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Unit 9 Assignment


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Lemons are the key to health and wellness

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Unit 9 Assignment

  1. 1. The Key To Health and Wellness When life gives you lemons, make medicinal cures
  2. 2. More than just an ingredient for a lemonadestand In the past the citrus fruit known as the lemon has been associated with the lemonade stand only. However, the lemon currently has numerous health benefits and is used in a variety of foods. Lemons grow from a small evergreen tree which is native to Asia. The origin of the lemon remains a mystery but research was done on the genetics of the lemon. According to the findings of the study, the lemon is an offspring of the sour orange and the citron. (Wikipedia, 2012)
  3. 3. The lemon is 6.7% to 8.6% citric acid(Vitamin C), which is a powerfulantioxidant required for the growthand repair of body tissues. Some ofthe benefits of this natural inhibitorare below: Builds protein in the body Slows the aging process Fights tumors Repairs wounds Wards off inflammatory diseases
  4. 4. Lemons can also be used as a natural skin and beauty agent.Here are just a few ways lemons are used on the body’slargest organ-the skin: For oily skin Heal acne scars Natural skin bleach
  5. 5. Lemon juice, rind, oil, and zest are used in a variety of foods and these items serve many purposes. Lemongrass isused to add flavor Lemon essential to food oil is the key ingredient in Lemon zest lemon drops is often used to add flavor Lemon to pastries juice is Lemon is such as lemon used to sometimes used to meringue pie preserve cook shrimp fruit ceviche
  6. 6. In any household, the lemon is a significant and essential ingredient. We have already learned that the lemon is the main component fornatural healing and we also discoveredthat the lemon serves as a beauty agent. Lastly, we learned the many roles thelemon serves in everyday foods, dishes, and pastries. The next topic will be about lemon marinades.
  7. 7. A new trend is sweeping acrossAmerica and it involves lemonjuice in water preferably beforebreakfast. Roizman (2011) reportslemon water helps the process ofelimination, has anti-fungal andanti-inflammatory properties,improves energy levels, anddigestive functions. Next, we willlearn about the five reasons whyyou should drink lemon waterbefore eating breakfast.
  8. 8. In conclusion, the fruit we know as the lemon is an extraordinary food. The significance of the lemon ranges from the field of medicine to a natural preservative. Lemons contain ascorbic acid( Vitamin C),Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, manganese and other essential vitamins andminerals. Numerous weight loss programs have incorporated lemons as a key ingredient to loseweight. Lemon essential oils have been reportedto lift spirits as well as moods. The verdict is in. Lemons are a beneficial factor in everyday life across the board.
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