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Sites For Deterring Texting While Driving


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If you are having problems getting your employees to wait until they have stopped before trying to send a text, here are a few sites to help deter texting while driving.

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Sites For Deterring Texting While Driving

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  2. 2. Tech Tip: Sites For Deterring Distractions While Driving
  3. 3. Many people try to send text messages while driving their automobile, which can greatly increase their chances of having an accident.
  4. 4. If you find that your employees often try to text while driving, here are a few resources to help you deal with this situation...
  5. 5. ZoomSafer.comHelps to block texts, emails, and app usage on company cell phones while driving. Also, helps you monitor employee acts of distracted driving.
  6. 6. AegisMobility.comThis site automatically routes incoming calls to voice mail, and blocks outgoing calls while your employees vehicle is in motion.Access to emails, and incoming text messages are only allowed when the vehicle has been stopped.
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