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Website Evaluation


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Published in: Education
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Website Evaluation

  1. 1. Combating Mind Control& the 3 Bare Essentialsof Website SearchingBy Jeff DunganAdapted from M. Romard/B. BoyerAdapted from M. Romard/B. BoyerAdapted from M. Romard/B. BoyerAdapted from M. Romard/B. Boyer
  2. 2. The 3 BareEssentials✤ Useful - is your info interesting and pertain to your project?✤ Reliable - is the site giving unbiased truthful information?✤ Makes sense - can you easily retell the information from the site?
  3. 3. So what makes a website orwebpage good?With your partner use Kidspiration to mapout what makes a Website/Webpage good.You have 5 minutes!
  4. 4. What You Said...
  5. 5. Bare Essential #1: Useful✤ Is the info useful? Will it be helpful for your project?✤ Did Thomas Edison really invent the lightbulb?✤ Is this new information exciting and enhances what you already have? Is it making you more interested in going there?✤ Remember your audience is someone like you - a 5th grade student.
  6. 6. WebSite Fail Search #1 Use the Website Evaluation Tool-Link on Mr. D’s Blog
  7. 7. Bare Essential #2: ReliableIs the website the best authority on the topic?Is this website biased?Is this information correct or outdated? Don’t Be Misinformed!
  8. 8. ✤ Biased means the website is trying to push a particular opinion.✤ If you visited the websites of America’s top restaurants, they’d all say they have the best hamburger or ribs or chicken wings, but obviously they can’t all be right.✤ Some fact quotes are really opinions or the person/company may have a desire for you to believe them so they can get rich by your actions (you buy their product) so we have to be careful with the information we read.✤ Finally, the information could be inaccurate.
  9. 9. What’s in a URL?Can we judge the reliability of a websitebefore reading through all the content? Glad you asked.... • Com • Gov • Edu • Org
  10. 10. Support the Ban of DMHO.Help save the world by being informedabout this lethal and ever present gas!Click link on Mr. D’s Blog page (Links 1,3,5)
  11. 11. WebSite Fail Search#2 Best Dumplings in Shanghai✤✤✤
  12. 12. Bare Essential #3: Makes Sense✤ Like your ‘Just Right’ books, with ‘Just Right’ websites - do you understand what was said.✤ If we turned away from the website would you be able to explain what you read in your own words
  13. 13. Aluminum Foil Deflector BeaniesBlock most forms of brain scanning and mind reading, keeping the secrets inClick on link on Mr. D’s Blog
  14. 14. Keywords for Searches✤ So how can we find better sites faster?✤ Let’s watch Common Craft’s Web Search Strategy video
  15. 15. Smart Web SearchesBoolean Searches-AND....OR....NOTQuotation Marks“+” “-”Other search operators available on Mr. D’s Blog page
  16. 16. Purpose of thisslideshow...✤ Students learn which websites to READ✤ Students learn how to USE the information from a website✤ Students can clearly indicate WHERE the information came from QuickTime™ and a AVC Coding decompressor are needed to see this picture.