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Continental book spanish_esl_spanish_bilingual_catalog


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Continental book spanish_esl_spanish_bilingual_catalog

  1. 1. Continental Book CompanyA Guide to the Selection of Spanish Materialsfor the Classroom and Librarywww.continentalbook.comCSP1211CONTINENTAL BOOK COMPANY1961 - 201352YEARS OFQUALITY SERVICEOverContinental Book CompanyA Guide to the Selection of Spanish Materialsfor the Classroom and Librarywww.continentalbook.com6425 Washington St. #7Denver, CO 80229Tel: 800-364-0350Tel: 303-289-1761Fax: 800-279-1764CSP1413FREEOFFERINSIDEINCLUDING ESL , ELL & SPANISH HERITAGE PUBLICATIONS!GED TESTSNOVELSAP TEXTSGAMESDICTIONARIESGRADED READERSSUBSCRIPTIONSGRAMMAR TEXTSMAPSVIDEOSTEXTBOOKSJUVENILE TITLES
  2. 2. DEAR EDUCATORS, LIBRARIANS & PURCHASING AGENTS:It is with great pleasure that we invite you to browse through our 2013 GUIDE TO THE SELECTION OF SPANISH,HERITAGE SPANISH AND ESL MATERIALS FOR THE CLASSROOM AND LIBRARY. Our fifty year history withour publishers ensures quality service and immediate access to new and traditional materials. The personal relationshipwe have developed with all our publishers allows us to obtain information that would be difficult for individuals to receive.As a book distributor with a multilingual staff, we take the STRESS out of dealing with multiple overseas publishers.Pleasebrowse through our catalog and our website where you will find a variety of titles in each of the listed categories. Shouldyou have discovered new publications we would love to incorporate your suggestions in our catalog and website.TEXTBOOKSLITERARY ANTHOLOGIESGRAMMAR BOOKSNOVELSDICTIONARIESAUDIO CDSCIVILIZATION MANUALSDICTIONARIESGRADED READERSPEDAGOGICAL AIDSCOOKBOOKSILLUSTRATED BOOKSTRAVEL GUIDESJUVENILE PUBLICATIONSSOFTWAREDVD/ VIDEOSMAGAZINESGAMES & POSTERSMAPSHISTORY GEOGRAPHY TEXTSBIBLESPlease visit our WEB SITE at: http//, where you will find an expanded listing of titles, and feelfree to EMAIL us at:, where we will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding ourmaterials. Please note that many of the titles have been reprinted and will have new ISBN’s, we urge you to make surethat you are ordering the right edition! We welcome special requests! If you need hard to find titles, we will do our bestto locate them for you.To assure that you select the most appropriate texts for your classes, we have a thirty day examination policy, pleasecontact us for the procedure. We are also approved vendors for many school districts, and government agencies, feel freeto contact us for additional information.We are also proud to inform you that we are able to supply virtually any American Publication. We are approveddistributors for: Addison Wesley, Amsco, Barrons, Cambridge, Cassell’s, EMC/Paradigm, Harper Collins, Heinle &Heinle, Houghton Mifflin, John Wiley, McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall, Random House, Simon & Schuster, and more!You can now work with one reliable source, Continental Book Company, for all the materials necessary to create theoptimal curriculum.Thank you for responding to our catalog with such enthusiasm! It is your feedback and suggestions that assist us increating this unique selection of excellent titles to ensure that 2013 will be a successful school year!GRACIAS!CONTINENTAL BOOK COMPANY, INC.Ordering Procedure:Providing you with QUALITY SERVICE is of the utmost importance. Please submit orders as far in advance aspossible and ask your Business Office or Bookstore to include the following information: Date Required, ReferenceNumber or Collection, Author, Title, and Quantity of each item, a Contact Name, Telephone Number, and email.Orders cannot be processed without inclusion of a shipping charge: $8.95 for orders under $75.00 & 12% of totalfor orders over $75.00. CO Residents must be charged tax. If you are tax exempt please provide us with the number.Due To The Increased Cost Of Billing, All Orders Under $100.00 Must Be Accompanied By Remittance. Our titlesare subject to price changes due to fluctuating currency exchange rates and publisher increases, we thereforerecommend that you contact us for the most updated prices before placing your order.Thank you!REMEMBER YOU CAN ORDER THROUGH OUR ON-LINE CATALOG:http://www.continentalbook.comCONTINENTAL BOOK COMPANY6425 Washington St. #7 Denver, CO 80229Tel:(303) 289-1761 or (800) 364-0350Fax:(800) 279-1764Our French, German, Italian,Chinese, Arabic, ASL, & Englishcatalogs can be downloaded from©Copyright 2013- 2014Continental Book Company, Inc. Allrights Reserved. No part of this catalogmay be reproduced in any form withoutpermission in writing from the publisher.
  3. 3. **** TABLE OF CONTENTS****Popular Hispanic Novels 2Graded & Simplified Readers 3Classic & Contemporary Novels 8Dual Language Anthologies 12Translations of Classic Authors 13Translations of Popular Authors 14Textbooks 16Advanced Placement Texts 19Amsco Review & Workbooks 20Commercial Texts/Interpreter’s Tools 21Grammar & Language Studies 22Videos & DVD’s 25Pedagogical Aids 28Anthologies, Poetry & Cinema 29Civilization & History 31Monolingual Dictionaries: 32Synonyms & Antonyms 35Colloquial & Etymological 36Bilingual Dictionaries 37Art Books 39Cookbooks 40Popular Readers by Grade: Pre K-12 41Dual Language Books Grades K-6 52Games 53ELI Educational Magazines Back coverMaps Inside Back Cover***ESL & Spanish Bilingual Catalog Table Of Contents*** Page 54I wish to receive the indicated number of copies of the following catalogs during the month of __________________French____Spanish,Bilingual&ESL____CombinedFrench,Spanish,German,Italian,Latin,Chinese&ArabicName & Position ________________________________________________________ Phone#_____________Name of Instition __________________________________________________________________________________Address ___________________________________________________________________________________City __________________________________ State ________________________________ Zip___________Remit Request for catalogs to Continental Book Company, 6425 Washington St, #7 Denver CO 80229����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
  4. 4. 2POPULAR HISPANIC NOVELSThese are the more popular titles from some of the most celebrated Spanish writers. Each book contains acomplete work in a paperback edition. An asterisk (*) denotes an annotated edition.ANY009 ALARCON: El Sombrero de Tres Picos * ISBN:9788420=726359 $19.95HC1303 ALLENDE: La Casa de los Espíritus ISBN:9780060951306 $13.99ANY001 ANONIMO: Lazarillo de Tormes * ISBN:9788420725925 $17.95CT1044 ANONIMO: Lazarillo de Tormes ISBN:9788437606606 $16.95CT1035 ANONIMO: Poema del Mio Cid ISBN:9788437600604 $21.95ANY002 BARCA: La Vida es Sueño * ISBN:9788420725895 $20.50ANY003 BECQUER: Rimas y Leyendas * ISBN:9788420725932 $19.50AZ1320 BORGES: Ficciones ISBN:9788420633121 $22.95CT1202 CASONA: La Dama de Alba ISBN:9788437604657 $16.50ANY024 CERVANTES: Don Quijote de la Mancha Vol I * ISBN:9788420727943 $28.50ANY025 CERVANTES: Don Quijote de la Mancha Vol II * ISBN:9788420727950 $28.50RH0994 CISNEROS: Caramelo ISBN:9781400030996 $14.95RH5268 CISNEROS: La Casa en Mango Street ISBN:9780679755265 $10.95RH4775 CISNEROS: The House on mango Street ISBN:9780679734772 $10.95RH1234 ESQUIVEL: Como Agua para Chocolate ISBN:9780385721233 $14.95ERA004 FUENTES: Aura ISBN:9789684111813 $16.95PM3951 FUENTES: El Espejo Enterrado ISBN:9786071106148 $22.99ECS490 G. LORCA: Bodas de Sangre ISBN:9788467033397 $18.95ANY019 G. LORCA: Bodas de Sangre * ISBN:9788420727516 $19.95CT1043 G. A LORCA: La Casa de Bernarda de Alba ISBN:9788437622453 $17.95CT1046 G. LORCA: Yerma ISBN:9788437600727 $16.95AZ3879 G. LORCA: Libro de Poemas ISBN:9788420633879 $20.95AZ6107 G. LORCA: La Zapatera Prodigiosa ISBN:9788420633558 $21.95RH4949 G. MARQUEZ: Doce Cuentos Peregrinos ISBN:9781400034949 $14.95RH5718 G. MARQUEZ: Los Funerales de Mama Grande ISBN:9780307475718 $14.00RH4728 G. MARQUEZ: Cien Años de Soledad ISBN:9780307474728 $15.00RH4956 G. MARQUEZ: Cronica de una Muerte Anunciada ISBN:9781400034956 $13.95ERA001 G. MARQUEZ: El Coronel no Tiene Quien le Escriba ISBN:9789684112018 $17.95RH5783 G. MARQUEZ: Increible y Triste Historia de la Candida ISBN:9780307475787 $14.00CT6101 ISSAC: Maria ISBN:9788437606101 $22.95AZ1851 JIMENEZ: Platero y Yo ISBN:9788420634081 $19.95CT1021 MORATIN: El Si de la Niñas ISBN:9788437620237 $16.95AZ4182 NERUDA: Veinte Poemas de Amor ISBN:9788420634180 $18.95ERA008 PONIATOWSKA: La Noche de Tlatelolco ISBN:9789684114258 $33.95CT9593 QUIROGA: Cuentos ISBN:9788437609591 $21.95AZ1200 ROJAS: La Celestina ISBN:9788420634029 $17.95CT1218 RULFO: Llano en Llamas ISBN:9788437605128 $15.95CT1189 RULFO: Pedro Paramo ISBN:9788437604183 $16.95CT1055 SABATO: El Tunel ISBN:9788437600895 $16.95ECS396 SENDER: Requiem por un Campesino ISBN:9788423342396 $17.50CT1058 TIRSO DE MOLINA: El Burlador de Sevilla ISBN:9788437623931 $16.95ECS112 UNAMUNO: Abel Sanchez ISBN:9788423919024 $18.95ANY014 UNAMUNO: San Manuel Bueno Martir * ISBN:9788420726595 $18.50CT1154 UNAMUNO: Niebla ISBN:9788437603476 $18.95ECS151 VALLEJO: En La Ardiente Oscuridad ISBN:9788467033496 $20.95CT1114 ZORRILLA: Don Juan Tenorio ISBN:9788437602134 $15.95
  5. 5. 3READERS AND CRITICAL STUDIESSPANISH EASY READERS $14.50 Each TitleEasy Readers are carefully selected works of well-known Hispanic authors whose original texts have been shortened and simplifiedwithout sacrificing style, so that they can be read at an early study level.LEVELA (600 words)EM096 Marcelino Pan Y Vino (Sánchez-Silva) 9780821910672EM378 Las Aceitunas Y Otros Pasos (Rueda) 9780884369233EM958 Las Tres De La Madrugada (Bunnel) 9780884360612EM264 Los Carros Vacíos (Pavón) 9780884362814CID8940 Lazarillo de Tormes 9780884362814 $12.95ANY684X Lazarillo de Tormes 9788466716840 $13.95LEVEL B (1200 words)EM578 Tristana (Pérez Galdós) 9780884362791EM346 El Carnaval (Pavón) 9780884368953EM628X Inquietudes De Shanti Andía (Baroja) 9780884360629EM296 Las Ataduras ( Gaite) 9780821910573EM63X Lista de Locos y Otros Alfabetos 9780821918630LEVEL C (1800 words)EM757 Historia De Artamila (Matute) 9780884368892EM155 Leyendas De Guatemala (Asturias) 9780884362906EM259 Requiem Por Un Campesino 9780884360551EM575 Papel Mojado (Millas) 9780884369998EM271 Las Hermanas Coloradas 9780884362951EM274 Cuentos (Aldecoa) 9780884362838EM613 Caperucita en Manhattan 9780821918616LEVEL D (2500 words)EM941 Don Quijote 1 (Cervantes) 9780884360568EM942 Don Quijote 2 (Cervantes) 9780884368878LEER EN ESPAÑOL $15.50 Each Book and CD Set ISBN Prefix: 978849713This exciting new series of graded readers with CD offers a wide array of themes which will appeal to all students. Each text includesquestions and explanations of some of the more difficult words.LEVEL 1 (400 words)SAN334 El Sueño De Otto/CD (Muñoz) 0592SAN335 Mala Suerte/CD(Gonzáles and Orjudo) 1049SAN302 Soñar Un Crimen/CD (Acquaroni) 0585SAN303 Misterio de la Llave/CD (Moreno) 0578SAN304 Una Mano En La Arena (Uria) 1261SAN305 Adios, Papa!