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11 Science and Technology Challenges for 11.11.11


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11 Science and Technology Challenges for 11.11.11

  1. 1. Putauaki Primary e-Learners Team: Term 4, 2011 How might participating in 11 Science and Technology Challenges help me think and learn about the Weather in Aotearoa/New Zealand? Science and Technology Challenges Thinking and Learning Pathways 1. Let it Rain Putauaki Primary Inquiry Tackle Box: 2. Fog Hook Wonder About 3. Rainbows! Bait Locate Information 4. Dew and Frost Cast Sort Information 5. Baking Soda Volcano Reel Judge Information 6. Make a Barometer CLOUDY with a Chance of MEAT BALLS Catch Present Information 7. Pinwheel Wind Collector Weigh Share Information 8. Lava Lamp Feast Reflect on Information 9. Leaning Tower of Pasta 10. Airborne Investigating in Science: 11. Board not Bored! Explore a Situation Ask Questions Make Predictions Resources Process and Interpret Information Report Findings o Inspiration: Picture Books and Movie trailers The Technology Design Process: o What’s the Plan Stan Define the Problem o Photo a Day Gather and Analyse Information o Forecasting Develop a Plan o Safety – Emergency Kits Design and evaluate prototypes o One Day on Earth Project Produce a solution