Write Your Book Now - A Map to Publishing Success


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Every creative, innovative person has a book inside of you (be honest, you know you do). Having great ideas can get you started, but it takes a lot more to successfully launch a high quality book. The authors are not professional writers, but they had a story to tell (and full time jobs).

This expert panel will tell you how you can transform the ideas in your head to a book in your hands (and on your Kindle). In this session, you will learn how to 1) get started and stay motivated, 2) apply innovative techniques to write, publish and market a book, 3) invest in the right resources, at the right time, and 4) take advantage of the innovative and dynamic changes within the Publishing industry to beat the titans at their own game.

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Write Your Book Now - A Map to Publishing Success

  1. 1. Write Your Book Now A Map to Publishing SuccessEveryone at SXSW Has a Book in Them How to Write, Publish and Market a Book while holding down a day job. Jeanne Bradford (Moderator) John Carter Laura Lowell Jeffrey Harkness Jeanne Bradford, TCGen Menlo Park, CA jbradford@tcgen.com
  2. 2. Panelist BiographiesJeanne Bradford is the co-author of John Carter is the co-author ofInnovate Products Faster. She has Innovate Products Faster. He hasbeen a business and technology been the CTO of Klipsch, theleader, delivering compelling founder of Product Developmentproducts and technologies for Consulting and Chief Engineer atsome of the industries leading Bose. He invented the Noisecompanies including Apple, Cisco Cancelling Headphones at Bose.and Texas Instruments. He is also serves on the Board of Cirrus Logic. Laura is the the Founder and Jeffrey Harkness is the founder of Executive Editor of the revolutionary HARK, a creative design firm that 42Rules book series. She is the author combines experience, passion, and of the Amazon.com best seller 42 imagination to help today’s Rules of Marketing, and author of 42 innovative companies tell their Rules for Working Moms and #My stories. Brand Tweet SXSW Interactive - March 2013 2
  3. 3. Our Back Story• Innovate Products Faster is the collaboration of two authors, supported by a team of design, marketing and publishing experts.• Publishing a book was on our bucket list.• We had a lot of ideas in our head, and a desire to transform those ideas into a book.• We’d never written a book before, and just getting started seem daunting.• We decided to make our move! SXSW Interactive - March 2013 3
  4. 4. The Result• 250 Pages, over 100 Illustrations, 5 Online Tools• 13 Months from Start to Finish – Self published- much faster than a traditional publisher• $15K in Expenses – Ball control• Handbook for Our Business – Excellent sales tool• Paperback and Kindle Versions available in March 2012 – Available for all• Great Reviews (Amazon) – “Innovate Products Faster is full of proven techniques for finding market needs and creating compelling solutions to those needs. ” – “This book will help you see the roadblocks before you get there, and better still, help you to jump over them. ” – “I highly recommend it to the busy executive in the tech industry.“ SXSW Interactive - March 2013 4
  5. 5. Transform The Ideas In Your Head To A Book In Your Hands (and on your Kindle) (Why You Don’t Want To Miss This Session) • All creative, innovative people have a book clamoring inside of them (be honest, you know you do). • We want to share with you how we did it – and how you can do it too! • In 60 minutes, you will learn how to – Get started and stay motivated – Apply innovative techniques to write, publish and market a book – Invest in the right resources, at the right time – Take advantage of the dynamic changes within the Publishing industry to beat the titans at their own game. SXSW Interactive - March 2013 5