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Analysis of Online Information Management


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An analysis of how consumers and companies are managing personal information online.

Published in: Technology
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Analysis of Online Information Management

  1. 1. Analysis of OnlineTable of Contents Information ManagementIntroduction 2Methodology/How to Read Report 3About the Author 4Major TrendsAll in One 5-11We’re Watching You 12-18Don’t Look At My Privates 19-25Key Learnings 26
  2. 2. Analysis of Online Introduction Information ManagementThe Internet has changed the way information is shared and processed. Before its inception, people couldn’t seewhat movies you watch at home or see the latest pictures from your vacation instantly. They had to either be a Questions of Interest:close friend or relative to receive that information. Now, with social networks and the amount of people spend • What are some of the current trends thatonline, divulging and consuming personal information has never been easier. society is using to control information online?The way people manage their information online has become increasingly more important. If the information • Which methods are companies/corporationsgets into the wrong hands someone could potentially lose their identity and finances. In no other time in history using to gather information on consumers?has there been so much information on individuals in a public forum in which almost everyone in the world can • Which new tools are individuals using toaccess it. combine their online information?Information is power, but personal information is not only power, but also equates to millions of dollars for • In which ways has the Internet causedadvertisers. Advertisers benefit from gaining access to this information, as do companies who wish to promote consumers to take control of their onlineprivacy have a large stake in information management as well. identities? • How much personal information online isWith more and more information out there online, consumers are at times unaware of what about them is actually accessible?out there for others to see. The ease of people giving up their personal information has created a largebusiness for those who wish to access it and a large business for those who wish to promote privacy. These twosides will continue to grow as more and more information becomes available through online mediums. 2  
  3. 3. Methodology/ Analysis of Online InformationHow to Read Report Management How to Read this Report This report should be a read as an introductory into the world of Online Information Management. It should create Methodology: an awareness of what tools are being used for privacy and tracking methods within Online Information Management. Research for this report was conducted through various studies and websites. The information was then curetted into a Tumblr blog to Though the term ‘Online Information Management’ was be referenced when the research was complete. Online blogs and coined for this report it is an important term to be familiar news sources relating to Internet privacy were the primary research with when regarding how information is quickly passed tools used to gather the information. The research began with around online. Therefore, it is important to understand looking at online behavior as a whole, then concentrating on areas exactly what information can be accessed and how to that were continually talked about in this field. It developed into the either benefit from it or control what is seen. idea of Online Information Management. Use this report to familiarize yourself with the methods of Online Information Management from both a consumer and corporate perspective. This will help you understand how both sides need each other to exist and give you an understanding of the current market for Online Information Management. 3  
  4. 4. Analysis of OnlineAbout the Author Information ManagementJon Ward is currently a graduate student at the Contact Info:Academy of Art University. Jon WardHe is receiving his degree in Advertising with an jdward625@gmail.comemphasis in Account Planning. He will graduate in 858.228.7404the Spring of 2011. He currently works for asmall start up Internet Marketing Consultingcompany in San Francisco and is also a GraduateAssistant for the Men’s Basketball Team at AAU. Inhis free time he enjoys going to movies andreading. 4  
