DISH Network Boston Guys Go Social Case Study


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DISH Network asked me "how can we transfer our Boston Guys commercials into a social media campaign?"

From that Boston Guys Go Social was developed, a social campaign where DISH's Boston Guys took over their social media profiles.

This campaign produced one of the most successful multi-media campaigns since the Old Spice guy. The Boston Guys garnered 94 million social impressions, was Retweeted by Paul Pierce and Eliza Dushku and produced the third most liked and third most shared video ever made specifically for Facebook with “Goin’ Viral.”

For this campaign I developed the concept, wrote the scripts, assisted in production and led the execution including media buy to effectively drive engagement.

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DISH Network Boston Guys Go Social Case Study

  1. 1. Results to shout about since 2001.
  2. 2. Boston Guys Go Social• A social media “takeover” of DISH’s Facebook & Twitter for one week• Goal was to extend the TV commercials to social media• Wrote and produced 40 original video shorts• Enhanced engagement with social advertising
  3. 3. Campaign Results• Generated over 94 Million impressions, $34, 505 in free media value• Gained almost 200,000 FB fans in one week; 686,464 to 1 million in 12 days• Created significant buzz & the third most engaging FB videos ever with “Goin’ Viral” produced 10.4M impressions, 373 shares and 6,362 likes
  4. 4. Top Videos on Facebook “Goin’ Viral” is the third-most liked and third-most shared video ever made specifically for Facebook (doesn’t include commercials posted on Facebook)Company Video Fan Size Shares Likes URLDISH Goin Viral 1.1M 373 6,362 Light Ice Cube 1.4M 466 3,694 273&set=vb.8310601338&type=2&theater Lite Punch Top Can 800K 255 36 176&set=vb.34739562380&type=2&theater We Made a FB Page 42.5M 15 11,244 t=vb.40796308305&type=2&theater Spice Challenge Accepted 2.2M 27 6,689 767&set=vb.141462864068&type=2&theater 5 Min More Of? 30.5M 3 4,573 et=vb.22092443056&type=2&theater Secret Models Sing Jingle Bells 18.8M 1,829 1,024 et=vb.79775744089&type=2&theater
  5. 5. Great Engagement Levels• 94 million impressions on Facebook & Twitter• Facebook: 12,916 likes, 1,574 comments, and 865 shares• Twitter: 322 Retweets and 262 organic mentions
  6. 6. Celebrity Engagement• Tweeted by Paul Pierce (Paid) and Eliza Dushku (Not Paid) – 6.4 million impressions, 44.5k clicks, 190 Retweets, 50+ Favorited 2.3M Followers 1.2M Followers
  7. 7. Social That Makes An Impact“We reached out to Booyah to extend our Boston Guyscommercials into social media. The campaign was ahuge success and a critical component to DISH addingover 300,000 fans in 12 days to reach 1 million fans onFacebook!” - DISH Network Marketing Manager Randi Stock