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Supplementary materials 20100408

  1. 1. A Comparison of New 21st Century Libraries: Four Models across Four Time Frames, 2000-2009 MLA 2010 Poster Supplementary Materials 1. Fast Facts/Comparisons Grid 2. Comparative Narrative Grid 3. Library Staff Rosters 4. Library blogs 5. Questions for future exploration 6. NEEHSL blog 7. Other new & emerging medical schools 1 A Comparison of New 21st Century Libraries: Four Models across Four Time Frames, 2000-2009
  2. 2. Fast Facts and Comparisons AZ - College of Medicine- HI - University of Hawaii at PA - The Commonwealth Medical FL - Florida State University Phoenix Manoa College City Phoenix Tallahassee Honolulu Scranton University of Arizona COM, Parent Inst Florida State University University of Hawaii The Commonwealth Medical College Tucson (1967-) Arizona Health Sciences Charlotte Maguire Medical Health Sciences Library Library Medical Library Library, Phoenix Library (opened in 2005) 1965 (2 yr program Year of First Class 2007 2000 2009 1973 (4 yr program) Size of First & 24/110 30/120 62 65/120 Ultimate Classes # square feet now 1,200 4,000 14,500 4,000 (including library staff offices) # square feet 15,000 est., (incl. classroom 14,500 (incl. classroom & 4,000 5,000 (excluding library staff offices) projected & group study rooms) group study rooms) # Seats Now 35, projected 85 51 145 80 # PACs 5, projected 50 5 6 # Library faculty 2 5 3 2 (Library) + 1 (Academic Informatics) 69, plus 450 volunteer 238 plus 1,019 volunteer 500 part time, volunteer clinical # teaching faculty 2,000 clinical faculty faculty faculty # print books 460 4,018 28,063 350 Licenses to 3,300 e-journals, 1,100 e- 9,700 e-journals; >350 # e-resource books and 40 biomedical databases; databases; 2,300 e-books 2,185 9,678 licenses links to a total of 15,800 e-journals, (via UA in Tucson) 1,300 e-books and 65 databases. A Comparison of New 21 2 st Century Libraries: Four Models across Four Time Frames, 2000-2009
  3. 3. Comparative Narrative Grid <Link to Excel Document> COM-Phx Hawaii FSU TCMC Planning efforts Budgets Collections Physical space Staff Partnerships Interprofessionalism Lessons Learned Recommendations for others starting new libraries Challenges Mission, Vision, Values of either the COM library Key Priorities--e. g., digital library, etc. Unique Characteristics Pertinent History and Background Other?? Services 3 A Comparison of New 21st Century Libraries: Four Models across Four Time Frames, 2000-2009
  4. 4. Library Staff Rosters Lib Name/Address Director Librarians Library Staff Arizona Health Sciences Library, Phoenix Jacqueline D Doyle, MS, • Lindsey L Greene, MA, None at present 550 E Van Buren AHIP, FMLA Information Services Librarian Phoenix AZ 85004 602-827-2062 Charlotte Edwards Maguire Medical Library Barbara Shearer • Suzanne Nagy, Head, Web Carol Warren FSU College of Medicine Services Emi Weeks 1115 W. Call Street • Susan Epstein, Head, Public Tallahassee, FL 32306-4300 Services (850) 644-6683 • Martin Wood, Head, Electronic Resources & Technical Services • Roxann Williams, Special Projects Librarian Health Sciences Library of the John A. Burns School of Virginia "Ginny" Tanji • A. Lee Adams, Public Services Hilda Baroza Medicine University of Hawaii at Manoa 651 Ilalo Street, MEB Honolulu, HI 96813 The Commonwealth Medical College Library Joanne Muellenbach, MLS, • Joann Babish, MLS, Head, •Mary Jo Sedon, Senior 501 Vine Street, Ground Floor AHIP Electronic Resources and Library Technical Assistant Scranton, PA 18509 Technical Services •Michelle Burwinkel, MLS, 570-504-9618 Electronic Resources TCMC Medical Library / Technical Assistant •Lisa Mu • Michelle Burwinkel, MLS, Electronic Resources Technician A Comparison of New 21 4 • st Century Libraries: Four Models across Four Time Frames, 2000-2009 Lisa Mu, Library Assistant
  5. 5. Library Blogs Florida State University The Commonwealth Medical College University of Hawaii at Manoa UA College of Medicine, Phoenix 5
  6. 6. Questions for further exploration • When will our libraries really be digital? What will it take to get there? • What are continuing space needs given increased collaborative study, more digitization, license restrictions, etc? • What are the needs of incoming health science students, and faculty? How do we keep up? • Do different types of students have different study and learning styles and needs? Can one library accommodate them all? • How important is the building to achieving our goals? Our communities’ goals? • What other questions do you have??? Go to Slide #9 for a question form! 6 A Comparison of New 21st Century Libraries: Four Models across Four Time Frames, 2000-2009
  7. 7. NEEHSL blog http://newemergingmedicallibra 7
  8. 8. Links to New and Planned Medical schools & Libraries Alfaisal University Library Cooper Medical School; Rowan University Creighton University Health Sciences Library Florida International University Florida State University Maguire Library Hofstra-North Shore-LIJ Health System LCME Listing of new medical schools Medical College of Georgia and UGA Mercer, Memorial Health Establish Medical School in Savannah Mountain Area Health Education Center, North Carolina Northern Ontario School of Medicine Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine Scripps School of Medicine The Commonwealth Medical College Univeristy of California, Riverside University of Central Florida University of Hawaii Health Sciences Library University of Manitoba, Winnipeg University of Texas Southwestern University of Texas, San Antonio University of Toronto, Missisauga UTHSCSA RAHC Medical Library Virginia Tech and Carilion Clinic Western Michigan University-Kalamazoo Yale's West Campus 8
  9. 9. My Question(s) is(are): Copy the following grid into your email: Your Name Your email address Burning Question Comments, if any 9 A Comparison of New 21st Century Libraries: Four Models across Four Time Frames, 2000-2009