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Startup Heroes, The Online Entrepreneurship Educational Game


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Startup Heroes is an Online Entrepreneurship Educational Game that simulates the process of the startup creation in an interactive and engaging real-life environment. We are currently looking to get in touch with entrepreneurship professors and universities from all over the world to become strategic partners and further develop the game together. Refer this presentation to professors of entrepreneurship and universities with a focus on entrepreneurship and we OFFER a FREE stay in Bali (1 Week) in Indonesia! We randomly pick a name and if your contact led to a partnership/sale, we even cover your flight! Email us at

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Startup Heroes, The Online Entrepreneurship Educational Game

  1. 1. STARTUP HEROES From Zero to Hero The Online Entrepreneurship Edutainment Game
  2. 2. InspireEntrepreneurship and economic growth
  3. 3. Entrepreneurship Education Needs Modern Ways to Address a Wider Student Population Traditional Learning is Often Boring and Not EngagingStudents Learn Up to 9 Times Better when Engaged in Simulations 9 Entrepreneurship Is Often Perceived as Too Scary, Costly, Risky and UnknownEntrepreneurship Classes are Great, but Target Few Students
  4. 4. Our Edutainment Games Simulate Entrepreneurial Learning and Address All ConcernsA COMPLEMENTARY teaching tool to your existing entrepreneurship coursesA COST AND TIME EFFICIENT way to REACH THE VAST MAJORITY of your studentsand not just small batches in specific classesYour step forward to demonstrate your ENTREPRENEURIAL ATTITUDEA MODERN AND EFFECTIVE approach for education ENGAGING
  5. 5. We Confirmed Students’ Interest and Learning 85% Enjoyed Playing Startup Heroes 90% Prefer Edutainment Games Versus Classic Teaching75% Get a Better Understanding Of Entrepreneurship73% Are Even Inspired to Start their Own Thing!
  6. 6. Startup Spirits: Live out of Your Passion in a 3D World And Build Electronic Gadgets Explore Real-World Simulated Environments Interview Customers and Build Products They Like Make Critical Strategic Decisions for Your Business to Compete Get Positive Reinforcement as Your Learn Talk with Your Mentors and Get Valuable Learnings Compare and Compete with Friends and Universities Startup Heroes is designed based on Startup Spirits and the proven and emerging models of LEAN startup methodologies
  7. 7. Students Learn Entrepreneurship with Experiences PHASE ONE: Problem/Solution Fit Experience the World Through Exploration Discover Problems and Potential Customers Define And Validate Unlimited Hypotheses Create Prototypes to Present and Validate Your Ideas PHASE TWO: Product/Launch Fit Design Feedback Loops to Capture Valuable Information from Early Adopters Create and Test your Minimum Viable Product Will you Early Adopters Buy Your Product? PHASE THREE: Product/Market Fit Did you Build Something People Want? Decide How to Further Develop Your Product Get Customers through Sales, Marketing and Networking
  8. 8. Or Get Startup Heroes TODAY and Offer your Students a Life-Changing Opportunity Get Startup Become a Strategic Partner Heroes Get Startup Heroes Join Us and Fund the Development of Startup Heroes Price per License v2.0 at our costs +Student/Teacher Dashboard - Unlimited licenses for the current Startup Heroes version 1.0 +Students Entrepreneurial - Unlimited licenses for Startup Heroes version 2.0 Profiling - Full customization and branding of any graphical items for version 2.0 - Lifetime upgrades and enhancements for version 2.0 - Actively participate in the design and testing of Startup Play the Demo Version Heroes version 2.0 YOU?
  9. 9. Get In Touch AndOffer Your Students a Life-Changing Opportunity Your Contact: Jean-Francois Legrand Co-founder and CEO Email: VISIT OUR WEBSITE: