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20130619 iu keynote_demoday


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20130619 iu keynote_demoday

  1. 1. Xcode for iOSEclipse for AndroidNotepad for Web…. What?- IU Compiler Business Plan
  2. 2. ProblemCSSWeb ScreenConsoleFile BrowserHTMLComponentView URLJava Script HeaderHelper
  3. 3. Solution
  4. 4. 10xResult
  5. 5. How
  6. 6. Background
  7. 7. Main Page
  8. 8. Cell
  9. 9. See that Demo!•
  10. 10. I. Preloaded Web TemplateII. Javascript Magic InterfaceIII. HTML as Object-OrientedIV. Binding with Django & RailsV. Dual Layout SystemVI. X-Platform IndependenceVII. Multiple Deployment System
  11. 11. • High Profit Margin• Global Market• Easy Marketing• Perfectly Preventing PiracyCash
  12. 12. Goodbye,AdobeMango IDE,the only useful web editor in this planet
  13. 13. FAQQ AHow Much? 198$Customer Relationship StackOverflowSales Channel Mac AppstoreMarketingGo TechCrunch /Use Hacker NewsCustomer Designer & DeveloperB2B or B2C Is it important?Release Date’13 June for Alpha’13 Dec for Beta’14 Summer for Commercial
  14. 14. Comparison of WebEditor ToolsDreamweaver &MuseGoogle Site Tool Expression Web Divshot Text Edit Mango IDECompany Adobe Google Microsoft Divshot - JDLabJavascript By Text editor By Text Editor OBy GUIBy AjaxWeb Framework O OControlStatementO OPHP O O O By Code IgniterDeployment Local Server Local Local LocalHeroku / GitHub /LocalObject-Oriented OLayout System Relative Relative Relative Relative Relative Absolut & RelativeLibraryBootstrap, Rachet& FoundationAll Bootstrap & SenchaSource Control GitUseful? No Never What? No YES! Sure!
  15. 15. Preloaded WebTemplateIUIUIUIUIUContainerIUContainerIUContainerIUContainerIUHeaderIUHeaderWrapperWrapperIUHeaderIUHeaderWrapperWrapperIUHeaderIUHeaderIUHeaderIUHeader IUFooterIUFooterIUFooterIUFooterIUCompIUCompIUCompIUComp IUTemplateIUTemplateIUTemplateIUTemplate IUPageIUPageIUPageIUPageIUTextFieldIUTextFieldIUTextFieldIUTextFieldIUImageIUImageIUImageIUImageIUTableListIUTableListIUTableListIUTableList IUOutlineIUOutlineIUOutlineIUOutline IUIUCollectionCollectionIUIUCollectionCollectionIUButtonIUButtonIUButtonIUButtonIUSubmitIUSubmitButtonButtonIUSubmitIUSubmitButtonButtonIUToggleIUToggleButtonButtonIUToggleIUToggleButtonButtonIUWebIUWebIUWebIUWebIUFacebookIUFacebookIUFacebookIUFacebook IUYoutubeIUYoutubeIUYoutubeIUYoutube
  16. 16. Javascript MagicInterface
  17. 17. IU JavaScript AutomataFrameworkValuevisibleconditionActionAction
  18. 18. HTML asObject-Oriented
  19. 19. Binding withDjango & Rails
  20. 20. Dual Layout SystemAbsolute CoordinationSystemRelative CoordinationSystem
  21. 21. Multiple DeploymentSystem• Django• Ruby on Rails• Rack• Heroku• GitHub
  22. 22. Multiple Deployment &Preventing PiracyIUMLHTML Source PackageGit PushSave
  23. 23. X-PlatformIndependence