Using social media to build community & measure impact


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Tips on how to use social media strategically to advance your organization's mission, presented by J.D. Lasica at ETR Associates.

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Using social media to build community & measure impact

  1. Using social mediato build community& measure impact JD Lasica Founder, June 27, 2012
  2. Who is this guy anyway? Chief strategist, Socialbrite Spoken at the UN, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Cannes Film Festival and at events in Paris, Milan and Seoul. Named one of the Top 40 Silicon Valley Influencers, one of the Top 100 Social Media Influencers and one of Top 100 Media Bloggers. Co-founded, the first free video hosting site (before YouTube) About 17,000 followers on Twitter at @jdlasica
  3. What we’ll cover today Lay the foundation Create a strategy Facebook Twitter Storytelling Build community Mobile Metrics: Goals, SEO & keywords, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights Q&A, hugs, tearful goodbyes
  4. Relax! (Your homework assignment!) Creative Commons BY photo on Flickr by Tom@HK
  5. THE ECOSYSTEMTypes of social media Blogs Social networks Microblogs (Twitter) Online video Curation (Pinterest) Widgets Photo sharing Podcasts Virtual worlds Wikis Social bookmarking Forums Presentation sharing
  6. Staggering growth150 million active blogs; 1 million blog posts created per dayYouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, VEVO, Twitter are among topsites in worldFacebook: 900+ million active membersTwitter: 150 million active users, 250 million+ tweets per dayGoogle+: On track to 400 million usersYouTube: 3 billion videos watched per day8 trillion text messages sent in 2011
  7. RESOURCESSocialbrite Sharing Center
  8. P R E P W O R K : E S TA B L I S H B U S I N E S S G O A L SHow can nonprofits use social media?1. Raise public awareness of your mission or cause2. Raise funds for a cause or campaign3. Reach new constituents or supporters4. Build a community of champions5. Recruit volunteers6. Get people to take real-world actions7. Enhance existing communications programs8. Involve the community in decision-making9. Advance your organization’s mission in other ways10. Have fun!
  9. L AY T H E G R O U N D W O R KBefore you plunge in ... Social media is a marathon, not a sprint Do you have buy-in from top management? Do you have a social media policy or guidelines? Do you have a Strategic Plan in place? Have you researched your audiences/community? Have you identified & trained your team members? Do you have an idea worth spreading? Have you built a program before you turn to a campaign?
  10. Have you defined a clear theme? Boil down your cause to a strong, single sentence Vittana: Help anyone go to college Alter Eco: Support fair trade ActBlue: Elect progressive candidates DonorsChoose: Support public classrooms in need
  11. Begin with a strategy document
  12. Elements of a Strategic Plan360° assessment of socialmedia capabilitiesSpell out business goalsIdentify online communityProposed use of social tools& platformsRecommendations onexpanded capabilitiesLay out metrics programCompetitive/peer analysis
  13. Create a listening post
  14. FACEBOOKFacebook: The social network 900 million members worldwide — 70% of Americans on Facebook use it every day 900 600 3002004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 0 2010 2011 Today Facebook’s global growth rate, 2004-2012, in millions
  15. FACEBOOKGet into those news feeds! Article:
  16. FACEBOOK TIPSHow to get more engagement Keep your posts short & simple Post visually appealing content Include calls to action, including Shares Ask questions the right way Use fill-in-the-blank posts Be topical & relevant Make it easy to share outside of Facebook
  17. Facebook’s Timeline
  18. Public figure pages
  19. Secret groups on Facebook
  20. TWITTERMake Twitter work for youStaff should be trained on how to use Twitter.Not a broadcasting medium to just distribute press releases oryour headlines.Start by listening & observing.Be yourself, be conversational, losethe marketing jargon.Use it for outreach, soliciting ideas,customer support, to announce events,to recommend articles, to identify experts.#1 traffic driver: retweets. Use ‘Please RT’ strategically.Tweets with a URL are 3x more likely to be retweeted.Twitter drives 4%+ of traffic to NY Times, 10% to AOL, MSN.
  21. JD’s 60-30-10 Twitter rule 60% retweets, pointing to value, sharing other voices 30% responding, connecting 10% promoting, announcing
  22. Prospecting on Twitter
  23. Search by location Twitter Advanced Search
  24. Tweeting about breast cancer in LA
  25. C O N T E N T S T R AT E G I E SThe power of storytelling Cave drawing, Lascaux, France, 17,000 years ago
  26. Be the blue fish! Conversation follows interesting content
  27. STORYTELLING Create lightweight mediaDon’t look now but you’re a content creator! Using Animoto
