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Information Science Technology Syllabus 2011 2012 2nd Trimester


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Information Science Technology Syllabus 2011 2012 2nd Trimester

  1. 1. Information Science TechnologySyllabus  2011-2012  2nd Trimester I. General  Information   Course   Information  Science  Technology   Instructor   Mr.  Dunn   Room   Library   Email   Website       II. Grading  Procedures  and  Regulations     General   Your  grade  for  this  course  will  be  based  on  your  performance  on  the  Weekly  Sheets  and   other  projects.         Grading  Scale   A   93  –  100   C   73  –  76   A-­‐   90  –  92   C-­‐   70-­‐72   B+   87  –  89   D+   67  –  69   B   83  –  86   D   63  –  66   B-­‐   80  –  82   D-­‐   60  –  62   C+   77  –  79   F   <60     III. Class  Expectations   • Greet  every  library  customer  as  they  enter  the  library.   • No  eating  or  drinking  at  the  front  desk  or  any  computer  station.   • Complete  all  assigned  tasks  daily.   • Friends  may  not  congregate  behind  the  front  desk.   • Stay  at  the  front  desk/put  books  away  until  the  bell  rings.    Please  do  not  attempt   to  leave  early  or  stand  near  the  door.    You  will  be  dismissed  when  the  bell  rings.   • You  may  only  work  on  homework  once  all  other  tasks  have  been  completed,  and   you  have  obtained  permission.   • Follow  directions  as  given  by  Mr.  Dunn  and  Mrs.  Kramer.   • This  is  a  technology  course.    You  will  create  a  lot  of  accounts  with  a  lot  of   websites.    Please  remember  all  of  your  usernames  and  passwords.    I  will  not  be   able  to  retrieve  them  for  you.   • Other  expectations  will  be  conveyed  both  orally  and  online  throughout  the   trimester.    
  2. 2. IV. Class  Schedule   We  will  cover  a  variety  of  library  and  technology-­‐related  topics  in  this  course.    Below  is  a   rough  outline.    It  is  subject  to  change.    Once  we  have  covered  a  topic,  your  proficiency  is   expected  throughout  the  rest  of  the  trimester.     Topic  1:  Library  Basics   November  28th  –  February  28th     Tasks/Topics:  Checking  books  in  and  out,  shelving  fiction  and  non-­‐fiction  books,  using  the   laminator,  working  the  front  desk,  checking  library  inventory,  checking  and  organizing   the  shelves,  repairing  old  books,  labeling  and  protecting  new  books,  and  more.     Topic  2:  Blogging   November  30th  –  December  9th     Tasks/Topics:  Creating  your  own  blog.    Customizing  the  design  and  layout.         Topic  3:  Wikipedia   December  5th  –  December  9th     Tasks/Topics:  You  will  learn  the  differences  among  top-­‐level  domains  (e.g.  .com,  .org,   .edu,  .gov).     You  will  learn  how  to  edit  Wikipedia  pages.     Topic  4:  Netiquette  and  Email   December  12th  –  December  16th       Tasks/Topics:  Netiquette,  sending  an  email,  creating  a  signature,  attaching  files,  replying   to  emails,  forwarding  emails.     Topic  5:  Creating  a  Tutorial   December  19th  –  December  22nd           Tasks/Topics:  You  will  create  2  tutorials  for  a  teacher  or  student,  showing  them  how  to   do  something  on  the  computer.    You  will  create  a  print-­‐based  tutorial  and  a  screen   capture  (using  Jing).     Topic  6:  Template-­‐Based  Web  Design   January  3rd  –  February  28th         Tasks/Topics:  You  will  learn  how  to  create  your  own  template-­‐based  website  using   Weebly.    You  will       Topic  7:  Photography   January  3rd  –  January  13th     Tasks/Topics:  Photo  composition,  editing,  sharing,  and  publishing.    You  will  use  tools  such   as  Picnik,  BeFunky,  FotoFlexer,  PicArtia,  and  Flickr.     Topic  8:  Computer  Hardware   January  17th  –  January  20th       Tasks/Topics:  Learn  how  to  fix  basic,  common  computer  problems  in  the  Library   computer  lab.    Learn  the  basic  components  of  a  desktop  computer.     Topic  9:  Animoto   January  23rd  –  January  27th           Tasks/Topics:  You  will  create  a  virtual  tour  of  the  library  using  your  own  pictures.    You  will   be  amazed  at  how  great  these  movies  look!  
  3. 3.   Topic  10:  Google  Forms   January  30th  –  February  3rd         Tasks/Topics:  You  will  learn  how  to  create  surveys,  quizzes,  and  questionnaires  using   Google  Docs.       Topic  11:  Tech  for  Other  Classes   February  6th  –  February  10th           Tasks/Topics:  You  will  learn  how  to  use  Wolfram  Alpha,  manipulate  Google  to  do  certain   tasks,  create  Word  Clouds  (Wordle),  create  graphic  organizers  (,  create   QR  codes,  and  more.       Topic  12:  Presentations   February  13th  –  February  17th       Tasks/Topics:  You  will  demonstrate  basic  competency  using  PowerPoint,  Google  Docs,   Prezi,  and  xtranormal.    You  will  learn  how  to  incorporate  graphs  into  a  few  presentation   tools.    We  will  go  over  some  basic  Dos  and  Don’ts  for  presentations.     Topic  13:  Final  Project   February  20th  –  February  28th       Tasks/Topics:  You  will  demonstrate  the  skills  that  you  have  learned  in  this  course  and   how  you  may  use  them  in  the  future.    Details  will  be  provided  at  a  later  date.