Are Your Customers Finding What They Need?


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Customers are searching but is your navigation - online, offline, mobile - up to the task of helping them find what they need? We explored this issue during the entire month of June at 360Connext.

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Are Your Customers Finding What They Need?

  1. 1. June 2013
  2. 2. How do your customers find you? Then when they do, are they finding what they need? These days the choices seem limitless and most of us do not have time to make an adventure of it. From store layout to event navigation, findability is sometimes as important as attracting customers. Do your customers need a treasure map to find what they need?
  3. 3. This month, we’re positioning our CXI® magnifying glass on the topic of findability: Are Your Customers Finding What They Need? We’ll examine how to make the experience memorable for the good stuff- not the totally frustrating.
  4. 4. Want to get the first peek at our latest findings in customer experience? Find out how we’re giving our newsletter a facelift to deliver exclusive content, and take a look at what it means to be a member of the CXI® Club.
  5. 5. Event navigation – the way attendees, presenters, exhibitors and others find their way around a typically new experience – has a long way to go. Should attendees be responsible for planning their entire experience in advance?
  6. 6. You’ve heard of death by PowerPoint, right? The same thing can happen with customer experience. Presenters of information, whether it’s a PowerPoint agenda or signs in the airport, don’t always ask these key questions before launching into design.
  7. 7. Humans like things that make sense, and the sales funnel seems so simple. But consider the many ways your customers can leave you through their journey. It is full of potential ups and downs that can abruptly end the experience.
  8. 8. Within expansive retail spaces, we hunt like the human animals we are for the many things we need. Here are a few ways retailers and others can create a better in-store experience, and help customers find what they are seeking.
  9. 9. While we are constantly trying to unlock the behavior of the customer in hindsight through surveys and pop-up feedback polls, before we even get to that point it’s important to answer one question: What are your customer needs in the first place?
  10. 10. …but most of your customers will not do the same for your product. Here is a classic example of the many obstacles a customer may encounter through their journey, from the perspective of a rare die-hard customer who is determined to follow through.
  11. 11. 40% of ecommerce executives believe it’s harder to deliver a positive customer experience on mobile than online. The number one issue is navigation and findability for mobile users. Here are four tips for providing a smooth mobile journey.
  12. 12. Helping your customers find their way is so critical, it’s baffling how it’s overlooked. Customers lose their way and then wander out to find your competitors. Here are three common mistakes to avoid while laying down the path.
  13. 13. In today’s world we have so many options and choices it is easy to get lost. There is nothing more frustrating than being led to a dead end. That is why we selected this 404 page we found on as an example for keeping the loop closed.
  14. 14. (You gotta click for a closer look!) Don’t let the “micro” part fool you- microinteractions often have a huge impact on the customer experience. That is why we just can’t get enough of ‘em! So get social with us! Send us yours and maybe it will be featured next month!
  15. 15. @jeanniecw 360Connext Jeannie Walters Pinterest Instagram RSS Google+ CXI® Club @360Connext CXI®Club Newsletter Thanks to our community for joining us in our discussions about Findability. Want to join in? You’ve already found us, so let’s stay in touch!