/CD (Tosal) 1278LEVEL 2 (700 words)SAN306 El Piragua Por El Sella (Ortiz) 1177SAN307 Rinconete Y Cortadillo/CD 0622SAN308 La Ciudad De Los Dioses/CD 0608SAN310 Chica De Los Zapatos Verdes/CD 1070SAN311 La Corza Blanca (Bécquer) 1094SAN371 Libro Secreto de D. Torres (Muñoz) 1193LEVEL 3 (1100 words)SAN314 La Cruz Del Diablo/CD (Bécquer) 1162SAN315 Marianela/CD (Galdós) 1025SAN317 Don Juan Tenorio /CD (Zorilla) 1056LEVEL 3 (Continued)SAN319 Lazarillo De Tormes/CD (Anónimo) 0639SAN320 Secreto De Cristobal Colon (Pérez) 1117SAN316 Pánico En La Discoteca (Uría) 1087LEVEL 4 (1500 words) $17.95 Each TitleSAN322 Sangre Y Arena (Ibáñez) 1100SAN323 El Oro De Los Sueños (Merino) 1216SAN324 La Tierra Del Tiempo Perdido (Merino) 1131SAN327 Las Lágrimas Del Sol (Merino) 1186LEVEL 5 (2000 words)SAN933 Aire de Mar en Gador (Sorela) 0899 $12.95SAN328 Pepita Jimenez (Valera) 0912 $12.95SAN375 Los Santos Inocentes (Delibes) 1247LEVEL 6 (2500 words) $17.95 Each TitleSAN341 El Señor Presidente (Asturias) 1254SAN330 Pazos De Ulloa (Pardo Bazán) 0929 $12.95SAN347 La Celestina (Rojas) 1063LAS LECTURAS Softcover $15.95 Each TitleExercises and activities in each book makes these beginning readers ideal for retention and development. A 25 minuteaudio CD is included with each book to familiarize students with the spoken language. Puzzle-solving and role playsmake the stories interesting and dynamic for MS & HS students. ISBN Prefix:978888148FOP1443 San Manuel Bueno Mártir 1585101443FOP1435 La Casa de Bernarda Alba 1585101435FOP1427 El Burlador de Sevilla 1585101427FOCUS STUDENT EDITIONS: SPANISH P. Bianco, A. Sobejano-Morán $14.95 Each TitleThis introductory works for Spanish language courses in literature and culture, these paperback editions have beenprepared with non-native Spanish speakers in mind. They include an introduction (in Spanish) to the author and the work,the complete novella with notes and vocabulary (Spanish-Spanish), & questions to facilitate comprehension.ElementalELI4201 En Busca del amigodesaparecido 4201ELI4614 Misterio las OlimpiadasAcuáticas 4614ELI9121 Un Mundo Lejano 9121InicialELI9114 El Amor de Beatriz 8063ELI6038 El Collar de la FamiliaAlbar 5864Intermedio BajoELI4218 El Diario de Val 3280ELI4515 El Recuerdo Egipcio 4515IntermedioELI6083 Destino Karminia 6083
  6. 6. 4COLECCION VENGAA LEER $24.95 Each Unless otherwise NotedThis is a collection of graduated readers with, cultural notes, and comprehension exercises. The levels are rated A1-B2 according to theEuro community standards. Unless noted the books are accompanied by a CD/MP3 of the text.SERIE EL MEDITERRANEO Book Only $14.95New series of four novels all located in La Costa Catalana.DF728 La Chica Del Tren (A1) 9788489344723DF736 El Secreto De Las Flores (A1) 9788489344730DF744 ¿Donde Esta Sonia? ( 1) 9788489344747DF752 Trapos Sucios (2) 9788489344754SERIE LOLA, LAGO, DETECTIVEJoin Lola Lago & help her solve her cases.DF718 Vacaciones Al Sol (A1) 9788484431282DF734 Una Nota Falsa (A2) 9788484431299DF289 Por Amor Al Arte (A2) 9788484431312DF742 Lejos De Casa (A2) 9788484431336DF794 ¿Eres tú, María? (B1) 9788484431343SERIE LOLA, LAGO, DETECTIVE Book Only $17.95 EachPH3840 Vacaciones Al Sol. (A1) 9780130993847PH3778 Una Nota Falsa (A2) 9780130993779PH3743 Por Amor Al Arte (A2) 9780130993748PH3786 Lejos De Casa (A2) 9780130993786PH3794 ¿Eres tú, María? (B1) 9780130993793PERFILES POP Level A2Biographies on Hispanic music and sports celebrities.DF7321 Shakira. Pura intuicion 9788484437321DF7345 Messi. La grandeza de un pequeño 9788484437345DF7338 Rafael Nadal. Dentro y fuera de la pista 9788484437338DF7666 Juanes. La fuerza de la palabra 9788484437666COLECCIÓN MARCA ESPAÑAReaders to introduce students to Spanish culture and currentevents.DF7291 Flamenco (A2) 9788484437291DF7307 Cocina (A2) 9788484437307DF7314 Empresas (A2) 9788484437314DF8625 Los jóvenes españoles (B1) 9788484438625COLECCIÓN MARCAAMÉRICA LATINA Level A2-B1Learn about South American culture, economics and society,DF8649 Tango + DVD 9788484438649DF8632 Los jóvenes argentinos + DVD 9788484438632DF8663 Cocina mexicana + DVD 9788484438663DF8656 Los jóvenes mexicanos + DVD 9788484438656NOVELA HISTÓRICA Level B1Stories based on Spanish and South American Historical times.DF7680 Las tres muertes del Duque de Ribera 9788484437680DF7437 Las campanas de Almanzor 9788484437437DF7451 El poeta cautivo 9788484437451DF7444 El lugar de la garza blanca 9788484437444SERIE GRANDES PERSONAJESBiographies of the greatest luminaries in Hispanic history.DF7352 Picasso: Las mujeres de un genio (B1) 9788487099953DF7673 Che: Geografías del Che (B1) 9788484437673DF7369 Frida Kahlo: Viva la vida (B1) 9788484437369DF7376 Lorca: La valiente alegría (B2) 9788484437376MINI NOVELS BY BLAINE RAYNow you finally have reproducible activity masters to go with the mini novels. Included are crossword puzzles, word searches and otheractitivies, and are a great value for your class.Level 1 - Only 300 New WordsBR016 Berto Y sus Buenas Ideas $6.50BR001 Pobre Ana 092972447X $7.50BR712 Pobre Ana-Book on CD 0929724712 $14.95BR008 Pobre Ana-DVD $26.95BR012 Pobre Ana - Power Point Illust. $26.95BR0227 Pobre Ana Activity Master $22.95BR005 Patricia Va a California 092972450X $7.50BR014 Patricia Va a California CD $14.95BR009 Patricia Va a California - DVD $26.95BR032 Patricia-Power Point Illust $26.95BR0235 Patricia Va a California Activity $22.95BR003 Casi se Muere 0929724437 $7.50BR029 Casi se Muere-DVD $26.95BR039 Casi Se Muere: 5 Lesson Plans $17.95T.G. with copy masters for studentsBR038 Casi-Power Point Illust $26.95BR0243 Casi se Muere Activity Master $22.95BR002 El Viaje de su Vida 09297424496 $7.50BR030 El Viaje de su Vida-DVD $26.95BR033 El Viaje-Power Point Illust $26.95BR011 T. G. all level 1 mini novels $17.95BR0251 El Viaje de su Vida Activity Master $22.95Level 2 - 400 New WordsBR004 Viva el Toro 0929724488 $7.50BR034 Viva el Toro-DVD $26.95BR490X Viva el Toro Activity Master $22.95BR006 El viaje Perdido 0929724593 $7.50BR035 El Viaje Perdido-DVD $26.95BR4896 El Viaje Perdido Activity Master $22.95BR007 ¿Dónde está Eduardo? 0929724690 $7.50BR036 ¿Dónde está Eduardo?-DVD $26.95BR4861 ¿Dónde está Eduardo?Activity MasterBR010 Mi Propio Auto 0929724747 $7.50BR037 Mi Propio Auto-DVD $26.95BR4888 Mi Propio Auto Activity Master $22.95CHARO Y LEE BY MICHAEL MILLERFollowthestoryofLee,a16-yearoldfromColorado,ashetravelstoMexicotobeanexchangestudent.InCoatzacoalcoshemeetshis host sister, Charo.TheTeacher’s Book has tips for gestures, anecdotes, questions and stories.The Blackline CD has the tests,quizzes and stories as PDF, Word and PP files. The student book gives students an organized place to take their notes, includesextra readings, letters, journal entries, & assignments to practice. Pío Pista is an additional reader which complements the series.LEVEL 1MIM525 Student Book 9780982515525 $17.95MIM518 Teachers Book 9780982515518 $44.00MIM556 Charo y Lee Song CD 9780982515556 $13.50MIM532 Blackline CD 9780982515532 $44.00MIM549 Blackline Masters 9780982515556 $44.00MIM501 Pio Pista Reader 9780982515501 $7.50LEVEL 2MIM5570 Student Book 9780982515594 $17.95MIM5563 Teachers Book 9780982515563 $44.00MIM5587 Blackline CD 9780982515587 $44.00MIM5571 Blackline Masters 9780982515570 $44.00
  7. 7. 5LEER Y APRENDER SERIES Softcover, All in Spanish $23.50 Book & CD EachThis series has taken fascinating original classics and adapted them to short, manageable readings with illustrationsfor the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Each book contains helpful footnotes and every chapters readingis accentuated with grammar and vocabulary exercises. A cassette is available for each book to develop the studentslistening and comprehension skills. Perfect for classes or individuals. Please note unless ISBN on Books in standaloneor set match, pagination will not match. Titles in green have limited book only option at $12.95.Advanced LevelCID5941 Don Juan TenorioCID2972 NaufragiosCID9883 La Casa de BernardaAlbaBeginning LevelCID4918 Cantar de Mio CidCID8640 Cuentos de la SelvaCID5119 Dos LeyendasCID6328 LazarrilloCID516X El ZorroIntermediate LevelCID810X La CelestinaCID1011 Don QuijoteCID8975 La GitanillaCID8096 MarianelaCID9845 Sombrero de Tres PicosSIMPLIFIED READERS WITH CD $16.95 EachWe are proud to introdue this collection of easy and entertaining books. The titles contain a series of notes that will helpthe student understand the text. In addition, each page has corresponding exercises to ensure reading comprehension. Thebooks also contain a CD which will improve your students listening skills as they get familiar with spoken Spanish.Level A1-A2 BeginningLAP3700 Dracula 9788846823700LAP3717 Cristobal Colon 9788846823717LAP4493 La Gitanilla 9788846824493LAP4509 El Fantasma sin Nombre 9788846824509LAP5346 Naufragios 9788846825346LAP5353 Navegando con Hemingway 9788846825353Level A2-B1 IntermediateLAP6770 Desaparecidos 9788846826770LAP3731 El Sombrero de Tres Picos 9788846823731LAP4516 Pablo Picasso 9788846824516LAP3724 Gaudi en Barcelona 9788846823724Level A2-B1 Cont.LAP5384 Salvador Dali 9788846825384LAP6763 Anaconda y Otros Cuentos 9788846826763LAP4523 Siguiendo Pasos de Che Guevera9788846824523LAP7302 La Hermana San Sulpicio 9788846827302LAP5377 El Camino de Santiago 9788846825377Level B2 AdvancedLAP7319 Los Pazos de Ulloa 9788846827319LAP2604 Don Quijote de la Mancha 9788846822604LAP6787 Juanita la Larga 9788846826787LAP2611 Pepita Jimenez 9788846822611COLECCION LECTURAS CLASICAS GRADUADASEach of these titles includes a brief presentation of the author’s life and works, a simplified version of the text whilemaintainingsignificantpartsoftheworkintheoriginalversion,aglossaryofdifficultwords,andareadingcomprehensionguide to assure your students understanding of the story.Level 1 (600 Words ) $12.50EDI014 Sombrero de Tres Picos 9788477111016EDI006 El Si de las Ninas 9788477111009EDI219 El Cantar del mio Cid 9788477111214EDI251 El Lazarillo de Tormes 9788477111252Level 3 (1,500 Words) $14.95EDI972 Don Quijote de la Mancha I 9788477110972EDI278 Don Quijote de la Mancha II 9788477111276EDI26X La Celestina 9788477111269AVENTURAS JOVEN $19.95 EachThese simplified stories created for teenagers, give the readers a taste of life in Spain. The five characters Laura,Mónica, Guillermo, Martín and Sergio seem to always find themselves involved in amazing adventures! Exercises atthe end of each book test the students’ understanding of the story.Level A1DF7642 ¿Dónde está Emiliano Fuentes? 9788484437642DF2722 Persecución en Madrid 9788484432722DF2715 Misterio en las Alpujarras 9788484432715DF5440 Perdidos/Camino del Inca 9788484435440Level A2DF7659 Trimestre maldito 9788484437659DF2739 El fantasma del instituto 9788484432739DF2746 El monstruo del rock 9788484432746DF5433 La chica de Mar de Plata 9788484435433AM641P PROSA MODERNA DEL MUNDO HISPÁNICO C. Wasserman, 2ndEd. SC, 121 pp. $13.95This reader, designed for intermediate students of Spanish, contains ten unabridged stories from different Hispanicauthors countries, ranging from Manuel Zeno Gandía and Ana María Matute to Isabel Allende and Camilo José Cela.Each story offers an introduction in English and is followed by questions that test the learners reading comprehensionand help them develop oral and writing skills. Also included is a Spanish-English lists of literary vocabulary and a listof difficult Spanish vocabulary found in the stories with their English translations. ISBN:9781567654561DOV5395 CUENTOS MEXICANOS Softcover, 227 pp., ISBN:9780486465395 $14.95This important collection of 19th century authors offers a rich sampling of the finest Mexican prose published from1843 to 1918. Nine short story selections appear in their original Spanish text, with expert English translations on eachfacing page.
