Growing and Protecting Your Personal Brand Online


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From Google to Facebook to Klout Scores there is a lot of information out there about your personal brand that employers can access - and studies show that they are doing just that!

Find out how to develop a personal brand online that can make you more desirable to future employers, position you as an expert so that you stand out from a pile of resumes and at a bare minimum protect your privacy so you are not the next "don’t let this happen to you story.” This presentation will cover Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Quora and Klout to help you create a plan to grow your personal brand, how to best network online and proactive steps you should take to protect your privacy.

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Growing and Protecting Your Personal Brand Online

  1. 1. Growing and Protecting Your Personal Brand Online October 27, 2011#YourBrand #MHYP
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover • Building Your Brand Social Media Profiles Online Networking Online Influencer Scoring • Protecting Your Brand Privacy Alerts • Q&A#YourBrand #MHYP
  3. 3. Why It Matters • Protect yourself • Differentiate yourself & grow your career • Network more effectively • Well, you are already here#YourBrand #MHYP
  4. 4. This is Your Resume Profiles I’ve Created Speaking (with a profile I provided)
  5. 5. And You May Not Like It…#YourBrand #MHYP
  6. 6. A Lot of Things Can Get You in Trouble#YourBrand #MHYP
  7. 7. Or Help You#YourBrand #MHYP
  8. 8. Websites to Create a Profile On• Google• Google+• LinkedIn•• Crunchbase• Technorati• Amazon• Yelp• MeetUp• Twitter*• Quora**If they are active
  9. 9. SEO Your Personal Brand • Start with your name (use your middle initial if you have a common name) • Industry terms / buzz words • Focus on local • Create links to your top profiles#YourBrand #MHYP
  10. 10. Proactive Protection • Own the top results so bad comments on these sites and blogs don’t immediately rise to the top#YourBrand #MHYP
  11. 11. Your Brand: Facebook • Chances are FB can do more harm, keep it mostly private • Adjust settings so search engines can’t crawl your profile Privacy Settings > Apps & Websites > Public Search • Facebook Subscribe#YourBrand #MHYP
  12. 12. Your Brand: LinkedIn Profile Image Headline Current Position Your Elevator Pitch Keywords
  13. 13. Your Brand: LinkedIn • The value of keywords Note: This feature isn’t available for basic accounts#YourBrand #MHYP
  14. 14. Your Brand: LinkedIn • Profiles to connect WordPress Blog SlideShare (can include a video introduction of yourself) Twitter • Include your contact info • Post updates regularly • Get recommendations • Join groups • Grow your connections LinkedIn is the #12 most-visited website in the World#YourBrand #MHYP
  15. 15. Your Brand: Twitter • Be an active user (or don’t do it) • Grow your network • Follow companies and individuals you want to know • Interact with those people • Learn about your industry • Position yourself as an expert Twitter is the #9 most-visited website in the World#YourBrand #MHYP
  16. 16. Your Brand: Quora • Question & Answer social network • Great way to connect with people in your industry • Position yourself as an expert#YourBrand #MHYP
  17. 17. Online Networking: LinkedIn “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” may be the most valuable part of LinkedIn#YourBrand #MHYP
  18. 18. Online Networking: Email Integration • Inserts social content about people into your Gmail, Outlook or phone (iPhone, Andriod, Blackberry) • Gist, Rapportive & Xobni#YourBrand #MHYP
  19. 19. Online Influencer Scoring • Klout • PeerIndex • Kred (in beta) And to take this a little less seriously: #MHYP
  20. 20. Know What’s Out There About You#YourBrand #MHYP
  21. 21. Protect Yourself • Google Alerts • SocialMention • Trackur Everyone should set up a free Google Alert for your name#YourBrand #MHYP
  22. 22. Take-Aways • Be honest and consistent • Let your personality show • Protect your privacy and know what’s out there about you • Create additional online profiles to own the first page of search results • Use social networks to further your professional networks • Position yourself as an expert#YourBrand #MHYP
  23. 23. Question & Answer Booyah Jamie Duklas Duklas | Director of Social Media | Booyah Online Advertising11030 CirclePoint Road | Suite 350 | Westminster, CO 80020ph: 303.345.6634 | fax: 303.345.6734 |