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Using CA Plex to generate Mac

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  • First, for those of you who are not familiar with CM First, here is an overview.
  • Rationale for using the mac
  • Dev architecture for Plex on the mac
  • Step1
  • Step
  • Step
  • These statistics are truly eye popping. iPhones are selling like hotcakes. There are 200,000 android devices sold each day, particularly over in Asia – there are actually more phones in China than there are people in the USA. iPad tablets are less that an year old, yet there have been millions sold. I think the most important stat to the audience today is the last one – iPhones and iPads and Android devices are no longer just a consumer phenom – they are making serious inroads into enterprise. You have probably seen the ads on medical use of iPads is taking off. But you are also seeing mobile in a wide variety of business applications, from auto dealerships to education to insurance to government.
  • What we are offering is what we feel is a much better way – using CA Plex in conjunction with WebClient and a mobile GUI library called Sencha Touch. Using the approach, which is JavaScript based, you will end up with a first-class mobile UI that operates as true mobile application. It will operate in an webkit-based mobile browser environment – which directly covers iPhone, iPad, and Android, or 94% of the mobile browsing traffic. It also covers some of the other platforms like BlackBerry and Nokia, that are introducing webkit based browsers onto their platforms. For example, BlackBerry 6.0 has been tested successfully with this technology. The framework makes use of the latest browser technology – for example HTML 5 and CSS 3. These technologies are expected by many to supplant older technologies like Flash and Silverlight, and in fact HTML 5 is on an upward trajectory in use at many high volume production sites. With this framework, you can do more that serve up applications – you can make use of local storage, audio/video capability, geographic services, and of course the touch framework so popular on the new devices.
  • Mobile
  • If you have done research into mobile development, you may have some questions about hardware. For example, is it possible for a JavaScript application to access the camera. It is in fact not possible for a web delivered app to access the hardware. However, it is possible to create native wrapper applications that would serve up the java script application. The JavaScript application provides the business logic, and the wrapper application provides the hardware access.
  • Step
  • Step
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  • More
  • Full access to the geolocation API’s
  • Cameras are for a lot more than snapshots
  • CA Plex on Apple Mac, iOS, Android

    1. 1. for CA PlexCA PlexWith Apple Mac / iOSJanuary 2012
    2. 2. Who is CM First?Enterprise Software Development Integrator• Offices in Switzerland, USA, Italy, India• Network of worldwide resale partners (Americas, EMEA, APJ, ANZ)CA Primary Sales and Technology Partner• CA 2E, CA Plex, CA Repository• Footprint covers 20% of Installed BaseApp Dev Products• CM Matchpoint ALM Suite• CM WebClient i+• CM Power (PHP) Suite• CM M3 (CA 2E Migration / Modernization)• SD Source Scanners for CA RepositoryThird-party Solutions• Databorough, Desynit, Soreco, Worksoft, Websydian
    3. 3. Overview• Why use the Mac? Ajax in Greek mythology• Plex on the Mac• Mobile Apps with Plex/WebClient• Devices – Xcode, Android SDK, Adobe/Apache Phonegap• Device Hardware - Camera
    4. 4. Why Use the Mac with CA Plex?• Why use the Mac? • All the really cool and hip developers have gone there • Opportunity to re-accessorize • Learn all new keyboard shortcuts such as the cloverleaf • Just love a challenge• Or - Apple Forces This • iOS license agreement• Why not?
    5. 5. Plex / MacArchitecture Overview
    6. 6. Development Architecture Mac Folder Mac DB (MySQL)Fusion VM Mac
    7. 7. Initial Setup of DevEnvironment
    8. 8. Step 1• Install VMWare Fusion for Mac • Or Parallels • Migrate your PC, or set up anew (recommended) • Install VMWare Tools• Set up your CA Plex environment on the VM • Generate to a shared folder on the host mac • Start generating Java• Create a shortcut to Plex using Fusion view (optional)
    9. 9. Step 2• Install Eclipse on both PC and Mac • Eclipse Indigo works well • Need separate versions / installs• Establish Separate Workspaces • Set up linked folders to single Plex Gen • Or use Subversion/Matchpoint to share projects between WorkSpaces • Refer to WebClient documentation (purchase not required)• You are done!
