ray delta one via Creative Commons
  7. 7. Click to Read With so many changes around healthcare in the United States, I decided to take a look at patient experience. Here's a list of what I *hope* will change, what probably won't, and what will absolutely change for patient experience in 2014. Image credit: superturtle via Creative Commons
  8. 8. Click to Read We highly recommend reading The Invisible Sale by Tom Martin. Read our review, and find out how it will help you create a powerful content marketing strategy for the coming year. Another must-read from the 360Connext bookshelf!
  9. 9. Click to Read What would it look like like if your customer experience were a little village? All people love community. We appreciate when something feels organic and special. In many ways, customer experience planning can be much like urban planning. Image credit: Carodean Road Designs via Creative Commons
  10. 10. Click to Read Let's look into my crystal ball at the financial services customer experience. How will the experience improve for the industry in the coming year? Here are five prominent themes behind the innovations we should start seeing more of. Image credit: dustin Larimer via Creative Commons
  11. 11. Click to Read Another 360Connext must read! How Does It Make You Feel? Why Emotion Wins The Battle of the Brands by Daryl Travis outlines the essentials of business branding. Read on to discover the 6 Brand Imperatives that add so much power to this excellent book.
  12. 12. Click to Read As customers, we want interactions with your company to be simple and pleasant. But it seems that steps in the customer process are often created for processes-sake and can certainly ruin the experience. I propose a sweeping process purge for 2014. Image credit: Jacopo AKA Bracco via Creative Commons
  13. 13. Click to Read We've lined up our ten most popular posts from the past year, and it’s hard to believe how much ground we’ve covered! If you’re just joining us or need to catch up, here are 10 must reads to get you up to speed and kick off a customer centric 2014! Image credit: Normaron Fishion via Creative Commons
  14. 14. Click to Read We all make mistakes, but can we leverage them to create better experiences from disaster? Proactive customer service and the peak-end rule can make you a hero! This month’s featured microinteraction comes from Best Buy for swooping in to thwart the impending disaster.
  15. 15. Don’t let the “micro” part fool you- microinteractions often have a huge impact on the customer experience. That is why we just can’t get enough of ‘em! So get social with us. Send us yours, and maybe it will be featured next month! (You gotta click for a closer look!)
  16. 16. Thanks for joining us as we took stock and made predictions through the month. Have something to say? You’ve already found us, and we’re all about listening here at 360Connext. Give us a holler! @jeanniecw Google+ Pinterest 360Connext CXI® Club Instagram Jeannie Walters @360Connext RSS CXI®Club Newsletter