  8. 8. 6DV106 First Spanish Reader $7.95Edited by A. Flores, Softcover, 167 pp., 9780486258102Designed for the intermediate student, this handy volumehelps the reader improve their Spanish by presenting easy-to-read adaptations of classic stories and other materials,with complete English translations on the facing page.Selections provide the student with a taste of genuineHispanic tradition. A list of exercises for each work and aSpanish/English glossary are included to aid the student.Excellent reader for your bi-lingual student.DV2353 Second Spanish Reader 0486472353 $8.95AM282W Realidad Y Fantasia $15.00S. Noguez and E. Boyd, Softcover, 102 pp., 9780877205258Perfect for beginning students of Spanish, since the presenttense is used almost exclusively in the first 8 chaptersalong with a controlled vocabulary. Each story is dividedinto sections to facilitate reading and difficult words aretranslated in the margins to simplify comprehension. Itcontains exercises for vocabulary practice and readingcomprehension and a Spanish/English vocabulary list.AM282 Answer Key $9.95AM576P La Gran Aventura De Alejandro $14.50A. Kartner, Softcover, 136 pp., ISBN:9780877201359Created for the advanced beginner or intermediate studentsof Spanish. This adventureous story introduces the readerto Spanish history and culture. Grammatical structuresand vocabulary are kept simple, unfamiliar words andexpressions are glossed in the margins. New vocabulary islisted with definitions at the beginning of each chapter andexercisestoreinforcecomprehensionarefoundattheend.Anappendix contains a glossary of vocabulary used in the story.AM576K Answer Key $3.95AM683P Viviana Y Su Gran Aventura MexicanaA. Kartner, Softcover, 128 pp., ISBN:9781567654752 $13.00Great for the advanced beginner or intermediate students ofSpanish. This adventure story will introduce the reader toMexican history and culture. Grammatical structures andvocabulary are simple, unfamiliar words and expressionsare glossed in the margins. New vocabulary is listed withdefinitions at the beginning of each chapter and exercises toreinforce comprehension are found at the end. An appendixcontains listing of vocabulary used in the story.AM583K Answer Key $3.95AM686P Susana Y Javier En España $15.00M. & C Wassermann, ISBN:9781567654783This reader, arranged as a travel guide, offers 34 chapters ofexercises to help advanced beginner or intermediate studentsof Spanish develop reading comprehension and vocabularywhile introducing them to the geography and culture oftodays Spain. Grammatical structures and vocabulary aresimple, unfamiliar words and expressions are glossed inthe margins. New vocabulary is listed with definitions atthe beginning of each chapter and exercises to reinforcecomprehension are found at the end. An appendix containsan alphabetical listing of vocabulary used in the book.AM686K Answer Key $4.00NTC0091 Cuentos De Hoy $25.95J.R. Gonzalez, Softcover, 55 pp., ISBN:9780844270098A perfect introduction for intermediate students to the richdiversity of Spanish language literature.Authors from Spain,Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina and Peru are represented inthis collection of short stories. Biographical sketches of theauthors, questions and activities are included.AM564P Susana Y Javier En Sudamérica $15.00M. & C Wassermann, ISBN:9780877201311Constructed for advanced beginner or intermediate studentsofSpanish,thisreaderwillintroducethemtoSouthAmericashistory and culture through 22 chapters. Grammaticalstructures and vocabulary are simple, unfamiliar words andexpressions are glossed in the margins. New vocabulary islisted with definitions at the beginning of each chapter andexercises to reinforce comprehension are found at the end.An appendix contains an alphabetical listing of vocabularyused in the story.AM564K Answer Key $4.00AM115P Dos Cuentos Biculturales: $13.95ElmedallondeplatayUnavisitaaCubaM.Noricks.Thesetwo interesting and exciting stories teach students aboutthe Spanish language and introduce them to the historicalbackground of the young people in the stories. For high-beginning/low intermediate students these two independentstories present introductory historical background in Englishon Mexico and Cuba, beginning vocabulary, and the story inSpanish with glosses and exercises. Also included are verbtables and Spanish-English vocabulary. ISBN:9781567658033AM115K Answer Key $3.95AM025P Escalofrios: Cuentos Singulares $14.50Joseph Conroy, Softcover, ISBN:9781567658088These original tales provide your intermediate students witha suspenseful and humorous experience, while assistingthem in becoming more comfortable and more competentin reading and understanding Spanish. The stories arewritten mostly in the present and dialog is used extensively,providing the basis for conversational practice and playacting. Various exercises and activities, all linked to thestories, provide additional language support. The AnswerKey provides guidelines for the teacher.AM025K Answer Key on CD $9.95NTC2388 Leyendas Mexicanas $46.95Softcover, 150 pp., ISBN:9780844272382 Intermediate levelA collection of 18 Mexican legends dating back 1500 yearsoffers students insights into Mexican folklore and traditionwhile expanding language vocabulary and fluency. Writtenin accessible Spanish, complete with definitions of difficultwords, exercises, questions and activities to reinforce thegrammar and vocabulary learned in the stories.DV996 Spanish Stories/Cuentos Españoles $9.95Edited by A. Flores, Softcover, 336 pp., ISBN:9780486253992This dual-language book contains 13 classical representativeSpanish stories and was designed for the intermediateSpanish student. The volume contains an informative essayon Spanish literature, a biographical-critical introductionto each story, notes on obscure references and idioms, anda Sp-to-Eng glossary. A convenient and helpful format forthe bi-lingual student, and for students of Spanish literature.Works from Cervantes, Unamuno & Borges are included.MGH1383 Classic Spanish Stories & Plays $18.00M. Andrade, Softcover, 400 pp., ISBN:9780658011382Designed for the intermediate students of Spanish, thisreader contains eight abridged and adapted classic stories andplays ranging from El Cid, Don Quixote and La Celestinato El burlador de Sevilla and Lazarillo de Tormes. Each textincludes extensive cultural notes and translations of difficultwords. A Sp-Eng vocabulary list is found in the back of thebook. Perfect for learners of Spanish to help them improvetheir vocabulary & reading comprehension.SIMPLIFIED READERS For Beginning To Intermediate Students
  9. 9. 7!A LAAVENTURA! Beginning Level $11.95 EachThese captivating stories contain cultural highlights and acquaint readers with Hispanic customs in Mexico and Spain.Each book offers a complete adventure story with questions, 80% of the words and grammar structure used are foundin 1st year textbooks. Also included is a Spanish-English glossary.EMC8580 La Guitarra Misteriosa 9780821938447EMC8599 Los Secretos De Familia 9780821938454EMC8602 Un Grabado De Goya 9780884368601EMC8610 El Penitente Elusivo 9780821938478SPANISH SUSPENSE THRILLERS Beginning-Intermediate LevelThese thrillers contain 20 entertaining episodes presented in theater formats. After each section there is a series ofquestions and a glossary is included.Caminos PeligrososEMC2590 Textbook 9780884362593 $17.25EMC3804 Teachers Guide 9780884363804 $18.95Vamos A Ver!EMC2310 Textbook 9780912022314 $17.25EMC38354 Teachers Guide 9780884363835 $21.25SPANISH MYSTERY THRILLERS Beginning-Intermediate LevelIn each book are 12 fast-paced, cliff-hanging episodes that will keep your students eager to read on.!Encuentro Inesperado!EMC2431 Text 9780821902431 $11.95EMC2448 TG 9780821902448 $11.95Concierto SiniestroEMC0307 Text 9780821900307 $13.25EMC0314 Wkbk 9780821900314 $11.95EMC0321 TG 9780821900321 $11.95El Novio RobadoEMC0331 Text 9780821900338 $13.25EMC0345 Wkbk 9780821900345 $11.95EMC0352 TG 9780821900352 $11.95CLASSIC LITERARY ADAPTATIONS $23.95 EachThis well respected variety of simplified texts, with footnotes and Spanish-English glossaries, will help your intermediateto advanced students master their comprehension of each of these required readings.NTC5650 La Celestina 9780658005657NTC5693 La Gitanilla 9780658005695NTC5634 Fuenteovejuna 9780658005633NTC5707 Lazarillo de Tormes 9780658005701NTC5618 El Burlador de Sevilla 9780658005619NTC5677 Cuentos del Conde Lucanor 9780658005671SIMPLIFIED CLASSICSAF1097 DON QUIJOTE DE LA MANCHA Cervantes, HC, 160 pp., ISBN:9788432124822 $14.95The adventures of Don Quijote and his amusing friend Sancho Panza. Follow them in their quest with this illustratedvolume. Entertainment for the junior and senior high school student.ORT002 Don Quijote De La Mancha Deluxe Gift Edition Hardcover, 248 pp., 9788471892850 $39.95HJB3924 EL PRINCIPITO Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Softcover, 86 pp., ISBN:9780156013925 $11.00The very special story of The Little Prince in a Spanish version is beautifully written to retain the delightful charm ofthe original. This new edition contains the original color illustrations!PM1473 EL PRINCIPITO Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Softcover, 88 pp., ISBN:9789700747910 $11.00Imported from Mexico, this edition translated by Maria de los Angeles Porrua, contains a short biography of theauthor and his works, as well as copies of the the original watercolors.AF1046 LAZARILLO DE TORMES Anonimo, Hardcover, ISBN:9788432127625 $13.95This classic story, both happy and sad, has been enjoyed by readers all over the world. This edition contains illustrations,notes, questions and answers to assist in comprehension.AF1105 LA ISLA MISTERIOSA Jules Verne, Hardcover, 189 pp., ISBN:978432127335 $11.00Here is the enthralling tale of five men and a dog, who in a balloon, land on a faraway, fantastic island of bewilderinggoings-on, and their struggle to survive as they uncover the island’s secret.SAN320X CUENTOS CLASICOS JUVENILES C. Zuluaga, SC, 107 pp. $12.95This anthology includes stories from such well-known authors as Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Guy de Maupassant, andLeo Tolstoy all translated to Spanish.SANDRA CISNEROSCARAMELOCreated for high school and adult readers. Caramelo abounds with the history, and generations of love that shaped theReyes family. It is a clan of Mexican-Americans struggling to be successful in the U.S. while endeavoring to preservetheir cultural heritage. Told through the eyes of an adolescent girl, Lala, this charismatic and captivating tale willdelight the reader. Caramelo has been chosen for the second annual One Book, One Denver 2005 reading program.RH0994 Spanish Version 9781400030996 $14.95 RH2581 English Version 9780679742586 $15.95THE HOUSE ON MANGO STREET Softcover, 110 pp.This is the vivid story of a Latina girl growing up in Chicago. A series of impressionable short stories unite to portraythe struggles of womanhood in an under privileged neighborhood. This book traces the Latina girl’s fight for identityand her dreams to escape to a better life. Spanish-English glossary.RH5268 Spanish Version 9780679755265 $11.00 RH4775 English Version 9780679734772 $11.00
