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Phase 2 research & planning (pp. 43-48) answer key


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Phase 2 research & planning (pp. 43-48) answer key

  1. 1. CENTRO ESCOLAR SOLALTO 9th Pre-IB Biology Teacher Javier Aguirre, B.A. NAME_____________________________________ Date: _________ Science Fair Guide Phase 2 – Research & Planning Materials: • Notebook • Handout: Science Fair Guide – Resources for Students Instructions: • Paste and complete today’s handout in your notebook • Read pages 43 to 48 of your Science Fair Guide and answer the following questions. 1. Why is it important to do further research? It is important because it will help you decide what your experiment will be. 2. Where you write all of your research notes? In the science project journal 3. What could make you change topic after you have already chosen one? If you do not have enough time or money to complete your experiment. 4. Why is it a good idea to interview an expert on the topic you are researching? It is a good idea because the expert could give you some good tips on where to find materials and information you need. 5. What are some possible sources of information you can access while doing research for your science fair project? Your sources may include books, magazines, newspapers, Web sites, television programs, videos, or even interviews with live people. 6. Why should you cite your sources of information? Because you will need to include all your sources in your final report. You must give credit to all of those how share information with you, otherwise you might commit plagiarism. 7. What should you do before you conduct an experiment? You should establish a procedural plan for your experiment. 8. What types of variables are involved in an experiment? Please explain each one. The independent variable is the one that you can change and the dependent variable is the one that changes as a consequence of the change in the independent variable. The dependent variable is what the experiment actually measures.
  2. 2. 9. What is the difference between an experiment and a demonstration? A demonstration is when you simply explain a concept that scientists have already figured out. An experiment is when you determine something new by analyzing the effect of a change on the result of a trial. 10. What is a procedural plan of action? How can it help you with your science fair project? It is a format used to write down your ideas for your experiment. It helps you to determine the order in which you will perform all the details of your experiment and to establish a time table.