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Magazine based on new talent people in the entertainment industry.

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Promo talent magazine

  1. 1. Promo talentmagazineNew comedies: ‘Ashley’, ‘Can Life GetAny Worse Than This?’ (Photo right)‘Sherry’ .Photo and Biography of:Randy Jones, Alicia Fogg, EvelorSavior, Chante Graham, Yolie Avoceand Jeannette DavisNew Company; Prosperity Film andVideo ProductionWatch interviews, promo clips andfootages;
  2. 2. IntroductionPromo Talent Magazine an online entertainment magazine presentedby the company of Prosperity Film and Video Production. PromoTalent Magazine welcome and shares feature blogs, interviews, Photosand Biographies of people in entertainment. Promo Talent Magazinemay participant to advertise new businesses and companies inmarketing, promotion or sponsors. Promo Talent Magazine created byRandy Jones, Filmmaker and CEO of Prosperity Film and VideoProduction; designed and edited by Jeannette Davis.
  3. 3. The Casts of ‘Can Life Get AnyWorse Than This’Randy jones –CEO/Actor/Filmmaker/WriterRandy Jones, an CEO of Prosperity Filmand Video Production Company locatedin New York City. Randy Jones haswritten, created and directed newcomedy sitcoms like ‘Can Life Get AnyWorse Than This’ , ‘Furious Woman,’ and‘Ashley’, (which he has start roles in) fortelevision and movie. Randy Jonesbegins his acting career in 1987; he haveappeared in features films, videos,television and commercial. In 2001,Randy Jones enrolled in a communitycollege to studied film.In 1983, Randy Jones was inspiring tobecome an rap artist. Randy Jones battledwith other aspiring rappers in hisBrooklyn neighborhood; he had madeand promoted his demo tapes to send torecord companies to land a record deal.As Randy Jones developed his credibilityin film and music, making a music videoof myself; he realized his talent will directhim as a successful filmmaking .
  4. 4. Alicia Fogg – Model/ActressAlicia Fogg, an African-AmericanModel/Actress born and raised in Brooklyn,New York City. Alicia Fogg begin hermodeling debut in late 1999 early 2000 byparticipated in local fashion showsthroughput the area. Alicia Fogg has beenfeature in plays, independent music videosand films. In 2008, Alicia Fogg teamed upwith Randy Jones, as a lead role in anupcoming online comedy "Can life get anyworse than this".As, Alicia Fogg continue with herModel/Actress career, Alicia has enrolled toBrooklyn College in 2010; major in Theaterand Film. After, Alicia completed her year atBrooklyn College, she decided to put schoolon hold and focused on her new role as amother. Alicia Fogg gave birth to a daughtername Milan in Feb 2012. At the age of 31,Alicia still achieving her goals in acting andmodeling.
  5. 5. Cast of ‘ashley’evelor savior as ‘ashley’
  6. 6. Are you a Health Nut?
  7. 7. Or a Vegetable Lover?
  8. 8. Chante D. Graham is a published author, freelance television producer, songwriter, media personality, and film maker. She founded CG Productions LLC in2011 after writing her first Independent film “The Man I Didn’t Know” that isscheduled for release in the spring of 2014. Chante graduated from Hunter Collegewith a B.A. in Sociology. She is currently a certified community televisionproducer and editor for BRIC Arts Media. Chante has also coordinated events forSafe Horizon, Women of Strength, The Face My Abuse organization, and theMama Luke fight against breast cancer foundation. She is also a yearly volunteerfor The WBLS Circle of Sisters event.Chante is the creator of Single in the City which is a quarterly speed datingnetworking event. She coordinates singles from all over the city and matches themtogether in a relaxed fun atmosphere.Chante currently has a talk show in the second season called “The Ladies ofMadison Avenue”. She is the executive producer, creator and host of the show.The show is a women’s talk show that focuses on real issues facing today’smodern woman. The show is a web series and monthly television series onBrooklyn Public Access Television. The cast consist of professional women thatbring to the forefront relationships, marriage, divorce, health, healing and sexualityissues. The show always has male guests as callers, panelist and audiencemembers in order to get a multisided view of the topics at hand. Chante alsoproducer two more shows on Brooklyn Public Access Television called The YoungMen of Vision, and Reel & Uncut Pop Culture.****************************************************My experience as a Talk Show host gives me the extra edge and knowledgeto give reasonable, sound advice to your readers. I interact with men and womenwho are on the dating scene and looking for love. I run across all types ofindividuals on their quest for the perfect mate. So I can definitely bring myexpertise in this area to your audience.Single In The City Speed Dating Event / The Ladies of Madison Avenue Talk ShowChante D. GrahamPresident - CG Productions LLCEmail – Chante.graham@yahoo.comPhone – 718-757-1144Facebook – Chante.d.grahamTwitter- imchanteInstagram - chanteofcgp
