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  • The Nothingness … Te Kore … Te PoI see myself still in the womb of my Mother. I am in the gestation period not knowing how long this period will last. In this womb of nothingness, I feel safe, I feel warm and loved. I am quite content just to remain there.The Black Thinking Hat from a Maori perspective represents Te Po Kore. Everything is still dark. Life has not begun. This is the nothingness…Te Kore…Te Po.
  • The Beginning … Te TimatangaHouThe gestation period ends. Suddenly this new world explodes in front of me… this new world known as, ‘The Age of Technology’. Questions fill my mind. How am I going to cope? How will this benefit me? How on earth I am I going to implement this into my programmes that will help others?I am not ready for this new world of e-Learning. I feel my pito … umbilical needs to be re-connected to the life force from where I came. I need that protectiveness…and yet… This is the Beginning … Te TimatangaHou.
  • The Crawling and Teething Stage … He KakanoI’m still reluctant to make that PEDAGOGY shift but have now convinced myself that I can take that first step. The Red Thinking Hat: Te PotaeWhero …Maui raua ko Mahuika.. symbolise my emotions in full force…as I am confused, nervous, frustrated and at times irrate with anyone and everyone. There are many hurdles that I encounter. Big hurdles! However, I persevere and with the guidance from mama- our mother of e-Learning, tasks like electronic planning and learning to skype seem easier. This is the Crawling and Teething Stage … He Kakano.
  • Self-Satisfaction … Te Hikoitanga e pai.It’s been a long road. Both lows and highs have been experienced. But the rewards that I receive from my e-Learning achievements like using an interactive whiteboard and being part of an online learning network have made this journey worth-while. With determination, perseverance and a willingness to face new challenges, success has been MY pleasure. This is Self-Satisfaction … Te Hikoitanga e pai.
  • Absorption … Te AkongaAt this stage I compare my journey to a 5 Year old beginning school. I am a sponge that is absorbing all things new in this strange environment, strange establishment. I hear Letters and Words in a new digital Language. I touch new interactive Shapes and Numbers in Maths. I watch The Life Cycle of a Butterfly in Science online. I now understand that electronic learning is endless. The Yellow Thinking Hat: Te Potae Kowhai represents Tama nui te ra …and…What’s in this for Me? Optimistic Positive Thinking is happening. This is Absorption … Te Akonga.
  • Te Ara Tika … Right Pathway.Initially I was reluctant, ignorant to make that shift. I was prepared to stay in my Safe Zone… To sit on the bus that was stationed. Then, I reflected on this global world and our children of today. The Green Thinking Hat: Te PotaeKakariki represents… Papatuanuku…Hope lies where new growth begins.I have convinced myself to undertake this e-learning journey for all concerned. I am proud to be making great gains and will continue on this pathway for the betterment of both myself and my students… who are our future… as 21st century e-Learners. This is Te Ara Tika … The Right Pathway for Me
  • Lance

    1. 1. Who I am as an e-Learner and How I View my Life in Today’s Global World Matua Lance Savage
    2. 2. The Nothingness … Te Kore … Te Po
    3. 3. The Beginning … Te Timatanga Hou.
    4. 4. The Crawling and Teething Stage … He Kakano
    5. 5. Self-Satisfaction – Te Hikoitanga e pai
    6. 6. Absorption … Te Kakano
    7. 7. Right Pathway … Te Ara Tika
    8. 8. Credits Images: 1. TBA 2. 3. 4. TBA 5. TBA 6 TBAI also wish to thank the following people: Mr More Mrs More Whaea Jeanette Roger, Reed, Justize and Danae Matua Lance Savage