  10. 10. 8CLASSIC AND CONTEMPORARY SPANISH & LATIN AMERICAN LITERATUREEach title listed is the original work in a paperback edition. The titles printed in green are annotated,with information on the author and a review of the key ideas and topics for essay questions or class discussion.ALARCON, Pedro Antonio de:JM1135 EL SOMBRERO DE TRES PICOS9788495311139 $14.95CT1009 EL SOMBRERO DE TRES PICOS9788437600215 $17.50AZ0107 EL SOMBRERO DE TRES PICOS9788420639215 $16.95ECS003 EL SOMBRERO DE TRES PICOSEL CAPITAN VENENO 8423998703 $15.95ALBERTI, Rafael:AZ1759 ANTOLOGÍA POÉTICA 8420638005 $25.95ALLENDE, Isabel:HC1303 LA CASA DE LOS ESPIRITUS9780060951306 $14.99HC1311 CUENTOS DE EVA LUNA9780060951313 $12.99HC129X DE AMOR Y DE SOMBRA9780060951290 $13.99SA654 EVA LUNA 9789500720410 $13.95PJ4093 RETRATO EN SEPIA9788401014093 $19.95ALVAREZ, Julia:RH5457 ANTES DE SER LIBRE 9780375815454 $6.50ANONIMO:ECS8665 CANTAR DEL MIO CID9788467021547 $24.50IPG7491 CANTAR DEL MIO CID9788497647496 $16.50CT1044 LAZARILLO DE TORMES9788437606606 $16.95PM014 LAZARILLO DE TORMES9789700763415 $13.95JM3413 LAZARILLO DE TORMES9788489163393 $14.95CT1035 POEMA DE MIO CID 9788437600604 $21.95JM3936 POEMA DE MIO CID 9788489163935 $14.95FC3273 POPOL VUH 9789681603274 $11.95ARCIPRESTE DE HITA:JM3480 LIBRO DEL BUEN AMOR $14.959788489163485PM076 LIBRO DEL BUEN AMOR $7.959789700742403 Limited QuantityECS6564 LIBRO DEL BUEN AMOR $23.509788467028713ARGUEDAS, José Maria:CT1866 LOS RIOS PROFUNDOS $24.999788449411861AZUELA, Mariano:CT1120 LOS DE ABAJO 9788437602264 $17.95FC5089 TRES NOVELAS 9789681604264 $10.95BAROJA, Pio:CT1225 EL ARBOL DE LA CIENCIA9788437605227 $19.50ECS020 LAS INQUIETUDES DE SHANTI ANDIA9788423902064 $21.50BECQUER, Gustavo Adolfo:JM3464 LEYENDAS 9788489163461 $14.95JM3375 RIMAS 9788489163379 $14.95ECS1479 RIMAS Y LEYENDAS 9788467021479 $18.95PM046 RIMAS Y LEYENDAS 9789700772486 $13.95IPG9131 RIMAS Y LEYENDAS 9788497649131 $11.95BENAVENTE, Jacinto:ECS034 LOS INTERESES CREADOSSEÑORAAMA 9788467030075 $19.95CT0277 LOS INTERESES CREADOS9788437600277 $17.95BENITEZ, Fernando:FC353 AGUA ENVENENADA9789681606350 $11.25BLASCO IBANEZ, VicenteAZ3488 SANGRE Y ARENA 9788420633480 $25.95BORGES, Jorge Luis:AZ1309 EL ALEPH 9788420633114 $18.95EME309X EL ALEPH 9789500423090 $11.95AZ1802 ANTOLOGIA POETICA1923-1977 9788420633183 $20.95AZ3178 BIBLIOTECA PERSONAL $20.959788420633176AZ1947 FICCIONES 9789504001942 $18.95AZ1499 EL INFORME DE BRODIE9788420633329 $20.95EME6862EL INFORME DE BRODIE9789500426862 $10.95EME6824EL LIBRO DE LAARENA9789500426824 $10.95CT1123 NARRACIONES 9788437602356 $17.95AZ1604 OTRAS INQUISICIONES9788420633169 $24.95BRADU, Fabienne:FC081 DAMAS DE CORAZÓN 9681645081 $17.99BUERO VALLEJO, Antonio:ECS151 EN LAARDIENTE OSCURIDAD9788467021868 $20.95ECS4049 HISTORIA DE UNA ESCALERA9788467021455 $21.50ECS4731 LAS MENINAS 9788467022469 $18.95ECS149 EL TRAGALUZ 9788467021622 $19.50BURGOS, Elizabeth:XX13155 ME LLAMO RIGOBERTA MENCHU9789682313158 $33.95CALDERON DE LA BARCA, Pedro:ECS319 LA VIDA ES SUEÑO 9788467021745 $16.95JM3502 LA VIDA ES SUEÑO 9788489163508 $14.95IPG6871 LA VIDA ES SUEÑO 9788497646871 $8.95JM3577 EL ALCALDE DE ZALAMEA $14.959788489163577CARPENTIER, Alejo:AZ3295 LOS PASOS PERDIDOS 8420638501 $22.95BU180X EL SIGLO DE LAS LUCES9788402061805 $11.95
  11. 11. 9CASONA, AlejandroLS1245 ARBOLES MUEREN DE PIE $11.509789500301244CT1202 LA DAMA DE ALBA 9788437604657 $16.50PM108 FLOR DE LEYENDAS, LA SIRENAVARADA. LA DAMA DE ALBA, LABARCA .... 9789700768618 $13.95PM109 OTRA VEZ EL DIABLO, NUESTRANATACHA. .... 9789700771847 $10.95CASTELLANOS, Rosario:FC5144 ETERNO FEMENINO 9789681609658 $13.95FC242 MUJER QUE SABÍA LATÍN9789681648244 $16.95CELA, Camilo José:ECS4219 LA COLMENA 9788467023213 $20.50EDF9773 LA COLMENA 9788441409774 $14.50DE2004 FAMILIA DE PASCUAL DUARTE9788423340613 $15.95PL6402 FAMILIA DE PASCUAL DUARTE9789509216402 $11.95CERVANTES, Miguel de:JV0513 DON QUIJOTE 9788426105134 $31.50PM118 DON QUIJOTE 9789700753201 $17.95JM3448 DON QUIJOTE I 9788489163447 $14.95JM3456 DON QUIJOTE II 9788489163454 $14.95CT1100 DON QUIJOTE DE LA MANCHA I9788437622149 $21.50CT1101 DON QUIJOTE DE LA MANCHA II9788437622156 $21.50SAN7286 DON QUIJOTE 9788466320405 $25.95CT1162 ENTREMESES 9788437603469 $20.95ECS4510 ENTREMESES 9788467024487 $20.95IPG7014 ENTREMESES 9788423974511 $8.95JM3855 NOVELAS EJEMPLARES I9788489163850 $14.95JM3863 NOVELAS EJEMPLARES II9788489163867 $14.95CLARIN, Leopoldo Alas:AZ1021 SU UNICO HIJO 9788420610214 $16.95BU0567 SU UNICO HIJO 9788402090560 $11.50CORTAZAR, Julio,CT1069 ARMAS SECRETAS 9788437601199 $19.95CRUZ, Sor Juana Inés de la:PM136 OBRAS COMPLETAS 9684326505 $22.95DARIO, Rubén:AZ869X POESIA 9788423998692 $12.95PM140 AZUL, CANTOS DE VIDA Y DEESPERANZA 9789684321915 $10.95DELIBES, Miguel:DE2100 EL CAMINO 9788423340590 $16.95DON JUAN MANUEL:OC9144 El CONDE LUCANOR 8449409144 $13.95PM150 El CONDE LUCANOR 9700731669 $12.95ERCILLA, Alonso de :PM157 LAARAUCANA 9789684324572 $15.95ESPRONCEDA, José de:PM161 OBRAS POETICAS, EL ESTUDIANTEDE SALAMANCA 9789684324886 $11.95ECS3855 POESIAS LIRICAS, EL ESTUDIANTEDE SALAMANCA 9788467003857 $10.95ESQUIVEL, Laura:RH1234 COMO AGUA PARA CHOCOLATE9780385721233 $15.00FERRE, Rosario:RH0498 LA CASA DE LA LAGUNA9780375700491 $14.95RH3840 DUELO DEL LENGUAJE/LANGUAGE DUEL 9780375713842 $12.00RH120X LA EXTRAÑA MUERTE DELCAPITANCITO CANDELARIO9781400001200 $5.95RH0633 MALDITO AMOR 9780375700637 $15.00RH4699 PAPELES DE PANDORA9780375724695 $13.95RH3705 VECINDARIOS EXCENTRICOS9780375703706 $15.00RH3859 VUELO DEL CISNE 9780375713859 $14.00FERNAN-GOMEZ, Fernando:VV7390 LAS BICICLETAS SON PARA ELVERANO 9788431637392 $26.95FUENTES, Carlos:ERA004 AURA 9789684111813 $16.95FC5010 LAS BUENAS CONCIENCIAS9789681603212 $12.95ERA006 LOS DIAS ENMASCARADOS9789684110830 $22.95PM3951 EL ESPEJO ENTERRADO $29.95SB1673 GRINGO VIEJO 9789686941678 $19.95BU8427 LA MUERTE DE ARTEMIOCRUZ 9788402078421 $13.50SAN0146 LA REGION MAS TRANSPARENTE9789705800146 $19.99GAITE, Carmen Martín:DE2135 CUARTO DE ATRAS 9788423335176 $16.95ECS4758 CUENTAME 9788423974757 $23.95GALLEGOS, Rómulo:ECS016 DOÑA BARBARA 9788423919765 $20.95RH2302 DOÑA BARBARA 9780307472304 $14.95PM172 DOÑA BARBARA 9789700751160 $14.95IPG9329 DOÑA BARBARA 9788493549329 $11.95GARCIA LORCA, Federico:EDF7557 ANTOLOGÍA POÉTICA 847166755X $14.50ECS490 BODAS DE SANGRE 8467021810 $19.95CT1231 BODAS DE SANGRE 8437605601 $16.95AZ1131 BODAS DE SANGRE 8420361139 $15.50IPG9336 LA CASA DE BERNARDAALBA $12.959788493549336CT1043 LA CASA DE BERNARDAALBA $17.959788437622453ECS152 LA CASA DE BERNARDAALBA9788467021516 $17.50ECS197 DOÑA ROSITA LA SOLTERA9788467023411 $19.95PM191 LIBRO DE POEMAS 9789700740034 $11.95
  12. 12. 10GARCIA LORCA, Federico: (Continued)PM196 MARIANA PINEDA, ZAPATERA $17.95RODIGIOSA, DOÑA ROSITA LA SOLTERA,CASA DE BERNARDAALBA, 9789700739458ECS506 POETA EN NUEVA YORK $17.509788467027228ECS81X ROMANCERO GITANO $21.509788467021615CT1046 YERMA, 9788437600727 $16.95EDF1255YERMA/DONA ROSITA, 8441411255 $13.95ECS807 YERMA, 9788467023299 $16.95SF0518 LA ZAPATERA PRODIGIOSA $12.959789875500518ECS269 LA ZAPATERA PRODIGIOSA $18.959788467021530GARCIA MARQUEZ, Gabriel:RH7264 AMOR EN LOS TIEMPOS DE $15.00COLERA, 9780307387264CT1215 CIEN AÑOS DE SOLEDAD $19.959788437604947RH4728 CIEN AÑOS DE SOLEDAD $15.009780307474728ERA001 EL CORONEL NO TIENE QUIEN $17.95LE ESCRIBA, 9789684112018RH4956 CRONICA DE UNA MUERTE $13.95ANUNCIADA, 9781400034956RH5350 DEL AMOR Y OTROS DEMONIOS $14.009780307475350PJ2371 DEL AMOR Y OTROS DEMONIOS $14.959788401242373AS571 DIATRIBA DE AMOR CONTRA $15.95UN HOMBRE SENTADO, 9788425327575RH4949 DOCE CUENTOS PEREGRINOS $14.959781400034949RH4963 EL GENERAL EN SU LABERINTO $15.009781400034963RH0466 FUNERALES DE MAMA GRANDE $8.959780307350466RH5695 LA HOJARASCA, 9780307475695 $14.00RH5783 INCREIBLE Y TRISTE HISTORIA $14.00DE LA CANDIDA ERENDIRA Y DESUABUELA.... 9780307475787RH5770 LA MALA HORA, 9780307475770 $14.00RH5803 MEMORIAS DE MIS PUTAS $12.95TRISTES 9781400095803DBS8121 NOTICIA DEL SECUESTRO $16.509789871138128RH5701 OJOS DE PERRO AZUL $14.009780307475701RH5763 EL OTOÑO DEL PATRIARCA $15.009780307475763RH5381 RELATO DE UN NAUFRAGO $13.009780307475381GOMEZ, Marte:FC587 PANCHO VILLA: UN INTENTO $6.99DE SEMBLANZA, 9789081611835GOYTISOLO, Juan:DE2063 DUELO EN EL PARAISO $17.959788423309962CT1170 MISERICORDIA $21.959788437603681BU2886 PARA VIVIR AQUI $9.959788402052889GUIRALDES, Ricardo:JM3871 DON SEGUNDO SOMBRA $14.959788489163874AZ887X DON SEGUNDO SOMBRA $13.959788420618876HERNANDEZ, José:JM3510 MARTIN FIERRO, 9788489163515 $11.95PM226 MARTIN FIERRO, 9789684324244 $7.95ISAACS, Jorge:CT6101 MARIA, 9788437606101 $22.95JM3901 MARIA, 9788489163904 $14.95JIMENEZ, Juan Ramón:EDF979X PLATERO Y YO, 9788471669797 $12.95PM233 PLATERO Y YO, 9789684323575 $9.95AZ1851 PLATERO Y YO, 9788420634081 $19.95CT1019 ANTOLOGIA POETICA $21.959788437606866LAFORET, Carmen:DE2057 NADA, 9788423340620 $20.95LARRA, Mariano José de:CT2920 ARTICULOS, 9788437602929 $22.95ECS5933 ARTICULOS, 9788423995936 $19.50LOAYZA, Luis:FC698 EL SOL DE LIMA, 9789681641696 $15.25LOPEZ PAEZ, Jorge:FC1019 DOÑA HERLINDAY SU HIJOY SUS OTROS HIJOS, 9789681641016 $9.95MACHADO, Antonio:ECS5909 POESIAS COMPLETAS, 9788423995905 $23.95AZ1602 POESIAS, 9788420661742 $16.50CT1180 SOLEDADES,GALERIAS, $17.95OTRO POEMAS 9788437604114MANRIQUE, Jorge :ECS8711 POESIAS COMPLETAS, 9788423998715 $15.95MARTI, José:JM3391 ISMAELILLO/VERSOS, 9788489163393 $14.95CT1165 ISMAELILLO/VERSOS LIBRES, VERSOSSENCILLOS, 9788437603674 $17.95MATUTE, Ana María:DE2046 ALGUNOS MUCHACHOS9788423311828 $16.95DE2141 LOS DE ABEL, 9788423311088 $17.95CT1081 FIESTAAL NOROESTE, 9788437601502 $19.95DE3234 HISTORIA DE ARTAMILA $21.959788423336920DE2051 LOS NIÑOS TONTOS,9788423305933 $13.95AW62X OBRA ESCOGIDA, 9780883341629 $35.95DE2007 PRIMERA MEMORIA, 9788423343591 $16.95
