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Hre3 Ow Cpt Charts

  1. 1. Culminating Performance Task Blogging about World Religions HRE3OW Task description: Throughout the semester, we will learn about a number of the world religions practiced by people today. Your task is to publish what you have come to learn about each religion on a blog site that you will build. You will use Blogger to create your blog. This will allow you to complete a paperless CPT! Once your blog has been built, you will simply submit to your teacher the blog’s URL. You will be given time in class to learn how to use Blogger and how to build your own site. A few points about your blog… 1. You must submit the URL of your blog site to your teacher before the first due date. 2. The content of your blog is restricted to what is outlined in this project. You may add gadgets that are relevant to the topic of this C.P.T. 3. Do not share the URL of your blog with your classmates until your teacher has instructed you to do so. Part One: World Religions Postings Your blog will consist of postings with the following titles: 1. Christianity 2. Judaism 3. Islam AND you must choose one of the following religions and create postings: 1. Hinduism 2. Buddhism 3. Sikhism 4. Aboriginal Spirituality – refers to Canadian or American Aboriginal peoples St. Jean de Brebeuf C.H.S. Religious Education Department 1
  2. 2. In total, you will have 4 posts that each refer to a specific world religion. The requirements for each of the 5 postings will be the same. You have been provided with a checklist that will help you to complete each of your postings successfully. BLOGGING CHECKLIST _______________CHOICE #1 _______________CHOICE #2 CHRISTIANITY JUDAISM ISLAM When blogging, be sure to make use of this checklist so that you include the following MANDATORY items in your postings. Please note that the numbers in parentheses ( ) refers to the mark value assigned to each item. • Name for supreme being (1) • Symbol – include name and sample (2) • Number of followers world-wide (1) • Founder and place of origin (1) • Date or historical period of origin (1) • 3 major beliefs (3) • 2 important practices or rituals (2) • The significance of each practice/ritual above (2) • The name of Sacred writings/scriptures (2) • Two examples or excerpts from the scriptures/writings named above – (Reference) (4) • State what each example teaches. (2) • Two sacred times, days or festivals (2) • A brief description of: a) Why this is celebrated (2x2) b) How this is celebrated (2x2) • Name two sacred /holy places (2) *State their location and significance (2) Total Mark Value 35 35 35 35 35 St. Jean de Brebeuf C.H.S. Religious Education Department 2
  3. 3. Please note: At the end of each posting, please include a listing of all the resources you used to gather information. Use proper MLA format. You are encouraged to use both print and digital resources for your research. You have been provided with a list of helpful websites that can help you. Visit Mrs. Battilana in the Information Resource Centre for help in accessing databases that also contain valuable and current information you can use. St. Jean de Brebeuf C.H.S. Religious Education Department 3
  4. 4. Part Two: Your Final Posting (Reflection) Respond to the following questions in two well-written paragraphs: a. In your opinion, why is it so important that Catholic students learn about world religions? b. What would Jesus blog about the importance of learning about world religions? You are strongly encouraged to include images or video clips with your posting that illustrate your message. In a separate library period arranged by the teacher, you will share your blog’s URL with two people in the class. Your peers will comment on your final posting. You will also post a comment on two of your classmates’ final posting:  With what do you agree? Explain your position.  Do you disagree with anything that has been posted? Explain your position.  What else would you suggest the author of the posting consider? Due Dates You will not be expected to publish your postings for a single due date. Instead, to make this more manageable, you will publish your postings by the following dates: Christianity posting: March 29, 2010 Judaism posting: April 23, 2010 Islam posting: May 12, 2010 Choice 1 posting: May 24, 2010 Final Posting: June 11, 2010 St. Jean de Brebeuf C.H.S. Religious Education Department 4
  5. 5. ADDITIONAL RESEARCH WEBSITES Here are some additional websites that can help to get you started…  GENERAL INFO (Check under ‘Faiths and Prayer’: RELIGION POPULATIONS: SACRED TEXTS: GOLDEN RULE: (DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE INFORMATION ON THESE LAST TWO SITES!!!)  CATHOLICISM  JUDAISM  ISLAM  HINDUISM (Look under ‘Education’) Temples: St. Jean de Brebeuf C.H.S. Religious Education Department 5
  6. 6.  BUDDHISM Art and Architecture –  HINDUISM  SIKHISM  ABORIGINAL SPIRITUALITY St. Jean de Brebeuf C.H.S. Religious Education Department 6