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Présentation Desgranges 2009 en Anglais

  • Hello, my french friends on last Saturday, how are you guys? I have gone through your company profile, it looks very interesting and impressive. Feel proud of our little village where we find you as a BIG IMPORTANT industry, especially being part of upstream supplier or sub-contracter of Airbus Bravo!

    with regards,
    Aiesha Charroin
    30Chemin Du Puy Blanc
    42170 St-Just St-Rambert
    Tel: 04 77 36 71 06
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Desgranges Presentation En 2009

  1. 2. Our Group. Our products. Our Industrial Devices. Content
  2. 3. Our Group
  3. 4. History Creation of the PIERRE DESGRANGES ANDREZIEUX COMPANY by Pierre DESGRANGES with his 2 sons in law. 1946 Acquirement of the AFFUT’ RAPID COMPANY . Creation of the DESGRANGES AERO COMPANY . 1995 1998 2003 Acquirement of the PIERRE DESGRANGES ANDREZIEUX COMPANY by the DESGRANGES HOLDING created by Eric MONNIOT and Hubert FESSY . Registration of the brand NEXAM AIRCRAFT CUTTING TOOLS . 2005
  4. 5. Desgranges Holding Public Limited Company Share Capital : 43.200 € Shareholders : Hubert Fessy: 49,9% Eric Monniot: 49,9% Others: 0,2% Limited Company Share Capital : 150.000 € Shareholders : Desgranges Holding: 100% Public Limited Company. Share Capital : 500.000 € Shareholders : Desgranges Holding: 99.9% Others : 0.1% Limited Company Share Capital : 69.300 € Shareholders : Desgranges Holding: 100% Structure
  5. 6. Establishments Andrézieux-Bouthéon (42) – Rhône-Alpes. Maisons Alfort (94) – Ile de France. Grisolles (82) – Midi-Pyrénées.
  6. 7. Design and Manufacturing of standard and special cutting tools. Regrinding of standard and special cutting tools. Regrinding and Modification of aircraft cutting tools. Specialization
  7. 8. 52 employees 13 employees 8 employees 73 employees Manpower
  8. 9. 7.20 million € Turnover 2008
  9. 10. Aircraft Automotive 39% Energy Distribution 20% 13% 19% Industries Machining 9%
  10. 11. Our Industrial Devices Design & Manufacturing
  11. 12. A design office of 5 employees organised in 2 sectors : - machining. - assembling. DAO Autodesk AutoCAD . CAO-FAO MISSLER TopSolid . Design Tool simulator ANCA CIMulator 3D . Cutting parameters software TOOL LIGHT . Data base of all our designs and realizations. Auto CAD
  12. 13. 7 sectors : Manufacturing Workshops with a total of more than 130 machines. Raw material cutting Turning Milling Grinding Cutting - Regrinding Marking Buildings with a total of more than 3.500 m² .
  13. 14. Raw material cutting 1 metal cutting band saw CNC MISSLER DEB 340 CE . 2 automatic hack saws. Manufacturing Turning 1 lathe CNC SOMAB . 10 lathes. 5 relieving lathes. Milling 1 machining center DMG DMU60T. 1 CNC 3 spindles milling machine FLUTEMASTER . 14 milling machines. 1 turning center 2 spindles CNC MAZAK.
  14. 15. Grinding 5 grinding machines CNC JUNKER and STUDER . 10 grinding machines. Manufacturing
  15. 16. Cutting – Regrinding 16 regrinding machines CNC. 42 regrinding machines. Manufacturing Marking 2 laser marking machines. Marking devices.
  16. 17. Quality 1 CNC WALTER Helicheck . 2 CNC WALTER Toolcheck. 5 profile projectors . 1 surface roughness control machine MAHR SP6 . 3 control beds REIME . 2 nd French cutting tools manufacturer to be ISO 9000 certified. ISO 9001 version 2000 certified. Control devices.
  17. 18. Our products
  18. 19. Standard products Desgranges’s catalogue Nexam’s catalogue Our products Special products Special products design and manufacturing. Regrinding.
  19. 20. This range aim at all the companies wich realized machining. The catalogue is organized in 3 parts: Standard products - Desgranges’s catalogue Solid Carbide. -End-mills for HSM (High Speed Machining). -End-mills for general purpose. -Saws. -Reamers. PCD & CBN. -End-mills in PCD . -End-mills in CBN . High Speed Steels. -End-mills for the roughing and the finishing cylindrical & Morse taper shank. -Slot drills cylindrical & Morse taper shank . -End-mills for the roughing and the finishing relieved bore. -Side & Face milling cutters. -Others milling cutters. -Reamers and core drills.
  20. 21. 190 pages 3.500 items Standard products - Desgranges’s catalogue Nowadays, this catalog is only avialable in French and in €.
  21. 22. This range aim at Aircraft Manufacturers and the MRO companies (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul). The catalogue is organized in 2 parts: Standard products - Ne X am’s catalogue Machining. -Sheet machining. -Kevlar machining. -Honeycomb machining. Assembling. -Drills. -Drill countersink combinations. -Deburing tools. -Reamers. -Piloted reamers. -Reamer Countersink combinations. -Counterbores & Back spotfacers. -Countersinks. -Hole saws. -Rivet shaver cutters. -Pilots. -Adaptors.
  22. 23. The last version downloadable on the web. A leaflet in English. An electronic catalogue on CD-ROM (PDF). Several languages expected. Updates sent by mail. Standard products – Ne X am’s catalogue Nowadays, this catalog is only avialable in French and in English.
  23. 24. Design and Manufacturing of special cutting tools. Mainly for the milling , drilling and the reaming . Cutting tools in high speed steels (M2, M35, M42). Cutting tools in high speed steels by powder metallurgy (ASP30, ASP60). Cutting tools in solid carbide . Cutting tools in carbide tipped . Cutting tools in PCD and CBN tipped . Cutting tools in Diamond bonded . Special Products 90% of the DESGRANGES OUTILS COUPANTS’s turnover
  24. 25. A complete design Only with the drawing of the piece to realize and its raw material, our design office can : Special Products - create the optimal manufacturing range. - design the most efficient cutting tools. - recommend the minimum specifics of the machine to use. Our design office can draw up a report containing the drawings, the cutting parameters, the machining cost and as the case may be, the service life including the number of regrindings. Our engineers can accompany the starting of the machining with our designed cutting tools.
  25. 26. <ul><li>Our products can be delivered with a certificate of conformity signed by the controller. Upon request, we can deliver too a certificate for each cutting tool delivered. </li></ul>A comforting organization: Special Products For all of our productions, we realize with Autocad the cutting tool drawings. Upon request, we provide these drawings with your name ( .dxf / .dwg / .pdf) We assure a complete traceability . Every step of the design and the manufacturing are written on a document wich is archived thereafter . Only with the manufacturing number marked on each cutting tool, we can give you all the information about the manufacturing. (raw material certification, date of manufacturing, machine used, name of the employee, process, …)
  26. 27. Regrinding Affût’Rapid and Desgranges Aéro can offer you : For the Desgranges cutting tools , to assure the same performance for a reground cutting tool than a new one thanks to the knowledge of all the manufacturing parameters. Thus our group can offer you a global solution from the design and the manufacturing to the regrinding. For all the other cutting tools , an applied regrinding with short delivery delays. The manufacturing of special cutting tools in high speed steels and solid carbide, for any quantities. Like this, our Group can offer you 2 delivery delays: -The « manufacturing delivery delay » for medium and large quantites. -The « regrinding delivery delay » ( 1 day to a week). The cutting tools modification with very short delivery delays.