  13. 13. 11MATUTE, Ana María : (Continued)DE2042 LOS SOLDADOS LLORAN $19.95DE NOCHE 9788423343621DE2161 EL TIEMPO 9788423311576 $16.95DE2101 LA TRAMPA 9788423310692 $17.95MONTERO, Mayra:CE8831 TU, LA OSCURIDAD 9788472238831 $20.95MORATIN, Leandro Fernández:CT1021 EL SI DE LAS NIÑAS 9788437620237 $16.95JM3634 EL SI DE LAS NIÑAS 9788489163638 $11.95ECS5828 EL SI DE LAS NIÑAS 9788423995820 $15.95NERUDA, Pablo:CEL3661 ANTOLOGIA POETICA 9788489693661 $16.95TEM509 CIEN SONETOS DE AMOR $11.959788489691506UTP280 CIEN SONETOS DE AMOR/100LOVE SONNETS $18.95Bilingual edition 9780292760288CT1168 ODAS ELEMENTALES9788437603667 $16.95BU9606 RESIDENCIA EN LA TIERRA $10.959788402069603AZ4182 VEINTE POEMAS DE AMOR $18.95Y UNA CANCION DESESPERADA9788420634180VI706 VEINTE POEMAS DE AMOR ... $16.95Read by Neruda, Audio BookECS4006 VEINTE POEMAS DE AMOR $17.95Y UNA CANCION DESESPERADA9788467021837ORTEGA Y GASSET, José:ECS001 LA REBELION DE LAS MASAS $26.959788467021912PALMA, Ricardo:JM4046 TRADICIONES PERUANAS $14.959788495994042PAZ, Octavio:FC1512 ¿AGUILA O SOL? 9789681645103 $15.95FC5107 EL LABERINTO DE LA $10.95SOLEDAD 9789681659707BT1959 PIEDRA DE SOL/SUNSTONEBilingual edition, 9780811211956 $11.95PEREZ GALDOS, Benito:PM335 DOÑA PERFECTA, MISERICORDIA9789684320949 $13.95IPG9216 MARIANELA 9788497649216 $10.95JM1305 MARIANELA 9788495311306 $14.95AZ9985 MARIANELA 9788420633282 $21.95PM339 MARIANELA, MIAU 9789700760827 $13.95ECS4707 MIAU 9788423974702 $25.95JM1925 MISERICORDIA 9788495311924 $14.95CT1170 MISERICORDIA 9788437603681 $21.95CT1188 TRAFALGAR 9788437604190 $13.50PONIASTOWSKA, Elena:ERA007 DE NOCHE VIENES 9789684111363 $27.95ERA717 LA FLOR DE LIS 9789684111714 $32.95ERA005 HASTA NO VERTE JESUS MIO $32.959789684112070PONIASTOWSKA, Elena: (Continued)ERA008 LA NOCHE DE TLATELOLCO $33.95ERA003 QUERIDO DIEGO, TE ABRAZA $23.95QUIELA 9789684111097PUIG, Manuel:RH5454 EL BESO DE LA MUJER ARAÑA $15.009780679755456SB0464 LA TRAICION DE RITA $12.95HAYWORTH 9788432230462QUEVEDO, Francisco de:CT1124 EL BUSCON 9788437602370 $19.95QUIROGA, Horacio:PM362 CUENTOS 9789700745145 $19.95JM3847 CUENTOS DE AMOR, LOCURA $14.95Y MUERTE 9788489163843JM1856 CUENTOS DE LA SELVA $14.959788495311856RIVAS, Duque de:CT1033 DON ALVARO O LA FUERZA $16.95DEL SINO 9788437600574JM1909 DON ALVARO O LA FUERZA $12.95DEL SINO 9788495311900RODRIGUEZ VALDES, Gladys:FC4934 INVITACION A GABRIELA $13.99MISTRAL 9789681634933ROJAS, Fernando de:JM3677 LA CELESTINA 9788489163676 $14.95AZ1200 LA CELESTINA 9788420634029 $17.95IPG9247 LA CELESTINA 9788497649247 $10.95RUIZ DE ALARCON, Juan:CT1049 LA VERDAD SOSPECHOSA $15.959788437600765RULFO, Juan:CT1218 LLANO EN LLAMAS 9788437605128 $15.95CT1189 PEDRO PARAMO 9788437604183 $17.95SABATO, Ernesto:CT1055 EL TUNEL 9788437600895 $18.95SB0027 EL TUNEL 9788432217531 $13.95SAN PEDRO, Diego:CT0138 CARCEL DE AMOR 9788437600130 $11.95SARMIENTO, Domingo:JM1145 FACUNDO 9788495311771 $14.95SENDER, Ramón J:DE2015 REQUIEM POR UN CAMPESINO $16.95ESPAÑOL 9788423342396STORNI, Alfonsina:JM4062 ANTOLOGIA POETICA 9788495994066 $14.95SUCRE, Guillermo:FC178 LA MÁSCARA, LA $23.95TRANSPARENCIA 9789681620172TIRSO DE MOLINA:JM3812 EL BURLADOR DE SEVILLA $14.959788489163812CT1058 EL BURLADOR DE SEVILLA $16.959788437623931
  14. 14. 12UNAMUNO, Miguel:ECS2836 ANTOLOGIA POETICA 9788423972838 $24.95ECS112 ABEL SANCHEZ 9788467025781 $18.95AZ3240 DEL SENTIMIENTO TRAGICO $25.50DE LA VIDA 9788420633244CT1154 NIEBLA 9788437603476 $18.95ECS099 NIEBLA 9788467021943 $18.95CT1095 SAN MANUEL BUENO $18.95MARTIR 9788437601854ECS254 SAN MANUEL BUENO $22.50MARTIR 9788467021677ECS122 LA TIA TULA 9788467024463 $15.95ECS070 TRES NOVELAS EJEMPLARES $18.95Y UN PROLOGO 9788423918485VALERA, Juan:BU6900 PEPITA JIMENEZ 9788402106902 $9.95JM3545 PEPITA JIMENEZ 9788489163546 $14.95VALADES, Edmundo:FC329 LA MUERTE TIENE PERMISO $10.259789681662387VARGAS LLOSA, Mario:STK4568 CONVERSACION EN LA CATEDRAL9788466304566 $14.25VEGA, Lope de:JM3618 FUENTEOVEJUNA 9788489163614 $14.95PM012 FUENTEOVEJUNA 9789700734798 $11.95ECS8579 FUENTEOVEJUNA 9788467022261 $16.95ZORILLA, Jose:ECS018 DON JUAN TENORIO 8423998649 $15.95CT1114 DON JUAN TENORIO 8437602130 $15.95IPG9254 DON JUAN TENORIO 8497649257 $10.50DOV716 NINE CENTURIES OF SPANISHLITERATURE/ Nueve Siglos de Literatura EspañolaSoftcover, 462 pp., ISBN:9780486282718 $16.95This is a very interesting sampling of over 70 selections ofSpanish poetry, prose and drama written by authors fromthe middle Ages to the 20thcentury. It includes the originalSpanish text with a translation on the facing page which ischosen for its accuracy and fidelity to the originals. Enjoyreading mystical poems of Santa Teresa, passages of DonQuijote, rimas of Bécquer or poems by Lorca. This is aperfect anthology for the students to improve their languageskills and expand their knowledge of Spanish literature.DOV5054 SPANISH STORIES OF THE LATENINETEENTH CENTURYSoftcover, 240 pp., ISBN:9780486445052 $12.95These 11 tales are by 4 outstanding authors who broughtnew life to Spanish literature. Published between 1870 and1900, they include “El Hechicero,” an allegorical retellingof an Andalusian legend by Juan Valera, Pedro Antonio deAlarcón’s tale of bandits, “La buenaventura,” 3 stories byLeopoldo Alas (“Clarín”), and 5 by Emilia Pardo Bazán.PG5414 NEW PENGUIN PARALLEL TEXTS:Short Stories In Spanish & English $16.00J. King, Softcover, 233 pp., ISBN:9780140265415ContainingauthorssuchasGarciaMárquez,Allende,Fuentes,and Molina, this parallel text is a great tool for understandingHispanic literature. All ten stories are accompanied, side-by-side, with English translations. Each title is accompanied bynotes on language and grammar usage. The format makescross-referencing simple and almost eliminates dictionaryusage while reading.DV289 LISTEN AND ENJOY SPANISH POETRYA Dual Language Book and CD $11.95Edited by E. Florit, Softcover, 160 pp., ISBN:9780486996165This excellent selection of Spanish poetry, read in Spanish,includes 3 works that range from the Cantar de Mio Cid tothe 20th Century poetry of Garcia Lorca and Alberti. Eachauthor has a short biography, critical commentary, as well asportrait (when available) preceding the unabridged selection.Each work has been expertly translated to English. Excellentfor bilingual students, translators and those who enjoy andwant to better their understanding of Spanish verse.DV121 INTRODUCTION TO SPANISH POETRYBook Only 141 pp., ISBN:9780486267128 $7.95DOV0653 STORIES AND POEMS/Cuentos Y PoesíasRubén Darío, Softcover, 256 pp., ISBN:9780486420653 $14.95Nicaraguan poet and essayist Darío is considered the highpriest of the modernismo school of literature. This volumecontains a rich selection of his best poems and storiesincluding Azul and Prosas Profanas. Accurate Englishtranslations appear on the facing pages.DOV5395 MEXICAN STORIES/Cuentos MexicanosS. Appelbaum, Softcover, 240 pp., ISBN:9780486465395 $14.95This important collection of 19th century authors is a richsampling of the finest Mexican prose published from 1843 to1918.NineshortstoryselectionsappearintheiroriginalSpanishtext, with expert English translations on each facing page.DOV1238 SPANISH-AMERICAN STORIES / CuentosHispanoamericanos S. Appelbaum $14.95Softcover, 240 pp., ISBN:9780486441238These 17 stories from the Caribbean, Central and SouthAmerica, encompass a tremendous variety of subjects,settings, and styles. Each story is by a different well-knownwriter from a different country. Includes: Rubén Darío,José Martí, Amado Nervo, Rómulo Gallegos, and RicardoPalma.DUAL-LANGUAGE COLLECTION OFCLASSICSThis prime collection features classical Spanish literature,each title includes an accurate English translations on thefacing page, introductions, annotations and notes.DOV6500 LIBRO DE POEMAS 0486436500 $10.95DOV0168 POEMA DE MIO CID 0486440168 $7.95DOV0710 SONATA DE PRIMAVERA 0486440710 $8.95DOV5062 LA TIA TULA 0486445062 $10.95DOV1526 NOVELAS EJEMPLARES 0486451526 $15.95DOV6660 DON QUIJOTE 0486406660 $14.95DOV5652 PLATERO Y YO 0486435652 $12.95DOV788X RIMAS Y LEYENDAS 048644788X $12.95DOV4736 LA VIDA ES SUENO 0486424731 $10.95DOV4317 LAZARILLO DE TORMES 0486414310 $8.95DUAL LANGUAGE ANTHOLOGIES
  15. 15. 13TRANSLATIONS OF CLASSIC AUTHORSJM3650 Alighieri: La Divina Comedia8489163650 $16.50JM195X Austen: Orgullo y Prejuicio849531195X $13.95JM3685 Baudelaire: Las Flores del Mal8489163685 $14.95PL25X Brontë: Juana Eyre 840801725X $18.95JM1437 Brontë: Cumbres Borrascosas8495311437 $18.95JV0514 Buck: La Buena Tierra 8426105149 $19.95AZ1312 Camus: El Extranjero 8420613126 $19.95JM343X Carroll: Las Aventuras de Alicia en el Paísde las Maravillas 848916343X $14.95JM3979 Conrad: Corazón de Tinieblas8489163979 $14.95ECS311 Cooper: Último Mohicano 8423990311 $16.95ECS435 Defoe: Robinson Crusoe 8423990435 $16.95JM3499 Dickens: Canción de Navidad8489163499 $13.95ECS779 Dickens: La Historia De Nadie8423970779 $18.95JM4776 Dostoiewski: El Jugador 8495994771 $14.95JV0545 Dostoiewski: El Idiota 8426105459 $30.95JM3669 Esopo: Fábulas Esópicas 8489163669 $14.95JM1291 Fitzgerald: El Gran Gatsby 8495311291 $14.95JM1895 Flaubert: Madame Bovary 8495311895 $14.50JM3588 Fontaine: Fábulas Escogidas 8489163588 $14.95JM3693 Gibran: Alas Rotas 8489163693 $14.95JM1976 Goethe: Penas del Joven Werther8495311976 $14.95DE2294 Hawthorne: La Letra Escarlata8489902518 $21.95LU8636 Hemingway: El Viejo y El Mar9871138636 $14.95AZ1095 Hesse: Bajo Las Ruedas 842061095X $18.95JM360X Homero: La Odisea 848916360X $15.95JM3553 Homero: La Iliada 8489163553 $18.95JM1313 Kafka: El Proceso 8495311313 $14.95EDF4990 Kafka: Metamorfosis 8471664992$10.50JM3804 Lao-Tzu: El Libro del Tao 8489163804 $14.95DBS2734 Lee: Matar un Ruiseñor 849872273X $24.95JM3952 London: Ley de Vida 8489163952 $14.95JM3367 Maquiavelo: El Príncipe 8489163367 $14.95AL2688 Melville: Moby Dick 8420662682 $23.95JM3707 Molière: El Avaro 8489163707 $14.95JM3944 Nietzsche: El Anticristo 8489163944 $14.95JM3626 Nietzsche: Ecce Homo 8489163626 $14.95JM3715 Nietzsche: Así Habló Zaratrusta8489163715 $14.95CEL2341 Orwell: Rebelión en la Granja8423342344 $17.50JM3782 Pirandelo: Seis Personajes en Busca de Autor8489163782 $14.95JM3405 Poe: Cuentos de Intriga y Terror8489163405 $14.95JM3960 Poe: Narraciones Extraordinarias8489163960 $14.95JM3790 Proust: Un amor de Swann 8489163790 $14.95JM1917 Radiguet: El Diablo en el Cuerpo8495311917 $14.95JM3723 Rousseau: Contrato Social 8489163723 $14.95JM1321 Shakespeare: Mercader de Venecia8495311321 $14.95JM3472 Shakespeare: Hamlet 8489163472 $14.95JM3642 Shakespeare: Macbeth 8489163642 $14.95JM1429 Shakespeare: Otelo 8495311429 $14.50JM374X Shakespeare: Romeo y Julieta848916374X $14.95JM388X Shakespeare: Sueño de una Noche de Verano848916388X $14.95JM133X Shelley: Frankenstein 849531133X $14.95NE975X Steinbeck: La Perla 8431634790 $17.50EDH6137 Steinbeck: De Ratones y Hombres8435016137 $19.95JM3898 Stevenson: El Extraño Caso del Dr. Jekyll ydel Sr. Hyde 8489163898 $14.95AZ1780 Stevenson: La Isla del Tesoro8420651389 $22.95JM1992 Tolstoi: La Muerte de Ivan Ilich8495311992 $14.95CEL3977 Tolstoi: Ana Karenina8426133975 $28.95ECS451 Twain: Aventuras de Tom Sawyer8423990451 $14.95ATL6630 Verne: Cinco Semanas En Globo9500836637 $14.95AL2533 Verne: Viaje Al Centro de la Tierra842067253X $26.50JM3758 Virgilio: La Eneida 8489163758 $14.50JM181X Voltaire: Cándido 849531181X $14.95JM3383 Wilde: El Crimen de Lord Arthur8489163383 $14.95JM1453 Wilde: El Retrato de Dorian Gray8495311453 $14.95
