Epson LCD Projector Instructions


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Epson 76c Instructions for Teachers

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Epson LCD Projector Instructions

  1. 1. Epson LCD Projector Teacher Instructions
  2. 2. Using the Remote • Press the Power Button to turn on the LCD Projector • The projector takes about a minute to warm up!
  3. 3. Projector Benefits WARM- WARM-UP Swimming pools around the country • Warm-ups Warm- opened this past weekend for the summer. At Tate’s neighborhood • Quizzes pool, it is estimated that the number of people at the pool on opening day is 253% of the average daily number • Reviews of people who go to the pool throughout the year. If 432 people • Homework Assignments came to the pool on opening day, what is the average number of people per day throughout the summer? Express your answer to the nearest whole number. Answer: 171
  4. 4. Educational Materials Ma and Pa Kettle Teach Math! • The projector will allow you to show your students a wealth of educational videos!
  5. 5. Educational Software • Use educational software to illustrate your point (or line in this case)!
  6. 6. Easy Internet Demonstrations • CNN • Google • Grace School • Library Resources
  7. 7. Getting a Picture! • The LCD projector will search the different sources to find the active one. You shouldn’t have to do a thing! • In case this doesn’t work, simply press the Comp (4) button or the Search button.
  8. 8. Volume Adjustment • Press the right volume button to increase the volume • Press the left volume button to decrease the volume
  9. 9. Adjusting Colors and Clarity • Press the Menu Button • Press Enter to Select Image
  10. 10. Adjusting Colors and Clarity • Use the up and down arrows and press Enter to select any of the options shown below • When the image is set correctly, press Esc or Menu to save your settings
  11. 11. Zooming Your Image • Use the E-Zoom buttons E- (+ or -) to zoom in (+) or zoom out (-) (-
  12. 12. Turning off the Picture and Sound • To turn off the picture and sound, press the A/V Mute button. • Use this feature to preserve bulb life when you have re-directed the re- audience’s attention • Press A/V Mute again to activate the picture and sound
  13. 13. Remote as a Wireless Mouse • The projectors have been setup so you can use the remote as a mouse • You can control your computer or click through a slide-show slide- such as PowerPoint from up to 20 feet away
  14. 14. Remote as a Wireless Mouse • Use the arrow buttons to move your mouse cursor • To left-click, press the left- Enter button • To right-click press right- the Esc button • To double-click, press double- the Enter button twice
  15. 15. Shutting Down the Projector • To turn off the projector, press the Power button • Press the Power button again to confirm shutdown