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Delivering HTML5 and Modern Apps


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Slide deck from the conference in NYC on July 10th

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Delivering HTML5 and Modern Apps

  1. 1. Joshua Drew Technical Evangelist @jdruid Jason Walters Technical Evangelist @jasonrwalters Delivering HTML5 and Modern Apps
  2. 2. Bring your app to life on Windows Build your apps faster Cloud Enable your apps HTML5 Mobile Services Demo Resources
  3. 3. Devices Services
  4. 4. device/services client/server
  5. 5. Web site Pinned Site Hybrid App Windows Store App
  6. 6. A taste of the apps built with HTML…
  7. 7. WinJS 2.0 Phone WinJS 2.1
  8. 8. http://
  9. 9. WinJS HTML5 WinRT Universal Apps with HTML/JS .JS Cross Platform Websites and Apps
  10. 10. Controls Promises Navigation Localization Application Xhr Binding Templating Namespaces Classes Utilities Animations
  11. 11. Path to Convergence Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox WinJS • Use as Web App, Windows App • Built with interoperability in mind for other JS Libraries Visual Studio 2013 • Javascript Templates Web Application Template •
  12. 12. Y A X B
  13. 13. Construct2 - cross platform game development for beginners
  14. 14. Construct 2 Pros: • Extensible. Support via plugins • Exports a Visual Studio Project. Cons: • Windows-only • Smaller market place. • Free license = Free game Construct 2 features easy game, but also offers an extensible plugin architecture that can appeal to education audiences. Developers can be encouraged to develop their own plugins.
  15. 15. GameMaker - family of products that caters to entry-level developers and seasoned game development professionals to create cross platform games
  16. 16. GameMaker Pros: • Easy to use – No need for Code • HUGE support Cons: • Full version $$ • No Source Code GameMaker is a top quality game editor that makes it easy for developers to build games quickly.
  17. 17. Unity – most popular cross platform game development tool for 2D and 3D games
  18. 18. Unity Overview True Cross-Platform Capability Unity Asset Store Unity Online Services
  19. 19. Unity Windows Store games Unity supports all of these features Trial Live tiles Secondary tiles Handle all inputs Contracts Share Settings PlayTo Snapped/Full/Filled Views Portrait and landscape Myriad of displays, resolution, pixel density Other certification requirements
  20. 20. Microsoft Azure web sites Ready for your Modern Web App. Access Azure Services. Editor Deployment. Faster to market. Open and flexible.
  21. 21. SQL Table storage Blob storage Mongo DB Facebook Twitter Google Microsoft Active directory APNS GCM WNS and MPNS Notification hubs Source control Table - Scheduled Custom API SDK WINDOWS STORE, IOS, ANDROID, WINDOWS PHONE 8, IOS, ANDROID, HTML 5/JS
  22. 22. Flexible, rich apps for Windows devices Web and native experiences across any device
  23. 23. Web sites
  24. 24. Command line tools/power shell. Third party (non Windows) IDE’s (WebStorm, etc.). Visual Studio. WebMatrix
  25. 25. Flexible deployment frameworks
  26. 26. SQL… • Azure SQL Database MySQL… • ClearDB NoSQL… • MongoLab
  27. 27. Choice of Applications
  28. 28. Choice of Platform IIS Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server Windows Azure web sites Hosted and private cloud Public cloud Web server
  29. 29. Supported Platforms REST API
  30. 30. 3 Mobile Services Overview Windows Store iOS Android Windows Phone 8 iOS Android HTML 5/JS SDKs Scripts: table scheduled custom API REST API Facebook Twitter Microsoft Google Active Directory SQL Table Storage Blob Storage WNS & MPNS APNS GCM Mongo DB Notification Hubs Source Control