  16. 16. 14ADAMS, DouglasAN3283 El Restaurante Del Fin Del Mundo9788433973283 $18.95ALTEN, SteveRH3497 Apocalipsis Maya 9780307743497 $15.95RH5794 El Testamento Maya 9780307475794 $16.00ANDREWS, V.C.PJ3218 Flores en el Atico 9788497597463 $22.50PJ7523 Jardín Sombrío 9788484505761 $22.50PJ3234 Si Hubiera Espinas 9788497596749 $22.50AUSTER, PaulAN3290 Trílogia De Nueva York 9788433973290 $24.95BALDACCI, DavidZE0952 Los Coleccionistas 9788498720952 $16.50ZE0129 Buena Suerte 9788498720129 $24.95BALOGH, MaryDE6957 Ligeramente Perverso 9788483466957 $22.50BENÍTEZ, J.J.PL752 El Papá Rojo 9788408046752 $11.95BENOIT, MichelRH1803 El Apóstol Número 13 9780307391803 $18.95BOLANO, RobertolRH5954 2666 9780307475954 $19.95RH6111 Los Detectives Salvajes 9780307476111 $16.00RH6128 Estrella Distante 9780307476128 $14.00BRADFORD, Barbara TaylorAST7221 Protege mi Sueño 9788401497223 $13.95PJ7213 Toda una Mujer 9788401497216 $14.50BRESLIN, TheresaBFP9947 El Sello Medici 9788496829947 $21.95BROWN, DanUR6513 Angeles y demonios 9788492516513 $19.95UM8825 La Conspiración 9788492516193 $23.95UR9008 El Codigo Da Vinci 9788495618603 $23.95UR6209 La Fortaleza Digital 9788492516209 $22.95PL9254 El Símbolo Perdido 9788408099222 $29.95CANHAM, MarshaBFP9985 La Rosa De Hierro 9788496829985 $20.95CAREW, OpalPL0862 Dos Mejor Que Uno 9788408080862 $19.95CHABON, MichaelDE6971 La Solución Final 9788483466971 $15.95CHOPRA, DeepakPDL1341 Buda 9788466321341 $19.95ZB0549 El Camino Hacia El Amor 9788498720549 $19.95CHRISTIE, AgathaCEL4101Primeros Casos De Poirot 9788498674101 $21.95CLANCY, TomPL5067 Clave Red Rabbit 9788408065067 $23.95PG6421 Contra Todo Enemigo 9780451416421 $14.00CLEMENTS, JonathanCR9930 Wu 9788484329930 $22.95COELHO, PauloHC288 A Orillas del Rio PiedraMe Sente y Llore 9780062514622 $16.00HC1409 Alquimista 9780062511409 $14.99HC259 El Demonio y La Sta. Prym 9780061124259 $13.95HC830 Once Minutos 9780060591830 $13.99COELHO, Paulo - Cont.HC730 La Bruja de Portobello 9780061632730 $13.99HC128 La Quinta Montaña 9780060930127 $13.99CONNELLY, MichaelDBS0970 El Veredicto 9788496940970 $17.50COOK, RobinPJ882 Ceguera Asesina 9788497931045 $19.95PL705 Coma 9788473861496 $18.95CRICHTON, MichaelDE277 Congo 9788497930277 $19.95DE784 Gran Robo del Tren 9788497597784 $19.95DAMATO, BrianRH2998 2012 9780307882998 $21.95DOSTOIEVSKI, FiodorDBS3308 Memorias de la Casa Muerta 8499083307 $21.95DUEÑO, MaríaLEC9857 El Tiempo entre Costuras 9781451649857 $15.00ECO, UmbertoRH5118 El Cementerio de Praga 9780307745118 $17.95SF959 El Nombre de la Rosa 9789872060954 $14.50FROST, MarkHC5766 Los Seis Mesias 9780061145766 $15.95FOLLET, KenRH1189 La Caída de los Gigantes 9780307741189 $21.95RH4737 Los Pilares de la Tierra 9780307454737 $21.95RH4744 Un Mundo Sin Fin 9780307454744 $19.95GARDNER, LisaFDI3918 Tiempo De Matar 9788498003918 $22.95GOYTISOLO, JuanBU2886 Para Vivir Aquí 9788402052889 $9.95GRISHAM, JohnRH4759 El Asociado 9780307474759 $16.00RH2527 Tiempo De Matar 9780307392527 $12.95GILBERT, ElizabethSAN9594 Come, Reza, Ama 9781598209594 $17.99GRUEN, SaraSAN4038 Agua Para Elefantes 9781616054038 $18.99HARRIS, CharlaineSAN2829 Muerto hasta el anochecer 9788466322829 $9.99SAN2911 Vivir y morir en Dallas 9788466322911 $9.99SAN2904 El Club de los Muertos 9788466322904 $9.99SAN8652 Muerto para el mundo 9781603968652 $19.99SAN0733 Más muerto que nunca 9781616050733 $19.99HIGGINS CLARK, MaryEB3021 Dónde Están los Niños 8497594304 $19.50RH022 La Misma Canción 9780307392022 $18.95DBS1267 Dónde te Escondes 9788499081267 $21.50HOLT, AnneDBS413 Una Mañana de Mayo 9788496940413 $21.95DBS108 La Diosa Ciega 9788492833108 $17.50HOSSEINI, KhaledSAL880 Cometas en el Cielo 9788498380880 $15.95JACQ, ChristianPL252 El Hijo de la Luz 9788408081449 $19.95PL093 La Batalla de Kadesh 9788408081463 $19.95PL966 Nefer el Silencioso 9788408038962 $14.50BEST SELLING CONTEMPORARY NOVELS
  17. 17. 15JACOBS, KateLEC0375 Amigas Entre Fogones 9788415140375 $14.99JAMES, PeterCEL0345 Muerte Prevista 9788496940345 $21.95JAMES, E LRH3672 Cincuenta Sombras de Grey 0345803671 $15.95RH4273 Cincuenta Sombras Más Oscuras9780345804273 $15.95RH4297 Cincuenta Sombras Liberadas9780345804297 $15.95KING, StephenGR3017 Cujo 9788497595186 $24.95RH1127 La Cúpula 9780307741127 $19.95PJ9985 Misterio de Salems Lot 9788497931021 $22.50KATE, LaurenRH5231 Pasión 9780307745231 $9.95RH5002 Oscuros 9780307745002 $9.95KOONTZ, DeanSAN9329 Velocidad 9788466369329 $13.99SAN8048 Mi nombre: Raro Thomas 9789870408048 $19.99LARSSON, StiegDE4567 Los Hombres Que No Amaban Mujeres $19.959786070704567DE5977 La Chica Que Soñaba Con Un Cerillo Y UnGalón De Gasolina 9786070705977 $19.95DE6011 Reina En El Palacio De Las Corrientes De Aire9786070706011 $19.95LINDSAY, JeffryBFP9763 Dexter/El Oscuro Pasajero9788496829763 $17.50BFP6001 Querido Dexter 9788492516001 $19.95MANKELL, HenningTQS5203 Asesinos Sin Rostro 9788483835203 $19.95TQS5210 Los Perros De Riga 9788483835210 $19.95TQS5234 El Hombre Sonriente 9788483835234 $21.95TQS5227 La Leona Blanca 9788483835227 $23.95MARTEL, YannLEC8481 Vida de Pi 9788423338481 $16.99MASON , KendallDE7060 El Laberinto Prohibido 9788483467060 $22.95MATTHEWS, CarolePDL0580 Me Vuelves Loca 9788466320580 $22.95PDL0597 Un Pequeño Desliz 9788466320597 $25.95MOURAD, KenizeTQS336 De Parte de la Princesa 9788472238336 $21.50NICHOLLS, DavidRH3770 Un Día 9780307743770 $14.95NOELLE, AlyssonRH1158 Eternidad 9780307741158 $13.95RH1165 Luna Azul 9780307741165 $13.95RH5132 Tinieblas 9780307745132 $9.95PAASILINNA, ArtoAN3276 El Molinero Aullador 9788433973276 $18.95KIDD, Sue MonkPG5794 La Vida Secreta de las Abejas9780143035794 $16.00PATTERSON, JamesSB753 El Club Dante 9788432217753 $23.95CEL8850 Luna de Miel 9788496829978 $19.95PATTERSON, James - Cont.CEL0291 Segunda Oportunidad 9788497620291 $14.50PAVESE, CesareDBS1380 Entre Mujeres Solas 9788499081380 $21.95PEINKOFFER, MichaelDE6759 Trece Runas 9788483466759 $22.95PÉREZ-REVERTE, ArturoAL9609 El Tango de la Guardia Vieja 1614359601 $19.99PICKNETTI PrinceMR4624 Revelación De Sion 9788427034624 $24.95POHL, FrederikZB0518 Anales De Los Heechee 9788440693396 $16.95PRESTON, DouglasDE6766 Jennie 9788483466766 $20.95QUINCEY, TVA5979 Del Asesinato Considerado 8477025975 $21.50RICE, AnneZE3786 Pandora 9788498723786 $19.95ROBARDS, KarenZB0501 Desaparecida 9788498720501 $19.00ROBERTS, NoraLEC622 Inmortal ante la Muerte 9788496575622 $12.95SAN4168 Hermanos de Sangre 9788466324168 $11.99DE427 Las Sombras del Bosque 9788484508427 $21.50DE600 Un Sueno Atrevido 9788497938600 $21.50ROTH, PhilipDE7152 El Animal Moribundo 9788483467152 $18.95DBS7817 El Engaño 9788483467817 $21.95RUSSELL, CraigCEL0253 Resurrección 9788496940253 $20.95SHREVE, AnitaPL974 La Mujer del Piloto 9788408038979 $14.50STEEL, DanielleDE6827 El Anillo 9788483466827 $20.95PJ3380 Ecos 9788499080833 $21.95DE933 El Regalo 9788497595933 $16.50CEL982 La Rueda del Deseo 9788425316982 $19.95STUART, AnneBFP9909 El Impostor 9788496829909 $19.50SUSKIND, PatrickCEL1146 El Perfume 9788432251146 $19.95TAMARO, SusannaSB7982 Escucha Mi Voz 9788432217982 $17.95PL0859 Luisito, Historia de Amor 9788432250859 $17.95TAN, AmyPL0800 El Club De La Buena Estrella9788408080800 $23.95TELLES RIBEIRO, EdgarDE6841 La Mesilla De Noche 9788483466841 $21.50THEROUX, PaulPDL1990 En El Gallo De Hierro 9788440676603 $21.50UHLMAN, FredTQS555 Un Reencuentro 9788483835555 $17.50WOOLF, VirginiaDE2761 Flush 9788423342761 $17.50
  18. 18. 16TEXTBOOKS FOR ELEMENTARY & MIDDLE SCHOOLSSUPERDRAGO ISBN Prefix:978849778Superdrago is designed for students between the ages of 6 and 12 years. It contains four levels, each one has nine unitsplus additional amusing projects. Activities, games, songs and tongue-twisters make learning Spanish exciting. Theteachers’packet contains a guide with extra activities, two audio CDs that accompany both the textbook and workbook,additional songs and rhymes as well as two board games for the class. The teachers guideb only has book and CDs.Level 1SGS4856 Textbook 4856 $43.50SGS4863 Workbook 4863 $24.95SGS5471 T Guide/CD 5471 $43.50SGS4870 Resource Kit 4870 $157.50Level 2SGS4887 Textbook 4887 $43.50SGS4894 Workbook 4894 $24.95SGS6409 T Guide/CD 6409 $43.50SGS4900 Resource Kit 4900 $157.50Level 3SGS6591 Textbook 6591 $43.50SGS6607 Workbook 6607 $24.95SGS7222 T Guide/CD 7222 $43.50SGS6614 Resource Kit 6614 $157.50COLEGA ISBN Prefix: 97884771Colega is a new method for elementary school students it focuses on oral expression, communication and listening skills.Colega, a puppy, is the protagonist and will motivate students to learn, since they can only communicate with him inSpanish.TheTeacher’sKitincludesadditionalactivities,exams,gamesandflashcards.TheaudioCDcontainsexercisesandsongsforboththetextbook & workbook.Teacherscanaccesscomplimentaryinformationonthe publisher’swebsite.Level 1EDI6561 Text/Wkbk/CD 16561 $50.95EDI6523 Teachers Guide 16523 $38.50EDI6530 Answer Key 16530 $25.50EDI6573 Teachers Pack 16578 $26.50Level 2EDI6721 Text/Wkbk/CD 16721 $50.95EDI6745 Teachers Guide 16745 $38.50EDI6738 Answer Key 16738 $25.50EDI6752 Teachers Pack 16752 $26.50Level 3EDI7285 Text/Wkbk/CD 17285 $53.95EDI7254 Teachers Guide 17254 $27.50¡VALE!A new series created to introduce 4th through 8th grade students to Spanish. ¡Vale! is a three-level program that willteach them Spanish through stories, songs, games, and motivatin activities. It includes a student book, activity book,teacher’s guide, and audio CD. ISBN Prefix: 9788853Level 1EMC1995 Textbook 601995 $19.95EMC2015 Workbook 602015 $9.95EMC2008 T. Guide 602008 $34.95EMC2886 Audio CD 602886 $22.95Level 2EMC2909 Textbook 602909 $19.95EMC2916 Workbook 602916 $9.95EMC2893 T. Guide 602893 $34.95EMC2923 Audio CD 602923 $22.95Level 3EMC2947 Textbook 602947 $19.95EMC2954 Workbook 602954 $9.95EMC2930 T. Guide 602930 $34.95EMC2961 Audio CD 602961 $22.95AM529S SPANISH IS FUN BOOK A For Beginners, Directions in English ISBN:9780877201403 $27.95Steen & Kneitzmann, Softcover, 549 pp. Created for upper elementary and middle school students, this text uses afun approach to language teaching. The students will learn vocabulary through exercises, short narrations, illustratedconversations, personalized dialogue activities and review units with games, puzzles and picture stories and apronunciation section.The workbook contains supplementary exercises, the cassettes offer exercises and narratives foreach lesson. The teachers manual includes a key & quizzes for all lessons, unit tests & 2 achievement tests.AM529W Workbook 0877201447 $10.95 AM529C CDs & Script $168.00 AM529T TG 0877201463 $14.50PASACALLE Curso de Español Para Niños All in SpanishAn instructional course in 4 levels for youngsters beginning to learn Spanish. This method was designed with theelementary to middle school students in mind. The books are clear, easy to read and full of color illustrations tofacilitate comprehension. The lessons are based on a theme and the students learn pertinent vocabulary and then useit in communicative and written activities. By completion of all 4 levels the student should be able to speak, read andwrite Spanish well enough to communicate effectively with native speakers. ISBN Prefix:978847143Level 1SGS6035 Text 6030 $32.95SGS6043 Exercise Book 6047 $23.95SGS6078 Audio CD 9788497781923 $62.95SGS6094 Teachers Guide 6092 $33.95Level 2SGS7082 Text 7082 $32.95SGS7090 Exercise Book 7099 $23.95SGS7163 Audio CD 9788497781930 $62.95SGS7155 Teachers Guide 7150 $33.95SGS8038 Carpeta Alumno 1 & 2 8034 $36.50SGS802X Carpeta Profesor 1 & 28027 $55.50Level 3SGS7651 Text 7655 $33.95SGS766X Exercise Book 7662 $23.95SGS7937 Teachers Guide 7938 $33.95SGS7805 Text CD 9788497781947 $62.95SGS7910 Workbook CD 9788497781954 $69.95Level 4SGS8001 Text 8560 $33.95SGS8002 Exercise Book 8744 $23.95SGS8003 Audio CD 9788497781961 $73.95SGS8004 Teachers Guide 8805 $33.95SGS9433 Carpeta Alumno 3 & 4 9437 $36.95SGS9425 Carpeta Profesor 3 & 49420 $55.50LOS TROTAMUNDOS Curso de Español para Niños y Niñas, Only in SpanishAnew program designed for your elementary students of Spanish, ages 8-12, which introduces them to a new languageand a new culture through the use of colorful and imaginative illustrations. Twelve chapters cover, along with othertopics, introductions, asking questions, quantities, giving instructions, time, and even learning to speak on the telephone!Entertaining and educative, you will enjoy this new course. Level 3 is also available. ISBN Prefix: 978847711Level 1EDI2053 Textbook 2051 $36.50EDI2061 Workbook 2068 $17.95EDI5441 Audio CD 5441 $39.95EDI207X Teachers Guide 2075 $35.95EDI2126 CD ROM 2129 $73.50Level 2EDI2134 Textbook 2136 $36.50EDI2142 Workbook 2143 $17.95EDI2150 Teachers Guide 2150 $35.95EDI2169 Audio CD 2167 $39.95EDI2193 Karaoke Video 2198 $117.95EDI2204 CD ROM 2204 $73.50
