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Knh marketing video


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Knh marketing video

  1. 1. not to have a Web site in today’s economy.” “ There is absolutely NO EXCUSE Retail Consultant Marc Willson December 3, 2010
  2. 2. “ This is no longer an option as 78 percent of Americans research stores on the web before they shop.” “ This is a fundamental shift in how the world communicates and not taking advantage of ‘free’ advertising on the Internet is a huge mistake.” “ You’re not going to keep people off the Internet. You need to have a presence there of brick-and-mortar stores in Kilgore.”
  3. 3. When thing s eem easier said than done . . .
  4. 4. We'll Handle The Hassle
  5. 5. The Kilgore News Herald wants to help take your business' message from IDEA to PRINT to WEB
  6. 6. Online Services Go 1. Web Site Design 2. Web Hosting 3. Maintenance 4. Promotion What do you want to see on your new Web site? Sit down with one of our local designers, tell us what you need, and we'll deal with the techs-perts – pay one, low bill. Save money and keep it local at the same time. KNH Marketing has the capacity to take care of your domain registration and hosting fees here – keeping your costs down. Don't worry about the routine changes that have to be made to your site – we'll take care of those and any other needs that arise. Just tell us what you want updated. Too busy to keep your Facebook and Twitter accounts up-to-date? We'll help you manage those necessities, but there are other options too...
  7. 7. www. KilgoreShopping .com Add your business to our Web portals, free with your online package, bringing more customers to your site and to your store. COMING SOON: Kilgore DINING .com, Kilgore SERVICES .com, Kilgore DESTINATIONS .com & More
  8. 8. also, through get help with KNH Marketing Logo Development Ad Layout & Design Marketing Materials Signage and More
  9. 9. Competitive Prices Innovation Experience Poised to tackle the task of moving your business into new, evolving markets.
  10. 10. Call James Draper Valerie Melton or at 903.984.2593