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Calabarzon 130619194920-phpapp01

  1. 1. Region IV-A: CALABARZON
  2. 2. Short Description CALABARZON is one of the regions of the Philippines. It is also designated as Region IV-A and its regional capital is Calamba City in Laguna. The region is composed of five provinces, namely: Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon.
  3. 3. Cavite CAVITE is a province of the Philippines located on the southern shores of Manila Bay in the CALABARZON region in Luzon, just 30 kilometers south of Manila Its capital is the city of Trece Martires. Cavite is surrounded by the provinces of Laguna to the east and Batangas to the south. The province has 4 component cities and 19 municipalities.
  4. 4. Tourist Attractions
  5. 5. Tourist Attractions Taal Volcano Tagaytay Province
  6. 6. Laguna Laguna is a province of the Philippines found in the CALABARZON region in Luzon. Its capital is Santa Cruz and the province is located southeast of Metrp Manila, south of the province of Rizal, west of Quezon, north of Batangas and east of Cavite. Laguna almost completely surrounds Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the country. The province got its name from the Spanish word lago, which means lake.
  7. 7. Tourist Attractions Pagsanjan River Crocodile Lake
  8. 8. Tourist Attractions Pagsanjan Falls Mt. Makiling
  9. 9. Laguna De Bay
  10. 10. Batangas is a province of the Philippines located on the southwestern part of Luzon in the CALABARZON region. Its capital is Batangas City and it is bordered by the provinces of Cavite and Laguna to the north and Quezon to the east got its name from the term batangan meaning raft, which the people used so that they could fish in the nearby Taal Lake. Long before the arrival of the Spaniards in the Philippines, large centers of population already thrive in Batangas.
  11. 11. Tourist Attractions Taal Volcano Anilao, Ba tangas Prov.
  12. 12. Tourist Attractions Beaches in Batangas
  13. 13. Rizal is a province of the Philippines located in the CALABARZON region in Luzon, just 20 kilometers east of Manila. the province was named after the country's national hero, José Rizal. Rizal's capital is Antipolo City, although the provincial capitol is located in Pasig City in Metro Manila, which was the previous capital.
  14. 14. Tourist Attractions Daranak Falls
  15. 15. Tourist Attractions Hinulugang Taktak
  16. 16. Quezon Quezon is a province of the Philippines located in the CALABARZON region in Luzon. The province was named after Manuel L. Quezon, the second President of the Philippines, and its capital is Lucena City. Quezon City is not located in and should not be confused with Quezon province. Quezon City is located in Metro Manila, a region to the west of CALABARZON, while Quezon province is in eastern CALABARZON
  17. 17. Tourist Attractions Puting Bato
  18. 18. Tourist Attractions Grande, Pagbilao, Quezon
  19. 19. Tourist Attraction Mt. Banahaw
  20. 20. Products to be found in Region IV-A Coffee Coconut Tropical Fruits
  21. 21. Products to be found in Region IV-A R ic e Corn
  22. 22. Thank You! Tipan. Adrian C.