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  • The first word I would use to describe me as an e-learner is team – KAPA.This thing called e-learning has been brought into this world… and if I want to get into it I’d need a good team and my view of a good team is… First I’d like to have one where they can help me when I am stuck on thingsI don’t get such as texting or email and when my team is stuck on something they don’t know I can help them. I know my team should have the same journey I have and the same interests so I don’t have to worry about my teams attitude because I know they wont give anyone a hard time. We will just all get on with the job.
  • My next words are Range or ways to communicate - TUMOMO.I’ve figured things out about e-Learning and I’m starting to get it…and now I’ve found a new range of communicating I can now use such as e-mail, Skype, Facebook and my favorite texting which I use to keep in touch with family or friends. By communicating with these pieces of technology I can keep close with my family that live too far to visit often and they wont forget me and I wont forget them. So I am glad that there is a range of ways to communicate with others rather than having to go somewhere to have a conversation.
  • My third word to describe me as an e-learner is talents – PUMANAWA.I’ve found out the different ways of communicating and now I’ve discovered that I have a talent in e-learning…which basically for me is how I confidently easily adapt to the new ways of communicating and I can understand it. I can teach others with ease and not get things wrong and end up breaking it. So for me…that is really helpful and I can figure out what im doing. Then I can pass on my knowledge about what I learnt on to someone else like my friends, my team and my family whether they’re old or young. Everyone has a talent in some way.
  • MyfoUrth word is decisions – HAKARITENGA.I have figured out more about e-Learning and now I would need to make some decisions to see whether or not e-Learning is something I want to do or how I would choose to use it. If it is something I would like to do, I would first need to study in school and make sure I don’t fall behind. Then I would go to University and study some more and some more and some more until my brain is fried… then I would feel like giving up. But then I choose not to…and remember that it’s something I want to do and cant I give up just yet.
  • Number five is Careers – UMANGA.Once I’m grown up I’m sure these questions will pop up in my head…Where am I going to go? …What am I going to do….then I remember I am talented and gifted Maori e-Learner and realise I can take up a career in e-Learning just like our ICT Teacher. But I don’t see e-Learning as a job… I see it as a hobby….and if I do choose to pursue my career in e-Learning I will only be paid for something I enjoy…so it will be good in two ways for me.
  • For my final word I have chosen is discoveries – WHAKAHURA.I’ve done it. My career has finally lifted off the ground. I’m a big success and doors are opened….and I’ve just made these new discoveries. I’ve maybe even found out a new way of communicating…things that could help the world and I could be known nationally or even around the globe. I could be just like the talented Alexander Bell who invented the telephone and even Martin Cooper, the inventor of the famous cell phone and the next great inventor will be… the one and only Roger Niao which of course is me:)
  • Roger

    1. 1. Who I am as an e-Learner and How I View my Life in Today’s Global World Roger
    2. 2. Credits Images 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 also wish to thank the following people: Mr More Mrs More Mr Savage Whaea Jeanette Reed, Justize and Danae Mum Roger