  5. 5. Analysis of OnlineAll in One Information Management With so many channels out there to communicate and interact with others, there has been a need to combine all these forms of communication. By combining email, messaging and even social network feeds—this need for consolidating all these tools has created one login and password for several different mediums of information 5  
  6. 6. Analysis of OnlineOneStop Communication Portal Information Management Facebook  has  been  the  dominant  force  in   social  networking  since  it’s  incep;on  in   2003.    Now  it  wants  to  expand  into  all  forms   of  communica;on.    With  its  new  messaging   services  Facebook  members  can  now  text,   email  and  message  all  from  their  Facebook   account.­‐ announces-­‐revamped-­‐messages-­‐not-­‐ email.html   6  
  7. 7. Analysis of OnlineTweet and Friend Someone InformationAt the Same Time Management TweetDeck  and  SeesmicDesktop  are   applica;ons  that  help  a  user  combine  all   their  social  networks  into  one  easy  feed.     Combining  Facebook,  TwiNer,  FourSquare   and  LinkedIn  a  user  can  access  all  these  feeds   with  a  single  click  and  not  have  to  go  to  each   site  separately.   7  
  8. 8. Analysis of OnlineInstant Message Everyone Information Management Adium  is  an  product  that  creates  a   single  Instant  Messaging  service   regardless  of  what  main  service  a   user  uses.    It  combines  AOL  Instant   Messenger,  FB  Chat,  Gmail  and   Yahoo  Messenger  all  in  one  service.   8  
  9. 9. Analysis of OnlineYour Own Personal News Service Information Management Netvibes  creates  a  personalized  website   for  its  users.    It’s  not  a  website  in  the   tradi;onal  sense,  but  rather  one  that   combines  a  users  social  networking,   news,  RSS  and  email  all  in  one  place.     Users  can  even  choose  a  custom  design   for  their  site.   9  
  10. 10. Analysis of OnlinePay All Your Bills At Once Information Management Pageonce  is  an  applica;on  that  allow  users  to   pay  all  their  bills  from  one  source.    The   applica;on  takes  all  personal  banking,  account   numbers,  credit  card  numbers  to  create  a   system  in  which  the  user  can  pay  as  they  go  or   set  up  recurring  payments  for  each  bill.   10  
  11. 11. Analysis of OnlineSocial Network Web Browser Information Management Flock  creates  a  social  network  experience  within  a   browser.    It  is  not  only  a  web  browser  but  also  acts   a  place  for  FB  Chat,  TwiNer  Searches,  Photo  Sharing   and  RSS  Feeds.   11  
  12. 12. Analysis of OnlineWe’re Watching You Information Management Everything that an individual does online and the information that they share can be accessed in some form. There is several programs and companies that use this information for their own benefit and manage that information as they see fit. 12  
  13. 13. Analysis of OnlineAll You Need is A Name to Find InformationPersonal Information Management PeekYou  is  a  web  based  service  that  provides  informa;on   on  people.    The  only  thing  the  user  needs  is  a  first  and   last  name  and  through  PeekYou’s  algorithm  it  will  search   out  that  person  online.      The  results  can  range  from  a   social  network  profile  to  a  background  check  and  even  to   a  person’s  occupa;on.   13  
  14. 14. Analysis of OnlineTracking What You Do Online InformationIn Order to Sell Products Management Buysight  is  a  service  that  monitors  people’s  online   ac;vity  on  a  site  and  aNempts  to  market  to  them   based  on  their  past  ac;vi;es.        They  help   companies  find  their  niche  market  and  target  them   aggressively.    By  using  certain  tracking  soaware  and   code  they  are  able  to  pinpoint  which  consumers   would  be  interested  in  their  clients  products  based   on  the  informa;on  that  consumer  has  provided.   14  
  15. 15. Scrapping Your Information Analysis of Online InformationFor Companies Management Scrapping  is  a  term  used  to  describe  ‘hackers’  stealing   informa;on  from  people  and  selling  it  to  companies.     Though  it  is  essen;ally  illegal  many  corpora;ons  use  this   informa;on  and  there  are  several  companies  that  offer   such  services.    One  of  these  companies  is   15  
  16. 16. Analysis of OnlineSee Your Email Contacts InformationInterests and Likes ManagementRappor;ve  is  a  service  that  allows  people  to  see  their  email  contacts  interests  and  social  media  profile  right  in  their  inbox—without  the  senders  knowledge.    If  you  receive  an  email  from  someone  just  simply  enter  his  or  her  email  address  and  all  this  informa;on  pops  up.      www.rappor;   16  
