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Simplifying Enterprise Mobility - Powering Mobile Apps from The Cloud


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Overview of the FeedHenry pproach to building cross platform mobile cloud apps

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Simplifying Enterprise Mobility - Powering Mobile Apps from The Cloud

  1. 1. The FeedHenry Platform Simplifying Enterprise Mobility…Powering Mobile Apps from the Cloud Joe Drumgoole VP Solutions, FeedHenry October 2011
  2. 2. Mobile Networks: Ready• 2G and 3G networks now widely deployed• Wi-Fi hotspots augment the access• Baseline for mobile data is established, cost is now right for consumers• LTE and other improvements to follow• SmartPhones are ubiquitous and cheap(ish)
  3. 3. SmartPhones are Here to Stay
  4. 4. Big Market Potential
  5. 5. Smartphones PIM Optical Touch Systems ScreenLocation Apps Internet
  6. 6. Apps Personal Productivity Social Mobile Networking Workforce MobileGames Apps Business
  7. 7. Mobile Capability MaturityMobile Web Vanity App Viewer App Feature App Full Service App
  8. 8. The Challenges• User Interaction Design• Small Screen Design• Device Capabilities• Device Resolutions and Dimensions• Cloud Interfaces• “Standards”
  9. 9. Smart Phone Test Explosion 4.1 4.2 iOS HTC 4.3 Apple Google 5.0 2.3 3.1 Android Mobile App 3.2 4.0 4.5.0 4.6.0 Samsung LG 4.6.1 BlackBerry Sony 5.0.0 Ericsson 6.0.0 7.0.0
  10. 10. Cross Platform Solutions Hybrid Native AppMobile AppWeb
  11. 11. FeedHenry Hybrid AppNative ContainerCloud Mobile UI API JQuery Third Party UIDevice Sencha Carousel BackboneLibrary
  12. 12. Anatomy of a FeedHenry App SAGE FH Mobile App AWS FeedHenr Device FH yUI Library API Cloud ERP SaaS
  13. 13. HTML 5 • HTML • CSS • JavaScript • 2D Canvas • Video • Geo Location • Offline Storage • History API • Drag and Drop API
  14. 14. End-to-end Mobile Application Solution for EnterpriseThe Mobile Application Platform provides an end Cross platform apps for allto end solution for building, deploying and Build & Deploy devicesmanaging mobile apps Discover & Via Public and Private App Distribute stores and OTA Access & Control access to app from Authentication the enterprise Mobile Application Platform ……as a Service Server-side execution, Execute & Store caching & storage Integrate & Connect to internal IT and Connect business systems Enterprise Apps Manage & App distribution and All Major Smartphones and Pads Report performance
  15. 15. The Platform is PortableThe FeedHenry Cloud consists of the three main components running in a public,private or hybrid infrastructure Devices FeedHenry Studio FeedHenry Server-side FeedHenry Build Farm App Stores Public Private Virtual/Hybrid Q2 2012 dedicated regulated co-located virtual hybrid deployment environmen infrastructure public/private t
  16. 16. FeedHenry Cloud CoreStudio Services IDE FH APIs Build FH Business Logic Portfolio Mgmt Access Rights Analytics GitHub Access RightsBuild ServerFarm Side Execution Native Builds Backend Storage Integration Naming Server Side APIs Debugging EndPoint Mgmt Billing/Metering
  17. 17. Case Study : Travel - Aer Lingus• Launched on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia WRT• Deep server-side integration to manipulate data needed by client and bundle it for delivery as single integrated JSON request
  18. 18. Case Study: Financial Services - NCB• Live in Android Market Place and Apple App Store• Deep server-side API integration with a customer’s share portfolio details• Mapping/directions to location of HQ
  19. 19. Sample FeedHenry Apps RTÉ RTÉ Irish Life GuinnessDocOnOne Insurance NCB PocketPlayer Storehouse Quotes Client View MOPAer Lingus Riverdance MyMed Matheson File Ormsby Prentice
  20. 20. Conclusion• SmartPhones + Feature Phones => Phones• HTML 5 is the future• Tablets are going to be huge for Enterprise• If you ain’t got Cloud you ain’t got game• There’s a company near you that can help!
  21. 21. Contact Joe Drumgoole VP