  19. 19. 17TEXTBOOKS FOR MIDDLE SCHOOLSCOMPAÑEROSCompañeros designed for middle school students, has four levels with nine units per level. Each unit consists of sectionson vocabulary, grammar, communication, comprehension, culture and ends with a review. The workbook contains sixpages filled with activities and exercises for each unit. The textbook contains two audio CDs one for the textbook andone for the workbook. The teacher’s guide includes tips on usage, additional activities, games and reproducible tests.Additionally, teachers will enjoy using the interactive whiteboard as it has both the text and workbook in a digitalformat, which will allow them to focus on specific areas.Level 1SGS4108 Textbook & CD 9788497785204 $42.95SGS4085 Workbook 9788497784085 $31.95SGS4733 Teachers Guide 9788497784733 $54.50SGS5419 IWB Resources 9788497785419 $101.95Level 2SGS4344 Textbook & CD 9788497784344 $43.50SGS4320 Workbook 9788497784320 $31.95SGS5129 Teachers Guide 9788497785129 $54.50SGS5426 IWB Resources 9788497785426 $101.95Level 3SGS4788 Textbook & CD 9788497784788 $47.95SGS4764 Workbook 9788497784764 $39.50SGS4771 Teachers Guide 9788497784771 $41.95SGS5563 IWB Resources 9788497785563 $101.95Level 4SGS4818 Textbook & CD 9788497784818 $49.50SGS4795 Workbook 9788497784795 $33.95SGS5570 IWB Resources 9788497785570 $101.95CHICOS CHICAS M.A. Palomino, Softcover, color illustrations, 128 pp., All in SpanishCreated for adolescent students, this method incorporates contemporary life situations to develop both language andcultural competency. The lessons are short and manageable for a middle school setting. The book contains 8 units eachcomprised of 2 lessons which introduce a concept, provide practice and a double page layout exposes the students toSpanish culture and civilization. Links to web sites with projects.Level 1EDI7721 Text 9788477117728 $39.95EDI773X Workbook 9788477117735 $18.95EDI7756 Audio CD 9788477117759 $38.50EDI7780 Video 9788477117742 $120.95Level 2EDI7829 Text 9788477117827 $41.95EDI7837 Workbook 9788477117834 $19.95EDI7810 Teachers Guide 9788477117810 $50.95EDI7853 Audio CD 9788477117858 $38.50EDI7888 Video 9788477117889 $120.95Level 3EDI7926 Text 9788477117926 $41.95EDI7934 Workbook 9788477117933 $23.95EDI7918 Teachers Guide 9788477117919 $51.95EDI7950 Audio CD 9788477117957 $38.50Level 4EDI8027 Text 9788477118022 $42.50EDI8035 Workbook 9788477118039 $23.95EDI8019 Teachers Guide 9788477118015 $51.95EDI8051 Audio CD 9788477118053 $38.50GENTE JOVEN E Alonso, ISBN Prefix: 978848443Designed for students ages 11-15, this text covers 60-80 class hours. Each unit is divided into activities, culture &civilization, and homework. Includes a grammar review, conjugation tables, maps of Spain and Latin America. The CDfeatures audio comprehension activities that correspond to the text for extra practice.The teachers’ guides for levels1& 2 are item DIF1789 CD ROM and levels 3&4 DIF6003 CD ROM both contain a variety of tools for the educator.Level 1DIF1576 Text/CD 1572 $43.50DIF1584 Wkbk 1589 $28.95DIF5990 CD ROM 5990 $76.95Level 2DIF1762 Text/CD 1763 $43.50DIF1770 Wkbk 1770 $28.95Level 3DIF3590 Text/CD 3590 $43.50DIF3606 Wkbk 3606 $29.50DIF6003 CD ROM 6003 $76.95Level 4DIF5839 Text/CD 5839 $43.50DIF5846 Wkbk 5846 $29.50TEXTBOOKS FOR HIGH SCHOOLAND UNIVERSITYEMBARQUE M. Alonso & R. Prieto, ISBN Prefix: 978847711Embarque is a four level course for high school and college programs and consists of eight modules structured asfollows: double page of introduction to the module: objectives, actions, list of contents of each competition andcultural component, references on the Internet. Two six pages lessons each containing: presentation of the topic andthe vocabulary, practice of the content and functional grammar. Two projects to foster oral interaction, and additionalgrammar review and exercises. The contents are in keeping with today’s modern world and include blogs, internetreferences and interactive resources.Level IEDI517 Text & CD 9517 $42.50EDI531 Workbook 9531 $19.50EDI384 T Guide 7384 $62.50EDI500 IWB 9500 $84.95Level 2EDI548 Text & CD 9548 $42.50EDI562 Workbook 9562 $19.50EDI555 T Guide 9555 $62.50EDI609 IWB 9609 $84.95Level 3EDI708 Text & CD 9708 $47.50EDI722 Workbook 9722 $22.25EDI971 T Guide 9715 $62.50EDI968 IWB 9685 $84.95NUEVO AVANCE ISBN Prefix:978849778Designed for HS and College students, Nuevo Avance is divided into levels A1-B2.2, according to the prerequisitesset by the CEFR, and combines text, workbook and CD in one volume. Authentic materials: documents, photographs,advertisements, etc are used to introduce students to indigenous language and cultural examples. A wide variety ofexercises, and audio transcripts included, and the teachers’ guide can be downloaded from the publisher’s website.Level A1SGS5280 Text 5280 $43.95SGS6690 Wkbk 6690 $24.95SGS6454 IWB 6454 $97.95Level A2SGS5303 Text 5303 $43.95SGS6461 IWB 6461 $97.95Level B1.1SGS5327 Text 5327 $43.95SGS7017 IWB 7017 $97.95
  20. 20. 18DESTINO ERASMUSThis two level course allows high school students to learn Spanish easily! It focuses on fun and interesting subjects withwhich students can identify. A variety of written and listening activities, as well as exercises are found throughout the bookmake learning Spanish simple. Each level is divided into ten units. The audio transcripts are located at the end of the book.SGS4122 Text A1-A2 9788497784122 $61.50 SGS4146 Text B1-B2 9788497784146 $61.50SPANISH IS FUNEach lesson contains dialogues, exercises, interactive activities and a pronunciation section. Short entertaining narrativesillustrate vocabulary and grammatical structures. Five review units feature games, puzzles & picture stories to reinforcetheskillslearned,andaCapsulaCulturalintroducesyourstudentstotheSpanishspeakingworldandincludesquestionsfortextcomprehension.Theworkbookfeaturessupplementaryexercises.Thecassettesofferoptionalquestionsandexercises,as well as narratives dialogues with answers. The teachers manual with answer key, includes quizzes and unit tests.Book 1 Beginners ISBN Prefix:1567654AM614P Student Book SC, 480 pp. 649 $30.50AM614W Workbook 681 $14.50AM614C Cass (Set of 6 with script) 69X $184.00AM614T Teacher’s Manual 703 $17.95Book 2 Advanced ISBN Prefix:156765AM325S Student Book 4851 $25.95AM325W Workbook 4878 $10.50AM325C CD (Set of 5 with script) 4886 $192.00AM325T Teacher’s Manual 8024 $16.95EN DIRECTO Completely in SpanishEn Directo is a method aimed at High School and College students and is comprised of two levels.Agraded progressionallows the students to effectively communicate in Spanish in realistic situations. A large variety of exercices developall four language skills, and the repetition and integration forms a solid base. Students are introduced to the varieties ofSpanish used in Hispanic countries, as well as to their cultural differences. A self evaluation test ends every five units.Level 1SGS1732 Textbook + CD 9788497781732 $49.95SGS1759 Workbook 9788497781756 $20.50SGS1767 Teachers Guide 9788497781763 $20.50Level 2SGS1775 Textbook + CD 9788497781770 $49.95SGS1791 Workbook 9788497781794 $18.95SGS1805 Teachers Guide 9788497781800 $19.50BITÁCORABitácora is a task-based method for high school and universities that covers 60 to 80 hours per level. Each of the 12units is complemented by a short introductory video shown in a YouTube format. Bitácora contains interesting textswith color photos, a variety of activities and review units to reinforce retention. The workbook comes with an audio CD.The teacher’s resources are available on a USB key which contains videos, transcripts for the classes, and glossaries.The materials on the key can be used with a normal projector or with an interactive whiteboard.Level A1DIF7468 Text/CD 9788484437468 $52.95DIF7475 Workbook/CD 9788484437475 $28.95DIF9011 Teachers Guide 9788484439011 $67.95DIF7482 USB Key 9788484437482 $144.95Level A2DIF8052 Text/CD 9788484438052 $52.95DIF8069 Workbook/CD 9788484438069 $28.95DIF8076 USB Key 9788484438076 $144.95AVANCEMOS!Language and culture in context to build the Spanish skills necessary for accurate communication for students arepresented in this series. This proven approach, features a dynamic blend of culture, instruction, and practice, nowpartnered with the latest technology. A carefully structured, three-level sequence of Spanish instruction is offered here,where each level has its own communication focus to build a spiraling progression across the levels. The teacher’sedition helps you implement ideas and lesson plans easily and effectively. Expansion activities with a planning guideand pacing guide offer support to make teaching Spanish adaptable to every situation. Books are available in e versionplease contact us for prices.Level 1HRW1912 Text $80.50HRW2025 Teachers Edition $102.95HRW1534 1 yr Online Txt $19.95HRW1541 6 yr Online Txt $58.95HRW2185 Practica por Niveles $14.95HRW2093 Lecturas /Audio CD $15.25HRW5263 Resource Manager $200.00HRW1013 Cuaderno (TE) $24.95HRW2317 Lecturas (TE) $24.95HRW6713 On Level Assessment $59.25HRW7042 DVD/ROM (TE) $145.00HRW6317 Pre APAssessment $59.25HRW5557 DVD Program $442.25Level 2HRW1936 Text $80.50HRW1967 Teachers Edition $102.95HRW1558 1 yr Online Txt $19.95HRW1565 6 yr Online Txt $58.95HRW2192 Practica por Niveles $14.95HRW2109 Lecturas/ Audio CD $15.25HRW5218 Resource Manager $200.00HRW1020 Cuaderno (TE) $24.95HRW2294 Lecturas (TE) $24.95HRW5914 On Level Assessment $59.25HRW5815 Pre APAssessment $64.50HRW7059 DVD/ROM (TE) $145.00HRW4475 DVD Program $442.25Level 3HRW1929 Text $80.50HRW2032 Teachers Edition $102.95HRW1572 1 yr Online Txt $19.95HRW1589 6 yr Online Txt $58.95HRW2208 Practica por Niveles $14.95HRW2116 Lecturas / Audio CD $15.25HRW5249 Resource Manager $200.00HRW1037 Cuaderno (TE) $24.95HRW2331 Lecturas (TE) $24.95HRW6812 On Level Assessment $59.25HRW7116 Pre APAssessment $59.25HRW7073 DVD/ROM (TE) $145.00HRW4482 DVD Program $268.25