  9. 9. Yoli Avoce – Singer/songwriterYolanda Edwards, also known as by her stage name, Yoli Avoce, wasborn in Jamaica Queens Hospital, locate in New York City. Yolanda’sfather passed away when she was nine years old; after, the death of herfather; Yolanda’s mother decided to move her family away from NewYork City to Virginia for a better future. While growing up in Virginia,Yolanda had joined the church of ‘UNITED HOUSE OF PRAYER’, and onceparticipated to a week night program at the church to build her talentinto music.During one summer day in Virginia, Yolanda and her cousins Wandaand Serethea used to pretend they were singers. They will use theirbrushes as microphones and sing all over the house. Yolanda’sgrandmother thought Yolanda’s voice was loving, nice and strong, shewanted Yolanda to sing to her neighbors at barbeque cookouts and/orfamily reunions. Yolanda once sing a song to her grandmother and theneighbors, the song title named “The lord is my savior”; after Yolanda’swas done with the song, she knew at that moment she wants tobecome a singer.Later in her teens. Yolanda audition for a chorus within in her church.Yolanda begins to sing at engagement parties, shows cases andperformed at Morton Theater in Virginia. Yolanda love to listen toShirley Cesar, James Cleveland, the Clark sisters, Diana Ross and MichaelJackson. While still in her teens, Yolanda’s mother remarried to a manwho has a history of alcohol and drugs, which he became very abusingtoward her mother, and force Yolanda to move out of the house.Yolanda move around a lot, stay with relative to relative, also meet guyswhom physically abuse her. But, Yolanda never give up of faith, andcontinue to make progress toward her singing.In the mid 90’s, Yolanda have moved back to New York City, and joinedan African chorus. Then, she meet and marry an African man namedAvoce. Yolanda decided to change her name from Yolanda Edwards toYoli Avoce. Yoli’s reflection in music are classic old sound and modernday soul. Yoli believe these sound of music would give her audiences atrue passion of soul delivered in messages of human life. Yoli Avoce isnow the new upcoming artist who will bring new sound of Blues, Neo-Soul, Funk Soul, Jazz and Reggae. Yoli’s ideas is to bring back the “oldfunks” sounds of the 60, 70, 80 and 90 as well. Yoli’s biggest idols are;Bob Mobley, Millie Jackson, Betty Wright, Queen Diva Diana Ross,Stephanie Mills, Lisa Morgan, Angela Winbush. Neo-Soul artist ErykahBadu, Leela James and Mary J. Blige. Yoli’s songs deliver experience withemotion fades from her childhood to a stardom shine.
  10. 10. Jeannette Davis -Writer/Actress/BusinessDeveloperJeannette Davis has been in the entertainmentbusiness for over 11 years. Jeannette started her careeras an actress work in independent films, backgroundacting in feature films and network television shows. AsJeannette developed experience into her acting career;Jeannette Davis has an interest to create her ownwriting technique in film and television. Jeannette Davismeet Randy Jones, President of Prosperity Films andVideos Production, in 2005. Jeannette Davis joinedRandy Jones as Business partners in writing andproducing film projects for Randy Jones company(Prosperity Films and Videos Productions). One of thefilm project(s) Jeannette and Randy are working on nowis a web-series comedy show named “Ashley”. The web-series “Ashley” based on a life of a young beauticianwho are dealing with her own issues. Though visionsand talent in her writing, Jeannette Davis has became anscript-writer, and written 10 episodes of ‘Ashley’. Theweb-series will be shown on later in the fall of 2013.Jeannette Davis, a current college student at JonesInternational University, major in BusinessAdministrative plans to continue her partnership withRandy Jones in developing new film programs,televisions and music videos. In 2004, Jeannette oncewas a former artist manager who have worked withaspire music artists. Jeannette plans to do her firstreality show based on music, and try to help new musicartists in achieving a success into their career in music.
  11. 11. Who is your favorite Avenger Character?
  12. 12. Prosperity Film and Video Production featureblogProsperity Film and Video Production is a smallindependent film company specialize indeveloped music videos, TV shows, movie andCommercials. Prosperity Film and VideoProduction was founded in 2001 byPresident/CEO Randy Jones. Randy Jones,have been in the Films and Music industry overten years. Randy Jones have written, producedand directed most films and Television showssuch as ‘Can Life Get Worse than this’, ‘Ashley(written and co-produced by Jeannette Davis)’and ‘Furious Woman’. Randy Jones havepromoted and worked with music artists increated music videos toward their career.Prosperity Films and Videos Production License,located in New York City.Prosperity Film and Video Production hascreated fresh ideas in new shows. ProsperityFilm and Video Production’s programs may notshare the same story patterns, like as; ‘AmericanIdol’, ‘The Voice’, ‘X-Factor’ ‘Basketball Wives’‘Mob Wives’, etc. Prosperity Film and VideoProduction’s programs generates with all ethicalgroups in music, comedy, action-adventure,drama, education and relationships. Our coremarket for Prosperity Film and Video Productionis a type of entertainment business for peoplewho appreciates and interested in film andmusic experiences
  13. 13. Ava King – New face of Plus size Model
  14. 14. Have you exercise today?
  15. 15. Contact Us:Promo Talent Magazine always looking for new talent. If you are interested to joinus? Please, send your materials to:Randy Jones:Randyjonesbusiness@yahoo.comOrJeannette