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Persona examples

These are example persona developed for a hypothetical plugin for Instagram.

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Persona examples

  1. 1. Living in the Moment Jane Robertson 28 Years Old | Single, No Children | Freelance Creative Professional Jane is a 28 year old freelance creative professional living in New York City. She has a busy lifestyle and is constant- ly on the move. Working and networking have become simultaneous tasks and she needs to constantly be active within her network of friends and professional contacts. She uses social networks religiously as a means to ex- press her thoughts, taste and viewpoints on what is going on around here at a given time. She is constantly on the hunt for inspiration and needs the ability to be able to post her own content while also easily finding new, topical and inspiring content to interact with. Instagram Usage & Behavior: • Uses 2-3 times per day • Posts slightly more than she views Behavior • Instagram loyalist, hates Facebook • Enjoys the flexibility to easily shoot and post content throughout her day • Follows others who post interesting content or creative imagery • Active hash-tagger. Enjoys creating her own for fun Current Printing Habits • Very rarely prints photos • Only would consider printing photos that reflect a memory, feeling or event What Could Effect Current Printing Habits (+/-) • The ability to send a meaningful photo to a friend in the moment • Ability to compile photography in to a photo book that reflects her design aesthetic Needs Goals • To express her thoughts and feeling through photography • Efficiency and speed in everything • Products that reflect her high-end, design aesthetic • To document her life and evolve her personal brand one photo at a time Pain Points • Letter are too formal and feel incomplete without personalized visuals that capture the moment • Low quality, cheap products • Technology that slows her down: clunky interfaces, long processes and interfaces that are not mobile optimized “Sending a photo you took is definitely better than sending a Hallmark card”
  2. 2. Family-Focused Carol Berk Carol is a 46 year old mother who owns and operates a small business in San Francisco, CA. She loves keeping in touch with her children and extended family and doing what she can to make sure that they are happy and healthy. She is a visual person and enjoys the range of photographic options that Instagram offers her access to and especially likes browsing dog photos. Additionally, she is an avid poster of family photos and actively shares pictures of her children and relatives with a tight circle of friends and family. 46 Years Old | Married, 2 Children | Small Business Owner “The thought of printed, hard-copy photos of memorable moments is still appealing to me, especially as a gift” Instagram Usage Behavior: • Uses 3-5 times per week • Views slightly more than she posts Behaviors: • Uses social media to communicate her life to friends and family • Posts and shares photos • Loves using Facetime to talk to family and friends • Keeps her photos private, only shares with a select network of friends and family • Likes to give photo-related items as gifts Current Printing Habits • Prints photos several items per year for gifts in the form of greeting cards and photo books • Generates individual prints to compile in albums at home What Could Effect Current Printing Habits (+/-) • Ability to compile photos in to a book or other format • Ability to send/receive printed items with personalized messaging Needs Goals • Enjoys receiving personalized messages from her children • Technology that is easy-to-use • Affordable pricing • Customization options Pain Points • Privacy, she wants only a select group to see what she shares • Not receiving enough communications from her children • Printing companies that require in-store pick-up • Slow loading times that prevent her from accessing what she needs in her limited downtime
  3. 3. Keeping in Touch Henry Daniels Henry is a 19 year old Texas native, now studying Economics at Duke University. He loves BMX biking and video games. He is in a long distance relationship with his girlfriend and likes to do something sweet at least once a month to maintain their bond. He enjoys spending time with his friends and likes to stay abreast of what they are up to. Between school and his active social life he tends to lose track of time, His interactions with social media usu- ally take place when he has a few minutes of downtime. His parents are always on his case to stay on touch and he often appeases them by sending a greeting card in lieu of actually speaking on the phone. 19 Years Old | In a Relationship, No Children | Student “Having to remember their address or getting their address is one of the worst parts of the mailing process” Needs Goals • Leveraging social media to easily stay in touch with his girlfriend, friends and relatives • Send something special to his girlfriend at least once a month • Fair pricing • Convenience and speed Pain Points • Remembering or acquiring the addresses of his contacts • Going to the post office to mail anything • Unnecessary notifications • Never having enough time to do everything he wants to do Instagram Usage Behavior: • Uses 1-2 times per week • Views more than he posts Behaviors: • Uses Instagram to post and share photos with his girlfriend and friends • Posts photographs when he remembers • Very active social life • Strong bonds with a group of friends • Posts photos of funny moments, friends hanging out, trips and memorable events Current Printing Habits • Occasionally prints photos on his Ink-jet printer but the price of ink is prohibitive What Could Effect Current Printing Habits (+/-) • Ability to customize a card with a personal message from his phone • If he could send selected photographs to his parents directly without communication
  4. 4. The Curator Tom Jakowski Tom is a 32 year old architect and Minnesota native, currently living in Brooklyn, NY. He considers himself to have an impeccable eye for all things design and fine taste and aesthetic. He took up photography in college as a hobby and still shoots recreationally in the evening and on weekends. He is involved in a photo-trading group where fellow Brooklyn-based photographers trade and share their most intriguing shots with each other for in- spiration. He maintains a carefully tailored feed of photos on his social networks and gets especially excited when is photos catch the attention of other photographers. 32 Years Old | Married, No Children | Architect “I don’t share 98% of my photos, I curate specifically those that are worthy” Instagram Usage Behavior: • Uses approximately once per day • Views equally as much as he posts Behaviors: • Only posts photos that he feels are the best of the best • Has a keen eye for aesthetics and professional photography • Follows accounts with quality content that he identifies with • Likes to include descriptive messaging and context with his photos when he shares Current Printing Habits • Prints photos to share with his photography trading group using Printstagram • Only prints his own photographs What Could Effect Current Printing Habits (+/-) • He would print more if the entire printing/ mailing process was less cumbersome • If he took photos at a wedding or special event, he would consider having prints and/or cards made to give as gifts Needs Goals • Wants to share fascinating, quality photographs he has taken • Wants to be recognized for his work • To be able to personalize the messaging on the photos he creates to foster more of an emotional connection • Minimalism and simplicity Pain Points • Not receiving reciprocating photos through his photo club • Not getting credit for photos he has taken • Sub-par quality prints • Slow delivery through the mail • Having to manually mail the photos after having them printed through another service
  5. 5. Busy Forgetful Annie Chang Annie is a 24 year old financial analyst living in New York City. She has strong familial ties but her parents and other family live far away in other states and countries. She spends most of her time at work, sitting at her desk, and has very little downtime to organize and plan her personal life beyond the next day or two. Her Father’s birthday and other family milestones are very important to her but she often has trouble remembering the dates far in enough in advance to send a meaningful gift. 24 Years Old | Single, No Children | Financial Analyst “Mailing is more real and impactful than an electronic communication” Instagram Usage Behavior: • Uses approximately once per week • Views photos when she posts Behaviors: • Uses social media when she has downtime at work • Takes photos of sites and scenes from New York City with her iPhone with the intent to send to her parents/relatives • Has strong family bonds and wants to keep her family abreast of her life Current Printing Habits • Prints photos on her work printer to send to family through the mail What Could Effect Current Printing Habits (+/-) • Automated system that handled the printing and mailing for her • A system that made the process of getting printed photos from her phone to her parents easier Needs Goals • Send thoughtful gestures to her family with a personal touch • To be reminded in advance of upcoming family events • Fully automated processes that can be completed quickly from her mobile phone • To keep in touch and connect emotionally with her family even though they live far away Pain Points • Forgetting key dates because she is too busy and loses track of time • Leaving work to go to the post office and mail something • Waiting on a line • Being too busy