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RSFBPW Social Media and Your Business 9.17.09_notes


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Presentation to the Rancho Santa Fe Business and Professional Women's Group on social media

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RSFBPW Social Media and Your Business 9.17.09_notes

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA and YOUR BUSINESS Tips, Strategies and No Nos Rancho Santa Fe Business and Professional Women’s Association September 2009 WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA AND WHY SHOULD I USE IT? Socializing, learning, sharing, creating relationships on line much like we already do. In real time, interaction not 1 way. User generated content. Like a cocktail party. It’s all about conversations and engaging with others WHAT SOCIAL MEDIA WILL NOT DO! Transform your business if it is crummy or make you a great business person if you are not Bring you business overnight Operate without your participation Remain the same MY TOP 17 TIPS 17. DO SOMETHING Your clients, prospects, and competition are, so you need to understand it and how it can and is being used. You don’t have to join every website or spend every waking hour involved with SM. But do SOMETHING 16. MAKE A PLAN You need to have a plan – what you are going to do and when. Focus on WHO you are trying to reach – target audience?? Needs to tie into your overall business plan and goals
  2. 2. 15 . DON’T LIMIT YOUR THINKING ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS AND HOW YOU CAN BUILD RELATIONSHIPS ON-LINE Don’t get into the trap of thinking this will not work for MY business. Instead think of how You can create and foster relationships like you would off-line 14. GET A FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE Over 300 MILLION on FB now. If you are on Facebook, create a business page – go to F icon at bottom of profile or home page. Click. Then Click on Pages at the Top and then CREATE NEW PAGE. If not on FB, get there. 13. CHECK OUT TWITTER – It’s Free Create and account and follow me – JDowler. Then you can see everyone that is following me or who I am following. FREE e-book I can email you 12. GET ON LINKEDIN – Your Professional Resume If not there create an account and create your profile. Look for people you may know who are there to connect with. Search by schools, businesses and personal names 11. CONSIDER STARTING A BLOG, OR KEEP ON BLOGGING Great for SEO and pulling up your rankings on Google, making it easier for people to find you and your website. If you have lots of info to share with consumers blogging may be right for you, and you can have this as your website 10. PARTICIPATE AND ENGAGE – let people know you’re there It takes 2 to tango and a two-way street. People won’t engage if you don’t
  3. 3. 9. MIX BUSINESS WITH SOCIAL It’s perfect OK to do both – you’re human. Business all the time can work against you – folks want to get to know YOU not just your business. 8. BEHAVE YOURSELF – can you play well in the sandbox? Watch the bad language, slander, sex talk, jokes, confidential information, being critical, racial slurs, other innuendos. Some folks seem to forget where they are and what they are doing and saying on- line 7. REMEMBER…THE INTERNET HAS A LONG MEMORY The Internet never forgets – once you say it, it’s there for everyone to see. You can’t hit delete and make it go away 6. HAVE FUN – if you don’t it will show Social networking can be great fun, but if you don’t enjoy it, or act like you don’t, people will know. 5. NO SPAMMING No mass twitters, connecting with people just to build numbers, sending email blasts to folks randomly. Don’t promote YOUR SELF in responses to others tweets or comments on Facebook. 4. GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND – Google your clients and prospects, your competition, yourself Have you Googled yourself? Do it regularly. Check out your prospects and competition. Suggest potential clients Google you. 3. KNOW WHAT YOUR ON-LINE REPUTATION IS AND MANAGE IT
  4. 4. People WILL talk about you, refer to you, mention your name, and so on. You NEED to know what is being said on-line so you can deal with it. GOOGLE ALERTS for your name and business (and variations) 2. DON’T HOPE SOCIAL MEDIA WILL BRING YOU BUSINESS…KNOW THAT IT WILL – attitude is key 1. DON’T STAY BEHIND THE COMPUTER…F2F IS STILL IMPORTANT – don’t give up what is already working ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ JEFF DOWLER RE/MAX ASSOCIATES (760) 840-1360 ~ ~ Consider adding your business to my Breaking News Sites: ~ Follow me on Twitter - @jdowler Find me on Facebook – Jeff Dowler Connect with me on LinkedIn – Jeff Dowler Available for individual coaching and planning sessions