Harness the web and grow your business


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An overview and introduction to social media for more traditional businesses.

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  • What is the world wide webAn internet – a collection of interconnected networksA web – a collection of interconnected websitesA social network – a collection of interconnected peopleKey properties Universal broadcast – for free Free frictionless group forming Infinitely low cost micro groupsA signal amplifier depends on a good signal if your bad in real life its hard to be good on the web We “leak” our true livesInfinite Memory Nothing goes away The end of the “news cycle” multi-channel madness – facebook, twitter, youtube, blogs The compression of information from .doc to blog to SMS to tweetsWhat does this mean? Harnessing the web is like harnessing the sea You are a splinter on the OceanRies and Trout “The most over-communicated society ever, (and that was before the web)” You’re competing for attention with X-Factor and Britney Spears and Warren Buffett and Barack ObamaThe Good News Everyone needs accountants – Phew! Businesses collapse for a variety of reasons but cause of death is always the same – They run out of cash A man who finds accountancy boring is not fit to run a shoeshine standSo What should I do? Its not about the tools – Great clubs do not make a great golfer
  • You are a splinter on the oceanWarren doesn’t even have an email addressPositioning first published in 1980
  • High signal to noise ratioWatching somebody meltdown on the Internet is a high traffic eventHardest thing to sell on the Internet is Viagra
  • The end of distribution as a monopolyThe beginning of attention as a monopolyThe means of production are actually now in the hands of the proletariat I can contribute minutes of my time and in aggregate we get wikipedia.
  • Like buying a 10,000 dollar set of golf clubs to go hit a par three.
  • Pick 10 from 1. Now pick 1.B2B vs B2C
  • 1 Troll = 1000 lurkersBe ruthless with repeat offenders
  • Harness the web and grow your business

    1. 1. Harness The Web andGrow Your Business Joe Drumgoole http://twitter.com/jdrumgoole http://slideshare.com/jdrumgoole http://jdrumgoole.wordpress.com
    2. 2. The Web – Quick History A network of Networks A network of Websites A network of People A network of Things5-May-2011 ICAI 2
    3. 3. Universal Properties• Componentised • Standardised• Plug and Play • Searchable• Commoditised • Implemented • Free • Global • Open 5-May-2011 ICAI 3
    4. 4. Harness The Web• Might as well try and harness the sea• Ries and Trout – The Over Communicated Society• You’re competing with: – Barack Obama – Lady GaGa – Warren Buffett5-May-2011 ICAI 4
    5. 5. Web = Signal Amplifier• Needs a good signal• Will amplify the good and the bad• Noise will destroy the value• Distinguish between source and amplifier• Be the source5-May-2011 ICAI 5
    6. 6. What Does the Web Enable• Universal Global Broadcast• Selective Attention• Ridiculously easy group forming• Concerted action• Utilisation of Cognitive Surplus• Keeping a copy of everything forever• Democratisation of access5-May-2011 ICAI 6
    7. 7. What Does It Mean for Business• Attention Economy• One click away from oblivion• 24 hour purchasing power• The Internet in our hands• 1.5m on Facebook in Ireland alone• Your customers live here5-May-2011 ICAI 7
    8. 8. The Tools Problem• Its not about the tools – Twitter, Wordpress, Facebook, SlideShare, YouTube, Flickr, Linkedin• Its about You and Your Journey “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin5-May-2011 ICAI 8
    9. 9. Social Media Engagement• Its core• Start slow• Learn one piece at a time• Have a conversation• Be prepared to reverse yourself• Be transparent• Apple can manage their conversations – You can’t5-May-2011 ICAI 9
    10. 10. Simple Plan• Blog – Every time you update the website add a blog entry• Mailing list – Start one and let your customers join – watch• Online Group – Watch, curate, converge, extend• Add Facebook and twitter to amplify• Know what you are trying to achieve• Measure it5-May-2011 ICAI 10
    11. 11. You Will Need• A small amount of technology help• SaaS services everywhere• Not something to be offloaded on a junior• Passion + Authority• Time• Don’t vet content – authentic voice5-May-2011 ICAI 11
    12. 12. What Can Go Wrong• Bad in meat space = Worse Online• Fake personas will leak• One way conversations will fail• SPAM will alienate• Social Media “Experts” will confuse• Don’t choke trying to eat the whole elephant5-May-2011 ICAI 12
    13. 13. Screwing Up• Deletion is acceptable• Apologise, retract, restart• Passionate advocacy – dispassionate retraction• No sorry - but.5-May-2011 ICAI 13
    14. 14. The Good Stuff• You will learn more from listening than asking• Accidental knowledge• The group will give itself focus• Don’t over control• Tolerate a certain amount of tension• Use the stats to measure progress5-May-2011 ICAI 14
    15. 15. The Bad Stuff• Internet is full of trolls• Don’t freak out at unintended consequences• Slow engagement should eliminate most surprises5-May-2011 ICAI 15
    16. 16. Take Heart• Warren Buffett still survives on Fax and Phone• It will all be here tomorrow Thank You5-May-2011 ICAI 16