E Book Presentation South Ayrshire Libraries


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How South Ayrshire Libraries embraced eBooks.

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E Book Presentation South Ayrshire Libraries

  1. 1. How South Ayrshire libraries embraced BooksBooksee
  2. 2.  What is an eBook service?  How did we obtain one?  Was it value for money?  What does the future hold ?  Frequently asked questions.
  3. 3.  eBooks are downloadable books which you can read and audio books which you can listen to on a computer and / or on a mobile device such as: an eBook reader, mobile phone, iPod, iPad or MP3 player.
  4. 4.  The majority of libraries work with an ‘eBook aggregator’.  We have a three year contract with Overdrive Inc.  Overdrive negotiates all lending rights, copyright issues and permissions with publishers and authors, on our behalf.  The contract is comprised of two elements: stock purchase and fixed-price software maintenance.  We have contracted to buy a minimum of $5,000 of stock each year.
  5. 5.  Browse, check out, and download with your library card… anytime, anywhere!  Download to a Windows® or Mac® computer… and popular mobile devices.  Transfer to devices like the Apple® iPod® and Sony® Reader™ .
  6. 6.  Library users can choose the lending period – one, two or three weeks.  eBooks and eAudio books can be requested. Once the request is available to download, an email will automatically be sent to the customer.  eBooks and eAudio books are automatically deleted from the user’s device at the end of the borrowing period.  Easy to use, available 24/7, no late fees  Our LMS allows our users to join online.
  7. 7. Compatible with  Android  Blackberry  iPhone, iPad, iPod touch  Windows mobile Download titles directly to your mobile device with the Overdrive® Media Console App from iPhone App store or Android Market.
  8. 8.  4th November 2009 conference call with Overdrive.  24th November 2009 initial meeting with Council lawyers.  20th January 2010 legal contract signed.  25th January Overdrive appoints Ben Alcorn as Project Manager  11th February Overdrive forms completed and returned.  8th March visit from Claudia Weissmann and our first staff training.  20th April meeting with our LMS supplier – Innovative Interfaces.
  9. 9.  April / May 2010.  Project implementation and staff training.  eBook stock purchasing.  Finding IT solutions.  2nd June 2010 first marketing and advertising meeting.  June 2010 testing of patron and catalogue links.  15th June 2010 site live but not advertised or launched.  1st July 2010 eBook service launched with full media coverage. Once these steps were taken the real fun began!
  10. 10.  The answer is a resounding “yes”!  The service has raised the library profile in the local area.  New users include many people who had previously thought that the library had nothing to offer.  It appeals to younger members – and our eBook Twilight series can’t be lost / stolen or soaked in the bath!  It is socially and geographically inclusive – nursing homes, the visually-impaired and includes those that even the mobile library doesn’t reach!  Shift workers.
  11. 11.  We currently have 692 eBook service users.  We have issued nearly 5,000 downloads.  Our opening stock was 228 titles.  159 titles were eBooks, 70 eAudio books.  eAudio books are as popular as eBooks.  By March 2011 we had 611 titles.  By March 2011 our e titles was 3730 - 0.7% of our total checkouts.  We now have 410 eBooks and 201 eAudio books.  This includes 164 children’s / young adult titles.
  12. 12.  Overdrive statistical reports can tell us how our users accessed our site and when they accessed our site.  We created an online feedback form.  Utilised our library blog to encourage users to provide comments and participate in online surveys.  Liaised with school librarians and school pupils.  Our annual Reader’s Day included a talk and demonstration on eBooks from an eBook publisher.
  13. 13.  Close relationship with Council Communications Department.  Overdrive has an excellent range of publicity materials that can be customised.  We conducted a “planned” campaign that included: business cards, leaflets, book marks, posters, bill boards, local radio jingles and coverage by BBC, STV and local press.  Competitions and a range of ongoing publicity on our Library Blog.  Utilised Social Networking sites.  Won Overdrive’s International Marketing Award 2010 - $1,000 of credits.
  14. 14.  Much talk of the, “death of the printed book”.  More books than ever are being published in paper form.  With the ever-increasing number of eBooks being published, it adds up to more words being written, published and read than ever before.  Consumer driven.  We are all in a 24 / 7 virtual information age.  Huge changes being asked of the publishing industry.  E books / libraries / publishers / Amazon – new business model required.
  15. 15.  Big changes being asked of libraries – by their users!  E publishing gives greater freedom to all would-be authors to publish material.  Libraries required to “signpost” users through the avalanche of e materials now available.  Libraries as e publishers.  No title need ever be out of print.
  16. 16.  Library Apps.  QR Codes and Near Field Communication.  Augmented Reality.  E publishing of Local History materials.  E textbooks for schools.  18 months ago we had not considered any of the above and now…  What will we all be doing in the very near future ?
  17. 17.  South Ayrshire Libraries are working in conjunction with Solus UK to launch an App in summer 2011.  Direct access to Library site.  Ability to use all aspects of the service.  Branch specific if required.  Travel information added.  To appeal to South Ayrshire secondary school pupils as each school library comes on board with our LMS.
  18. 18.  South Ayrshire Libraries intends to publish three eBooks – each converted from print titles in our Local History Collection.  First title will be: “A record of the Ayrshire Militia 1802 – 1883”.  Books will be sold as POD items and as eBooks on Amazon.  Contract with a conversion company.  Opened an account with Lightning Source International.  Opened an account with Amazon.
  19. 19.  Do we lend eBook readers? No  What proportion of the book budget is devoted to eBooks? 6%  What proportion of the issues are eBooks? 0.7%  Do you charge for eBooks ? No  Most popular downloads: Stieg Larsson, James Patterson, Kathy Reichs  Our top 50 downloads include titles by: Stephanie Meyer, Anthony Horowitz Jacqueline Wilson  Checkouts to 25th May 4461, including 429 downloads of children’s / young adult titles.  What formats can be downloaded? MP3, WMA, ePUB, PDF, Movies and Music Jean Inness, South Ayrshire Libraries June 2011