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Five Important Things About Me: Task, Criteria and Example


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Published in: Education
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Five Important Things About Me: Task, Criteria and Example

  1. 1. Digital Photography in Powerpoint 5 Important Things about Me
  2. 2. 5 Important Things about MePresentation Criteria:1. One central photographic image.2. Simple information that relates to the photographic image.3. Create a title slide and then your fiveslides.4. Include your first name only in smallprint at the bottom of each slide.
  3. 3. Five Important Things About Me Example: 5 Important Things about Me Whaea Jeanette
  4. 4. This is my dreamscape - a whole bunch of wants and desires that I want in my life. Whaea Jeanette
  5. 5. I believe I am solar much that sunflowers fascinate me. Whaea Jeanette
  6. 6. Working with the e-Learners Team atPutauaki is fun-tastic. I so love my job. Whaea Jeanette
  7. 7. Yes... Im pretty fond of Sam - our adventurous family cat! Whaea Jeanette
  8. 8. I have a tonne of smileys. They remind methat life is really just one big, fat, juicy smile:) Whaea Jeanette