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  • HOW I VIEW MY LIFE AS AN E-LEARNER IN TODAY’ S GLOBAL WORLD. MY FIRST WORD IS….ADAPT.I picture myself as a fish stuck inside a small barrier which is the egg….which rests on the bottom of the ocean floor.I wonder to myself why I aren’t out swimming freely with my peers….and then I realize…. I’m not ready.I haven't ADAPTED my fins, scales, gills or skills yet.I still have to learn about swimming, before I can go swimming.Why I choose a fish…Well I love swimming. It’s one of my most favorite past times….and so a fish seemed to fit my story just fine.
  • MY SECOND WORD IS…LEARN.Finally I have been set free out of the small enclosure that was once holding me captive….and I have been introduced to a new world. A world of technology. I see odd things, things Im not familiar with.What are thing magical devises I see before me.Like magic portals that take messages from one place to another just by moving that small thing in the right hand side of the magic box.I see fins clicking buttons… But why…. I think to myself. As I look on the screen of the magic box I see a replica of what they are writing. A MAGIC BOX FULL OF TRICKS. I have been LEARNING lots of new things I tell my mother. She tells me and there’s still more to know.
  • GUIDANCE.Mother shows me how to use a magic box, which I later on learn is called a computer….and that funny looking thing on the right hand side is called a mouse. I realise that I enjoy using a computer. I play games, I use g-mail, and I can even talk to my friends that are 100 reefs away by using Facebook.But mother GUIDES me and shows me what I can and cannot do. I soon see that although it seems easy to get the hang of. Many challenges still lie ahead. And with the help of my mother’s GUIDANCE I am sure to over-come them all, one by one.
  • CURIOSITYI soon see smaller versions of the computer…but you can talk through it.Im CURIOUS to see these new inventions. I question myself over an over again, WHAT IS IT? HOW DOES IT WORK? AM I GOING TO FIND OUT? My CURIOSITY grows and I’m eager to find out more about this small electrical device.I soon find out this mini version of a computer is called a cell phone. I’m fascinated to see what unusual thingsthissmall portable contraption has on it.I realise it’s more than it may seem. Its not like a computer after all.
  • FUTUREI soon see that I am now using all these gadgets and these different forms of technology.Including computers, cell phones, laptops, camerasI-PADS, I-PODS ….AND EVEN MORE UNUSUAL THINGS TOOIn the past when I was a younger fish I had only just learnt about a computer but now I see a whole new world.
  • SUCCSESSI have succeeded I have used many forms of technology. I have AdaptedLearntBeen guidedBeen curious andSet my future up. So I can use these unusual forms of technology. I have seen what the world of technology has sent to show me.I have enjoyed my journey but I know….it’s far from over. 
  • Danae

    1. 1. Who I am as an e-Learner and How I View my Life in Today’s Global World Danae
    2. 2. Credits Images: 1. http://tiny.cc/6hwps 2. http://tiny.cc/4utq6 3. http://tiny.cc/8j7cy 4. http://tiny.cc/hc4do 5. http://tiny.cc/1pbou 6. http://tiny.cc/izdenI also wish to thank the following people: Mr More Mrs More Mr Savage Whaea Jeanette Reed, Roger and Justize Mum and Dad Danae