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Pxesmmc keynote slide_share


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SAS Puxi ES MultiMedia Club launch preso.

Published in: Education
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Pxesmmc keynote slide_share

  1. 1. Puxi ES MultiMedia ClubServing the Puxi ES
  2. 2. What is the PX ESMMC?Real World Learning OpportunitiesMultimedia DevelopmentTeam Work and Collaboration
  3. 3. The IdeaTo do better thanthis...
  4. 4. What would I do in theclub?Website development and maintenenceGoogle apps cor communication, collaborationand schedulingMost Important: Learn to use MulitMediahardware and software to produce movies,slideshows, podcasts, etc.Work closely with Mr. D, PX ES Staff, and otherclub members
  5. 5. I’m totally into this..... How to apply Applications are 30 second videos Be creative-Humor helps Why should you be accepted into the PX ES MMC Production quality counts!
  6. 6. Not So Fast....Season 2 ASA with Mr. D. Training, planning, development of MMC 5 Hours - 1 time/wk X 5 weeks
  7. 7. Not So Fast....Parent ConsentBehavior
  8. 8. The not so Fine PrintEagle Leaders or a Spring Library Page areineligible.Application materials include 2 items. Your video A signed parent consent formLate applications will not be considered. Noexceptions.Videos over the 30 second time limit will not beconsidered. No exceptions.