Jean philippe final presentation


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Jean philippe final presentation

  1. 1. Social media marketing Fall 2012 Jean-Philippe Carquet
  2. 2. Showcasing my blog On my blog I have :  11 posts  8 comments I find that when I post on Saturday or on Sunday I have more comments or views. The post the more views is my first post.  I think it’s because it’s was the beginning of the class and everyone was curious about the others.
  3. 3. About the video The video is the more difficult exercise during this class. It takes me 3h to :  Create the texte  Record me  Eddit the video For this post I have 4 views II would like to follow the advise : Use a better camera and speak slower I think that to imporove this video I can do it with other friends. Because alone it was very hard.
  4. 4. Keep my blog I think that I won’t keep my blog because :  now, I don’t have any background to create posts  It’s very hard to update a blog But I think for the future Ill create one, because it’s a great way to market myself
  5. 5. Facebook I learnt that Facebook it’s not free. We pay facebook with our time. Since I’m in this class Im more concern about the fact that nothing is private on facebook. This tools is very effective to launch a new product and market it. Statistics :  I have 415 friends  I follow 37 brands / groups
  6. 6. Twitter I learnt how to use twitter and how it’s easy to keep in touch with others. I will try to use this tool regularly in the future I follow :  Friends : to know what they discuss about  Brands (Critéo) : to know more about them for an future interview The strength of Twitter is that we can only post a message with 140 characters. So messages are very relevant. The weakness is, that we have always to post somethings
  7. 7. Linkedin I have already used Linkedin before class. I learnt that we can follow groups and how nmanage my privacy. It’s a perfect tools to build a brand, because we are connect with a lot a people, and we can find the person that we need (suppliers, clients…) I follow groups in which I can apply for an internship. So I will continue to follow them after the class.
  8. 8. Closing thoughts Another tools that I use a lot is Spotify. I think is the best tool to share the music. Indeed, we can create an account with the same data that our facebook account. My biggest take-aways of this class is how to manage my privacy and how I can market myself. This might be valuable if I want to create one marketing campaign. For a Professional use I think that Linkedin and Twitter are the best tools. Indeed we can keep in touch very easily with prefessional contact. For a professional use I won’t use Facebook. I think it’s for our « private life ».