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Term 3 week 9, 2010


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Published in: Education
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Term 3 week 9, 2010

  1. 1. e-Learners Team at Putauaki Term 3 Week 9, 2010
  2. 2. e-Learners Team at Putauaki Complete your Newsletter Spell-check all work
  3. 3. e-Learners Team at Putauaki Once your Newsletter is checked by me…. Register for Issuu and add file
  4. 4. e-Learners Team at Putauaki CD Design Cover
  5. 5. e-Learners Team at Putauaki Create your CD Cover image using Photo Filtre Criteria 1 image 3 ways Save your new CD image
  6. 6. e-Learners Team at Putauaki Create your CD Cover using Big Huge Labs Save your new CD cover
  7. 7. e-Learners Team at Putauaki Time Capsule Cards
  8. 8. e-Learners Team at Putauaki Time Capsule Cards There are SEVEN questions to complete. Check the next slide for a copy of these and my responses
  9. 9. e-Learners Team at Putauaki 1. Your First Name and Date of Birth. Jeanette; 23 December 1963 2. What do you think you might be doing in the year 2030? I hope to be on a cruise with my husband and enjoying my life. 3. Share a wish or hope you have for the world in twenty year's time. Less waste - better options to help reduce, reuse and recycle:) 4. List FIVE items you would put into the 2030 time capsule and explain why you have chosen them. •My bucket-list of things to do or that I have done with my grandchildren (for them to remember me by) A jar of marmite (since it may no longer exist) A kiwi chick (hopefully it will live) A collection of New Zealand notes and coins (some may go out of circulation) A calculator (one piece of technology that will not change too much) 5. What lessons have you learned so far from people and/or life? 1. To be compassionate 2. To share love 3. To make a difference in my own life and in the lives of others 6. What is ONE thing you would really like to be remembered for? Being a great Nan. 7. What thoughts or words of wisdom would you like to pass on to future generations? An attitude of gratitude goes a very long way and be happy with life's simplest pleasures:)
  10. 10. e-Learners Team at Putauaki 1 Digital Tool, 4 Ways
  11. 11. e-Learners Team at Putauaki Take one digital tool image and share it four ways using Photo Filtre Save your work