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Cr mgmt

  1. 1. Campaign Media Kits & Presentations
  2. 2. Items Required for the Project  · Compose a press release  · Develop a fact sheet or informational brochure  · Incorporate one social media crisis response  · Prepare and give a speech or interview
  3. 3. Composing a Press Release Example of an Early Press Release:  A ___________________ at ____________________ involving __________________ occurred today at ________________ . The incident is under investigation and more information is forthcoming.  A (what happened) at (location) involving (who) occurred today at (time). The incident is under investigation and more information is forthcoming.
  4. 4.  Company Address: Name, street, city, zip code, phone number, fax, web site.  Contact Name: Name of person to whom questions about the release may be directed with phone number, e-mail address, and fax.  Release Date: If the release is meant to be distributed upon receipt, write "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE." If the release is to be embargoed, write, "EMBARGOED UNTIL 1-1-20XX." Releases are embargoed only when the issuer does not want that news to precede an announcement or, in the case of a scientific study, that study's publication in a peer-edited journal. Use caps and boldface for both immediate and embargoed release dates.  Date of distribution: The date the release is prepared. The date of distribution appears either under the release date or as part of the dateline.  Headline: Uppercase, underlined, boldface preferred.  Dateline: City and state of event's location followed by a dash that goes directly into the lead paragraph.
  5. 5.  Body. Body copy is double-spaced; all paragraphs except lead are indented.  Bullets. Use plain bullets rather than numbers for lists or to itemize facts.  The word "more" must appear at the bottom of each page unless the release is only one page. A page slug (page 2 of 2) should appear at the top of the subsequent page, flush left.  Font. Type in 12-point Times New Roman.  Boilerplate. Should appear after the news.  End marks "# # #" or " -30- " indicate the end of the release.
  6. 6. What to include:  The lead paragraph summarizes the main element of newsworthiness. The second paragraph contains the next most important part of the news. Many news releases contain a quotation from someone in the company. Quotations add life to a story.  The final paragraph of most news release is the "boilerplate." The boilerplate paragraph is a 50-or 100-word summary (often including company mission) that provides background information about an organization.
  7. 7. Compose a Press Release for your Project
  8. 8. Fact Sheet  The fact sheet is the basic “building block” for a media kit. Special-event fact sheets not only tell others what’s going on, but they’ll also help you preserve your sanity by organizing information in an easy-to-find-and-use format.
  9. 9. Wikipedia Defines Fact Sheet  A fact sheet, factsheet or (in some industries) one- sheet is a presentation of data in a format which emphasizes key points concisely. The layout is simple and often standardized, e.g. using a table, bullet points and/or headings, and is usually on a single printed page.
  10. 10. Examples
  11. 11. Composing a Fact Sheet  As a group, list the facts or information that you might want to include in your fact sheet.  Be prepared to share this information with the class.  Make sure to create a word document and include your press release.
  12. 12. Read Your Press Release and Fact List to the Class In a comment box below, write the first three questions that come to mind when you hear the presentation for each group. As a group, copy the questions pertinent to your group and paste into your word doc of ideas. List what you believe are the most important ideas or points to cover. Copy the information and go to and create a word cloud. Save as an image. What does the word cloud tell you about hierarchies of information? Send your word cloud to me in the form of a jpeg (screen shot)
  13. 13. Your Presentation
  14. 14. Finding Images/Scenes for your Presentation and Campaign Media Kit  Search the web for Creative Commons licensed images that you could incorporate.  Search for a video that might also be useful in your presentation.  Find at least five to six images.
  15. 15. Prezi  Go to  Sign-up  Write some text  Upload images  Create a mini-prezi!
  16. 16.  If you are really brave, use a twitter feed as a back channel during your presentation to receive accurate feedback
  17. 17. The Story of Digital Backchannels
  18. 18. Disgraced Speaker Responds
  19. 19. Tweets this presenter could learn from :  “Videos are not automatically good”  Someone turn up the contrast  Ugly slide and I can’t hear u  too much background music  OH: it’s always relevant when you use popular hip hop songs from 5 years ago  We’ve had two keynotes, neither of whom build websites…  KAZAA OMG. how old is this video? Kazaa has been dead for years  im currently reminded of towelie from south park, I have no idea whats going on right now  blah blah blah out of business blah blah blah here watch a video  Can anyone hear this guy? Or read his slides?
  20. 20.  Someone needs a class on PowerPoint… Sound levels in videos … And being relevant to your audience.  You know a presentation is relevant when it mentions Xanga.  watching people try to figure out how they can get out, starting to see the OMG I AM TRAPPED looks on faces  Did we go back in time 4 years? Knew all this already. Something new please!!  Worst designed powerpoint ever. Ever.  Oh he wants frequent and immediate feedback. Anyone?  haha this reminds me that myspace is the trailer park of social media. haha
  21. 21.  We’ve moved to 10 years ago now…  I think the sound guy has fallen asleep  talking quite, music loud, are they trying to get to go have a quick nap before the 1:30 presos??  Anyone else confused by that video?  I think I’m about to have a seizure  ok. slides with paragraphs of information make me turn around, and tweet about how such things are bad  Watching keynote. Clearly I’m not the only one that sucks at Powerpoint. I was smart enough to not use it though.  Why is this guy here?  18things flashing and beeping. That’s why we need movement on the homepage . Right
  22. 22. Beware of Twitter  Presenters beware – twittering will be around for some time, if you have a large audience be sure you know them well and give them what they want. Even if you know all this and are a great presenter following your audience reaction on twitter can only be a good thing, feedback is a good thing and now it is happening real time.