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Science fair report guidelines


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This document enumerates the components that must be included in a good science fair

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Science fair report guidelines

  1. 1. CENTRO ESCOLAR SOLALTO 9th Pre-IB Biology Teacher Javier Aguirre, B.A. NAME_____________________________________ Date: 08/23/10 Science Fair Report Guidelines Do not forget to include the following sections in your final report: 1. Title Page 2. Table of Contents 3. Research / Investigative Question 4. Hypothesis 5. Research Theoretical framework from at least three (3) different sources of information. They cannot all be websites. 6. Procedure (Experimental design) a. Define problem and establish control and experimental group b. Establish variables (Dependent and independent) c. Define method for data collection d. List materials used in the experiment 7. Data Collection and Processing a. Recording raw data b. Processing raw data c. Presenting processed data  Tables  Graphs  Charts  Photographs 8. Conclusions and Evaluation a. Conclusions b. Evaluation of the Process c. Suggestions for Improving the project 9. Bibliography