  21. 21. 19NOS VEMOS!Nos Vemos! is a three-level Spanish course designed for high school and college students. Structured over 12 units, themethod offers a clear approach which covers both the language and culture of the Hispanic world. Each unit includesa short lesson followed by a variety of grammar and communication activities. Mirador offers an overall evaluation ofwhat the student has learned at the end of every three units. Each book comes with anAudio CD. There are approximately60 class hours per level. The teacher’s guide can be downloaded from their website.Level A1DIF6515 Text/CD 9788484436515 $41.95DIF6522 Workbook/CD 9788484436522 $25.95DIF7574 CDRom 9788484437574 $89.95Level A2DIF6539 Text/CD 9788484436539 $41.95DIF6546 Workbook/CD 9788484436546 $25.95DIF7581 CDRom 9788484439581 $89.95Level A1-2DIF7871 Text/CD 788484437871 $64.95DIF8045 Workbook/CD 9788484438045 $29.95Level B1DIF8595 Text/CD 9788484438595 $41.95DIF8601 Workbook/CD 9788484438601 $25.95ADVANCED PLACEMENT TEXTSADVANCED PLACEMENT SPANISH Wiaz, Leicher-Erieto, NadelbachThis new edition of AP Spanish contains an updated series of exercises, both written and oral, designed to meet thegeneral objectives of the advanced Spanish course, as well as preparing the student for advanced placement exam. Itfocuses on the specific skill emphasized by the AP course: listening, speaking, reading and writing of the language.PH0942 Textbook 9780131660946 $43.95 PH0969 CD Packet 9780131660960 $71.95AW1267 UNA VEZ MÁS **NEW 3rd Edition** $56.95Couch, McCann, Rodriguez-Walter, Rubio-Maroto, Softcover, 242 pp with answer key, 9780133611267An individualized grammar review for use at 3rd to 5th year level. It can be used as a supplementary teaching text or asa grammar reference book. Each chapter contains examples of point in context, pretest, explanation of structure usage,post test, and review exercises. At the end of the book you will find the answers to the exercises and a conjugative table.A complete program written in Spanish to encourage monolingual thinking, which includes a separate answer key.AW1281 STUDENT TEST BOOK 3rd ED ISBN:9780133611281 $53.95NTC4127 REPASO Softcover, 580 pp., ISBN:9780078460500, 2004 Edition $40.95An ideal review tool for intermediate through advanced learners of Spanish. Twenty-eight grammar lessons and sevenculture lessons along with exercises help your student learn new concepts and solidify the old ones. An excellent bookto help your students solidify their knowledge of the Spanish language.NTC4224 Answer Key ISBN:9780078607080 $21.50MGH4459 5 STEPS TO A 5 ON THE AP EXAMINATIONS W/ MP3 DISK $26.95Dennis LaVoie, Softcover, 4th Edition, 400 pp., ISBN:9780071752312This guide is a helpful with an easy-to-follow five-step plan to excell on an AP Exam Students will learn to develop astudy plan, build their knowledge, sharpen their test-taking skills and strategies, and create the confidence to ace the APexam. For the more structured students, there is a Month-by-Month approach that follows the school year and a CalendarCountdown approach that begins with the new year. Basic Training covers the basics in just four weeks. Included aresample tests and a comprehensive review to assess your listening, speaking, reading, vocabulary, and writing skills.BA4054 HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE AP SPANISH $34.99A. Springer, Ph.D., Softcover, 552 pp., Audio CD/CD ROM, 7th Edition, ISBN:9781438070308This book and CD set contains revised exercises for reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension. The reviewsections are in test format and one full length exam, modeled after the actual AP tests, contains explanations for theanswers.Adetailed grammar review, verb list & a Spanish-English dictionary will offer the students additional assistance.TRIÁNGULO: Aplicaciones Prácticas de la Lengua Española J. McMullan, B. Gatski, 3rd ed.This program is designed for students preparing to take the Spanish Advanced Placement Language Exam and providesthem with listening, reading, writing and speaking exercises comparable to those on the exam. The text is written entirelyin Spanish and offers topical vocabulary training, accompanied by picture sequences for narrative telling. Included arenew passages on vocabulary and grammar, additional visual presentations, and a revised organizational structure.WP3748 Text 1877653896 $31.95 WP3756 TG 187765390X $24.00 WP3764 6 CDs 1877653918 $79.95AM678W SPANISH FOUR YEARS: ADVANCED SPANISH WITH AP COMPONENT $28.50F. Shein, Softcover, 381 pp., ISBN:9781567658057Designed to prepare students for theAP examination, this workbook also helps them achieve advanced-level proficiencyin reading, writing, listening comprehension, and oral fluency. Multiple examples for each point of grammar, numerousreadings on subjects of interest to students, and abundant and varied exercises are provided. The appendix contains verbcharts, punctuation and syllabication, and an alphabetical list of quoted authors. The audio program, including script,reinforces language and comprehension testing skills by using voices of native speakers with pauses for practice.AM678C CDs (4CDs & Script) 1567654746 $184.50 AM678T Teachers Manual Key 1567654738 $9.95REA2943 (REA) AP SPANISH W/ Audio CD, 7th Ed. C. Bedoya, SC, 512 pp., ISBN:9780738606309 $27.95This book/CD set provides a thorough review for theAP Spanish Language Exam and is written in a way that high schoolstudents will grasp and appreciate. The full-length practice exams help your students get ready for the actual exam. Usethem, along with the detailed explanations of answers, to determine your students strengths and weaknesses, and toprepare them to score well on exam day. REA’s AP study guides are teacher-recommended and written by experts.
  22. 22. 20HRW7921 VOCES DE HISPANOAMÉRICA Chang-Rodríguez, HC, 704 pp., ISBN:9781111837921 $130.00The introductory essays and literary selections, combined with the many historical and literary references, make this textan invaluable resource for both students and instructors. It features the most distinguished authors of Spanish-Americanliterature from the Pre-Colonial period to the present. Through detailed essays that focus on each historical period, thebook provides the necessary background information for students to effectively analyze, and evaluate literary works.HRW2651 EN CONTACTO: Gramática En Acción 9 Ed. McVey Gill, SC, 368 pp., 9780495912651 $95.75Designed to put your intermediate Spanish students in touch with contemporary Hispanic culture, people, language, andliterature. The program stresses communication and, when used with the Lecturas intermedias volume, emphasizes theacquisition of reading skills and text comprehension. The video segments feature interviews with native professionalsin unique cultural settings.HRW9989 Student Audio CD 9780495909989 $14.00HRW9705 Teacher’s ED + CD 9780495909705 $95.75HRW9675 DVD Program 9780495909675 $18.00HRW8418 Lecturas Intermedias 9780495908418 $68.75INTERACCIONESThis is an all-inclusiveAP level text that allows the student to build on their prior knowledge of Spanish language whilefocusing on the four skills of language learning. Interacciones provides a broad focus on useful grammar structures,practical vocabulary, and an overview of culture that is both extensive and detailed, and a new video program contains sixaward-winning short films.This method employs an approach focused on the use of language in context and the NSFLL.HRW0175 Text, HC, 496 pp., 9781111830175 $61.25HRW9971 Student Activities Manual 9781111829971 $59.50HRW0120 Teacher’s Ed.+ CD 9781111830120 $100.25HRW0977 Lab Man./Audio CD-ROM (9) 9781111830977 $28.35HRW0212 Instructor’s CD-ROM 9781111830212 $50.00HRW9988 DVD Program 9781111829988 $28.35ABRIENDO PUERTASAbriendo Puertas is a consumable work text that contains all of the readings on the 2013 AP Spanish exam, as well asauthor biography, glossing, and margin questions that encourage active reading. Essays providing the historical, cultural,and literary context for the readings, and literary analysis worksheets are provided for each selection. Comprehensiveteacher support, student resources, worksheets, downloadable audio and an assessment suite complete the package.HRW8630 Student Wk/txt 9780547858630 $27.00HRW7365 1 yr Resources (TE) 9780547877365 $5.99HRW7372 6 yr Resources (TE) 9780547877372 $15.00HRW4951 1 yr Student Pack 9780547944951 $27.00HRW1911 5 yr Student Pack 9780547951911 $115.00HRW6566 6 yr Student Pack 9780547946566$121.50AM4835 LECTURAS AVANZADAS: AP Reader E. Giulianelli, SC, 171 pp., ISBN:9781567654837 $18.50This selection of stories, essays and poetry from Spanish-speaking countries is suitable for advanced high schooland intermediate-level college students. Featured authors include Borges, García Marquez and Allende. Provided isan introduction for each author, and pre and post activities to familiarize your students with new vocabulary, and toincrease their reading comprehension and writing skills. This book will ensure convenient preparation for the AP test.WP3810 AZULEJO Colbert, Softcover, 312 pp., ISBN:9781938026232 $54.95Updated to meet the specifications of the AP Spanish literature course, this study guide will be invaluable to bothteachers and students. Each period has a historical introduction, cultural information and a short biography of eachauthor. The works are accompanied by a glossary of difficult words, suggestions for analysis and themes for discussionand essays to help the students analyze and interprete each work. Every author on theAPlist is represented in this guide.REA2523 (REA) SAT SUBJECT TEST WITH TESTWARE: SPANISH, 5th Edition $21.95G. M. Hammitt, R. Gutierrez Mouat, W. Stivers, M. E. Munoz, 400 pp., 2 CD-ROMs 9780738602523REA’s new TESTware edition of SAT Spanish 5th Edition covers all Spanish language areas to appear on the actualexam including in- depth coverage of declensions, verb tenses, passive voice, word order, and more. The book features6 full-length practice SAT Spanish exams, 2 of which are on CD-ROM in a computerized, timed format with instantscoring. Each practice exam answer is fully explained for heightened understanding of the subject material.AMSCO REVIEW TEXTSThis series of review texts is useful as refreshers and reference for all Spanish students. The lessons can be followed inany order thereby adapting to any teaching curriculum, and illustrated cultural notes introduce your students to surveysof the Spanish language, geography, history, life-style, literature, art, and music. The CDS accompanying Spanish FourYears complement the grammar sections & improve listening & comprehension skills to prepare them for theAP test.Spanish First YearAM510P Textbook 9780877201427 $18.50AM510W Workbook 9780877201397$25.95AM510T Teachers Manual Key $10.50Spanish Two YearsAM707P Textbook 9781567654790 $20.50AM707W Workbook 9781567654806 $22.95AM707T TM on CD $16.50Spanish Three YearsAM469P Textbook 9780877205371 $18.95AM470W Workbook 9781567658064 $24.95AM469T TM on CD $9.95AMSCO WORKBOOKSAM684W Curso Primero Workbook 9781567654769 $21.95AM758W Curso Segundo Workbook 9781567654820 $20.95AM502W Curso Tercero Workbook 9781567654769 $20.50AM539P Spanish Practice & Testing Proficiency 1 9780877205494 $10.95AM539C Spanish Practice & Testing Proficiency 1 CD $152.95AM572P Spanish Practice And Testing 2 9780877201328 $10.95AM572C Spanish Practice And Testing 2 CDS $152.95AM562P Spanish Comprehensive Practice & Testing 3 9780877201281 $13.95AM562CE Spanish Comprehensive Practice & Testing 3 CDS $152.95