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SECOP on Open Data


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Panel discussion at SECOP conference in Brazil on September 20, 2012:

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SECOP on Open Data

  1. 1. Using Open Data toCreate Value for Citizens Jeanne Holm Evangelist, 20 September 2012
  2. 2.• Provides instant access to ~400,000 datasets in easy to use formats• Contributions from UN, World Bank, and 172 agencies• Encourage development of innovative applications• Drive innovation and knowledge use across the globe• Create a national platform for access and discoverable to big data from or funded by the government
  3. 3. Creating a Data Ecosystem1. Gather data – from many places and give it freely to developers, scientists, and citizens1. Connect the community – in finding solutions to allow collaboration through social media, events, and platforms1. Provide an infrastructure – built on standards and interoperability1. Encourage technology developers – to create apps, maps, and visualizations of “A Strategy for American data that empower people’s choices Innovation” published September 20091. Gather more data 1. and connect more people
  4. 4. Open Communities Community ✓ Developers Open Data ✓ Semantic Web ✓ Health ✓ Law ✓ Energy ✓ Education ✓ Ocean ✓ Safety ✓ Manufacturing ✓ Business ✓ Ethics ✓ Consumer Research and Development Cities + many more…
  5. 5. Energy Drives Innovation• connects innovators, industry, academia, and government at federal, state, and local levels
  6. 6. Challenges Spark Ideas• works with groups and challenges across the nation to innovate around federal data
  7. 7. Data Drives Decisions• Apps transform data in understandable ways to help people make decisions
  8. 8. Green Button• Anyone can download their home or business energy use data from their local utility• Then use apps to manage their energy use to save money and go green• More at
  9. 9. US Open Government Action Plan • On 20 September 2011, President Obama announced at the UN General Assembly… • Contribute as a platform – India and the U.S. creating open source platform – Allows any country to create open data site • Foster communities on – Health, energy, and law plus new communities in education, research and development, and public safety
  10. 10. Open Government Platform (OGPL) • Open source solution co-developed by Governments of India and US – National Informatics Centre and US • US will migrate to OGPL later in 2012 • Coordinating with other open data providers, platforms, and communities, like W3C, World Bank, CKAN, and open source developers world wide • Public commits and bug tracker on Github • Public mailing list for discussion • Join the community! – Source code on Github –
  11. 11. Capabilities• Present • Future – Dataset Management – Big Data • Workflow and metadata • Platform for access and discoverability – Search • Keyword and filtering by – OGPL metadata facets • Open source platform • 6.7 billion triples – API key registry – Geo • API key authorization • Search, harvesting, and map • Templates and standards visualizations via – Enhanced search • Federated catalogs across – agencies, cities, and topics • Vocabulary and schema – publishing for linked data • Federated ontologies • URIs for all health data • URIs for all data – Big Data – Standards driven • Happens by chance • W3C eGovernment Group
  12. 12. The Path Ahead• Bring data up and out of government to the public ★• Make data accessible and linked ★★★★★• Create communities to understand and apply data• Connect and collaborate with small businesses, industry, and academia to drive innovation• Continue to develop OGPL with community development• Share with others to understand global issues We need to securely architect our systems for interoperability and openness from conception. —Digital Government
  13. 13. Open Data at Cities, Counties, and States
  14. 14. A Global Movement HasBegun to ProvideTransparency and Democratization of Data Don’t see your site? Update via @usdatagov
  15. 15. Let’s work together to set the data free! www.Data.Gov @usdatagov @JeanneHolm