  17. 17. Businesses Can Access Analysis of Online InformationOnline Information About Employees ManagementSocial  Intelligence  HR  is  a  service  that  provides  businesses  a  background  check  for  poten;al  employees.    Not  just  any  background  check,  but  one  that  includes  a  review  of  your  social  network  and  online  presence.   17  
  18. 18. Tracking Computers at Home Analysis of Online Information And at Work ManagementNetbus  is  a  company  that  provides  online  tracking  soaware.    Not  only  does  it  monitor  what  a  person  does  on  their  desktop  but  also  what  they  do  online.    It  can  see  everything  a  person  does  while  using  a  computer  and  while  that  person  is  online.­‐tracking-­‐soaware.html   18  
  19. 19. Analysis of OnlineDon’t Look At My Privates Information Management The information about an individual that can be accessed with a just a Google search can be quite revealing. Most people don’t realize what can be accessed online about them, and several companies have recognized that and formed ways for individuals to protect themselves. 19  
  20. 20. Analysis of Online InformationReclaim Your Facebook Privacy Management  is  a  service  that  helps  people  control  their   Facebook  privacy  sehngs.    Many  Facebook  users  do  not   know  how  to  control  their  privacy  sehngs  and  this  service   creates  an  easy  way  to  do  it.   20  
  21. 21. Analysis of OnlineHelping Parents Help Their InformationKids Online Information Management Management  is  a  site  designed  to  give   parents  advice  for  managing  their  children’s  ac;vity   with  certain  media  channels.    It  has  started  a   movement  called  ‘Protect  Our  Privacy—Protect  our   Kids’  and  asks  online  marketers  not  to  track  children   and  for  parents  to  become  educated  about  online   tracking.   21  
  22. 22. Search Google and Analysis of Online InformationNot Get Tracked Management Scroogle  is  a  service  that  allows  users  to  submit   a  Google  search,  but  their  search  will  not  be   tracked  nor  will  it  have  any  display  adver;sing   based  on  their  search.     22  
  23. 23. Communicate Online In Analysis of Online InformationComplete Privacy Management Tor  is  a  soaware  program  that  allows  businesses  and   individuals  to  communicate  without  gehng  tracked   or  monitored.    Tor  services  creates  a  sense   anonymity  online  for  its  users  and  allows  them  to   communicate  through  Instant  Messenger  services,   create  websites  and  send  email  without  being  traced   or  monitored  by  third  party  sites.   23  
  24. 24. Opting Out of Analysis of Online InformationInternet Advertising Management  is  a  company  that  has  helped  form  the   ‘Self-­‐Regulatory  Principles  for  Online  Behavioral   Adver;sing’.    It  is  a  new  program  that  will  let  people   opt  out  of  certain  ads  by  clicking  on  a  buNon  near  that   ad.   24  
  25. 25. Analysis of OnlineDon’t Scrape My Info Information  is  a  service  that  does  exactly  what  its  name  says:    it  blocks  scraping.    Scraping  is  a  form  of  informa;on  gathering  online,  and  this  site  prevents  that  from  happening  with  its  soaware.   25  
  26. 26. Analysis of OnlineKey Learnings Information Management • Online  Informa;on  Management  is  a  growing  field.   • There  are  two  sides  to  this  management:  a  consumer  and  a  corporate  side.       • Consumer’s  want  to  manage  their  informa;on  in  form  of  protec;on  while  corpora;ons   want  to  gain  access  in  order  to  help  sell  a  beNer  product.   • Informa;on  is  becoming  more  consolidated  and  individuals  are  going  to  one  place  to   access  their  informa;on.   • As  the  Internet  con;nually  evolves  more  and  more  personal  informa;on  will  be  accessible   to  anyone.   • Individuals  are  not  as  hesitant  to  give  informa;on  online  as  before   • Though  individuals  want  to  manage  their  informa;on  online,  there  will  always  be  some   sort  of  give  and  take  with  what  informa;on  they  have  to  allow  people  to  access.   • Everything  that  we  do  online  is  poten;ally  accessible.     • Emerging  market  share  for  companies  to  combine  all  communica;on  in  one  service  or   device.   26