    10. 10. Optional• Move to a Mac database • MySQL, Derby• Wrap your Java app as Mac App • Warning – technical• Start working on Angry Nerds • Stay tuned for Part II
    11. 11. Demonstrationof Initial Setup
    12. 12. Screen Shot From DemoRunning CA Plex in Native Mac Windows (VMWare Fusion)
    13. 13. Screen Shot From DemoRunning Simple CA Plex Java App on Mac – with Eclipse and MySQL
    14. 14. Native Device ApplicationsiOS / Android
    15. 15. Statistics – May 2011 The world is going mobile• 50 million iPhones sold to date• 200,000 Android devices sold each day• 8.5 million iPads sold to date• 70 million tablets predicted by the end of 2012• 2/3 of the Fortune 100 have started deploying iPads for Enterprise use – now 95%
    16. 16. AJAX / JavaScript / HTML5 is Big …and getting bigger “Ajax remains the dominant RIA of choice, and HTML5 is poised to expand the power and flexibility of the browser only approach” Gartner Group Ajax mountain
    17. 17. CA Plex+WebClient with Sencha Touch / PhoneGap • Covers 93%+ of mobile traffic • HTML 5, CSS3, ExtJS • SaSS • Local Storage • Media/Geo • Camera • More…
    18. 18. 1.8 Mobile iPhone/iPad/Android/BB6 Web App with Native HTML5, CSS3 Native App - Android Market Sencha Touch “Gartner COOL Vendor 2011”
    19. 19. Navigation Models Principals Combine
    20. 20. How do we do this in Plex?• By adding Control Name Directives• Examples:
    21. 21. ToolbarArea, align, toolbarNum Attach Points FullscreenArea TabbarArea
    22. 22. MapAttach a map template to fields• MapCoords:FullscreenArea:template=WebMap• MapLocation:FullscreenArea:template=WebLocation
    23. 23. VideoAttach a video template to fieldsVideo:FullscreenArea:template=Video
    24. 24. What about hardware?• Camera• Compass• Accelerometer• App Store Apache PhoneGap (Adobe)
    25. 25. Mobile AppDevelopment on Mac
    26. 26. Step 1• Generate your App as WebClient Mobile • See Google Code Project – open source to WebClient customers• Test with WebKit browser emulator • Chrome or Safari • Ripple (warning, not exact)
    27. 27. Step 2• Get your Apple developer id • Warning – Allow time• Install XCode • Available on the Apple App Store – no charge• Download / Install Apache PhoneGap (Adobe) • All device projects in single archive• Install PhoneGap per site tutorial for Xcode
    28. 28. Step 3• Create an Xcode / PhoneGap Project• Modify the Index HTML to point to your application URL• Sign code (via Apple ID)• Test on iOS Simulators• You are ready to go!
    29. 29. Step 4 – Android and Beyond• Install Google SDK• Install PhoneGap for Android• Follow the same steps as iOS
    30. 30. Demonstration of DeviceImplementation
    31. 31. Screen Shot From DemoXcode Project for Mobile Device Deployment with PhoneGap
    32. 32. Screen Shot From DemoXcode Organizer with Provisioning Profiles (Signing Certs)
    33. 33. Screen Shot From DemoEclipse Indigo for Mac with Google Android SDK Plugin
    34. 34. Screen Shot From DemoiPad, iPhone, Android Device Simulators running App on Mac
    35. 35. More about• Geolocation• Camera
    36. 36. Geolocation• Used for • Maps • Direction • Location-Specific Marketing
    37. 37. Camera• Used for • Snapshots • Imaging signed documents • Recording accidents • Bar codes • Augmented reality
    38. 38. Screen Shot From Demo Geolocation
    39. 39. WebClient Information (click logo to view)• • Wiki • Blog • Product Downloads / Support