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Edgecumbe Primary SchoolCollege RoadEDGECUMBE25 September 2012To the Parents and Caregivers of Room 6Kia Ora Koutou. We ar...
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Letter of updates for rm6 t3, 2012


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Letter of updates for rm6 t3, 2012

  1. 1. Edgecumbe Primary SchoolCollege RoadEDGECUMBE25 September 2012To the Parents and Caregivers of Room 6Kia Ora Koutou. We are into the final week of school and learning about Weather Wise:Forecasting our Future. This letter is to provide you with a brief update of events and an overviewof what has been planned for your tamariki as learners in our classroom next Term.Last week we welcomed Matua Paora Tinsley into our classroom. He works at Te Kura KaupapaMaori o Waiohau and is a second year student completing a Teaching Programme with Te WhareWananga o Awanuiarangi. Matua Paora will be with Room 6 until Term 4, Week 2.We also completed the Clean-Up Thornton Beach Day hosted by staff from Fonterra last Tuesday.Thank you Mr Haimona, Mrs Thompson, Matua Paora, parents and other adults who provided uswith much-needed transport at such short notice. We picked up lots of rubbish and enjoyed a greatday.Monday of this week we made the ‘big move’ into our two-classroom block that was being occupiedby Mr Flynn for Toxic Reading. We would like to thank Matua Paora for performing a karakiawhakawatea to bless the premises and Mr Brebner for sharing a portion of your morning with us.Room 6 will continue to be our class number.On Thursday we are off to visit the Mataatua whare and Library/Museum in Whakatane. We willnow leave Edgecumbe Primary at 11am and be back before school ends. It is quite timely that wehave Matua Paora in our classroom as he will share a lesson or two on marae kawa or rules andprotocol with us. The cost to view the whare is $2 for students and $5 for any adults alsoattending. Please send this money along to school as soon as possible. A gentle reminder too thatstudents will need a packed lunch and drink for the day.Our week comes to a close on Friday with students suggesting we have a shared lunch. This is a funway to celebrate our learning and finish the term. We are still planning what to bring along. Yoursupport is most appreciated.Next term we begin our fourth Inquiry ‘Te Ngahere- Our Native Bush. This science and socialscience unit is based on and around Whakaaro Pai: our I CARE philosophy and will cover 7-9 weeksof in-depth planning, thinking and learning.Students will learn what the characteristics of Te Urewera – our native bush as an ecosystem areand the role that the bush plays in continuing and renewing our Earth’s resources. They will alsocome to understand what the interdependent relationships are between plants, animals, birds andinsects of Te Urewera – our native bush, Maori and ourselves.Matua Paora will be with us again working alongside selected groups. He may also find time toshare knowledge or information about rongoa or maori medicinal bush plants with us.To coincide with our integrated inquiry unit, an outdoor excursion to Te Urewera, as a two day stayat the Lions Hut is also being set. Students will be thoroughly involved in planning for thiseducation outside the classroom experience. More details about the trip will be sent out next term.If you have a moment to spare do check out our class website It isa fantastic way of sharing our love for thinking and learning with you all. Your positive commentsas constructive feedback and/or feed forward are most welcome.If you would like to discuss any of these matters or contact me, please ring the school on07 3049633.Enjoy a fantastic holiday. Thank you for your time.Whaea Jeanette