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Biographical info. sources

  1. 1. Biographical Information Sources
  2. 2. Biography It narrates the most important facts of someone’s life, his or her childhood, adolescence, military service, wars he or she lived through, educational background, professional life, marriage, children, and most
  3. 3. Biography It also tells anecdotes, memories, trips and dearly cherished moments. It is our most precious legacy to the world and mainly to our family.
  4. 4. EtymologyFrom Late Greek biographia“description of life” bio- "life" graphia- "record, account"
  5. 5. D. R. Stuart biography excludes "historians point of view and home life.“Plutarch biography let him "treat history as a mirror"
  6. 6. Nigel Hamilton defines biography as "our creative and non-fiction output devoted to recording and interpreting real lives"
  7. 7. Nigel HamiltonBiography: A Brief History The book examines the historical evolution of biography from the ancient world to the present, from the Epic of Gilgamesh to the recent American Splendor, from cuneiform to the Internet, from commemoration to deconstruction,
  8. 8. HISTORY
  9. 9. Early biographyEarly Middle Ages (AD 400 to 1450) Hermits, monks, and priests used this historic period to write the first modern biographies. Their subjects were usually restricted to the church fathers, martyrs, popes, and saints. Their works were meant to be
  10. 10. Example: Life of Charlemagne by his courtier Einhard.
  11. 11. Medieval Islamic Civilization (c. AD 750 to 1258) biographies began to be produced on a large scale, noteably with the advent of paper and the beginning of the Phropetic biography tradition. This led to the introduction of a
  12. 12.  The first biographical dictionaries were written in the Muslim World from the 9th century onwards. The earliest biographical dictionaries initially focused on the lives of the prophets of Islam and their companions, with one of these
  13. 13. Albert Nelson Marquis is the American publisher of a number of directories containing short biographies.
  14. 14. Who’s Who in America in 1899 the first edition of the publication contained concise biographies of more than 8,500 "distinguished Americans."
  15. 15. Whos Who booksList career and personal data for each biography, including : birth date and place  civic activities names of parents  awards and family  political affiliation, members  religion education  addresses.
  16. 16. General publications• Whos Who in • Whos Who in America Finance and Business• Whos Who in the • Whos Who in World American Law• Whos Who of • Whos Who in American Women American Politics• Whos Who in • Whos Who in Medicine and American Art Healthcare • Whos Who in• Whos Who in American Education Science and • Whos Who in
  17. 17. Philippines Who’s Who written in 1957 by D. H. Soriano and Isidro L. Retizos. biographical facts about the lives of 400 Filipinos and members of the foreign community whose
  18. 18. People Great Lives Remembered about 55 stars, heroes, and icons that America loved.Historica’s Women 1000 years of women in history; from year 1000 to 20006. it represents such a remarkable
  19. 19. A Profile of Filipino Women a profile of the status and role of Filipino women in the country’s development.
  20. 20. ENDPresented by:Karina Joyce E. Limbo Jean Clydee Lachica BLIS-III