  28. PRODUCTION PROCESSESCreate an Events Calendar Key off both internal events & community events
  29. Create an Editorial Calendar Map out a weekly or monthly game plan
  30. Use personal storytelling Find emotional core, use videos or photos to make us feel
  31. USE YOUR COMMUNITYBuild community, not eyeballs here’s an amazingdifference between buildingan audience and building a community. An audience will watch you fall on asword. A community will fall on a sword for you. — Chris Brogan Author, “Trust Agents”
  32. Don’t do all the heavy lifting Creative Commons photo on Flickr by Jason Means Don’t be like this guy!
  33. CASE STUDIESInvolve your supporters
  34. Find your champions! Find the big kahunas in your sector by using your listening post. Then, influence the influencers. Post on their blogs & retweet. Establish a rapport and only then reach out to try to convert them into evangelists & ambassadors for your cause. Scope out Twitter Lists that intersect with your organization or social cause. Useful tools: Klout, SocialMention, Google Analytics.
  35. Use social love handles! Generate an Attention Wave
  36. The awesome power of freeFree content! Free resources! Free photos Free videos (eg, TED talks) Free music & audio TechsoupFree services! Free expertise! Google Grants BarCamp YouTube for Nonprofits PodCamp Google Earth for Nonprofits WordCamp Social MediaFree software & platforms! Club WordPress & its plug-ins Open Office, Google docs Drupal, Joomla
  37. • Rich source of free commercial & noncommercial images • Flickr: 228 million Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivatives & ShareAlike licenses • Use them for your blog, website, email or print newsletter, presentations, etc. • Don’t just take. Share!
  38. Don’t overlook mobile New Goodwill Bay Area app
  39. EXERCISECreate a mobile calling card Text jdlasica to 50500 Create your own at
  40. Is your site mobile-ready?WPtouch Pro & UppSite for mobile phones, Onswipe for iPad
  41. PA RT 2 : M E T R I C SWhy measure? Because ‘data is better than gut’ Photos on Flickr by Emran Kassim, left, and Vee Dub (CC-BY)
  42. For internal & external reasons Internal purposes: Inform decision-making about your brand or cause Testing messages or products before launch Market research into constituents, supporters, volunteers Data about supporters’ giving habits External purposes: charity: water
  44. SOCIAL MEDIA METRICSMap metrics to goalsBusiness goals/objectives Things to measure Grow our list of supporters # newsletter, RSS subscribers Get more volunteers # of volunteers & volunteer hours Hit fundraising target # new, online donors, $ raised Increase positive mentions mentions or pick-ups in blogs of organization or cause & social networks Increase # of people served # constituents contacted, helped Make our content more viral # of shares, # of comments/post Get people to take action # of petition signatures Get people to attend event # of registrants, year over year Increase website visibility increase in traffic or linkback #s
  45. Set up a metrics program1. Get buy-in at the top2. Identify a Chief Metrics Guru & give him or her support3. Interview stakeholders across depts. to identify key goals & target audiences4. Create internal document that ties these goals to specific KPIs you can track5. Identify tools to use and begin tracking6. Print out monthly reports, circulate among key execs and managers. Make this a part of someone’s job. (Watch her evolve from Chief Metrics Guru to Number-Crunching Superstar.)7. Spend time analyzing the data & drawing conclusions8. Refine and fine-tune
  46. HANDOUTMetrics tools for your arsenal
  47. Why keywords are key Where Socialbrite keywords rank on Google
  48. HANDS-ON DEMOWhat does your site rank for? Search your site’s keyword juju on & (Hint: etr and ccap)
  49. K E Y W O R D S T R AT E G YFocus on 1- to 4-word phrases Average global search phrase length: 1 word (24%) 2 words (23%) 3 words (21%) 4 words (14%) 5 words (8%) 6 words (4%) 7 words (2%) 8+ words (4%) 0 10 20 30 Source: Experian Hitwise
  50. RESOURCEGoogle Keyword tool
  51. Google Keyword tool
  52. Google Analytics
  53. G O O G L E A N A LY T I C SStart with the big picture Visitors Overview
  54. G O O G L E A N A LY T I C SWhat countries? Audience > Demographics > Location
  55. G O O G L E A N A LY T I C SWhat states?Audience > Demographics > Location > click on USA
  56. G O O G L E A N A LY T I C SWhat cities?Audience > Demographics > Location > click on a state
  57. G O O G L E A N A LY T I C STraffic sources Traffic Sources > Overview Search traffic: traffic you get from search engines Referral traffic: traffic you get from other sites Direct traffic: visitors coming by tying in your url or through bookmarks
  58. G O O N D E -A N A D Y T IO S HAGLS ON LEM CSocial referral traffic Traffic Sources > Sources > Referrals
  59. G O O G L E A N A LY T I C SWhat content is most popular? Content > Overview
  60. HANDS-ON DEMOWhat nav links are working? Content > In-Page Analytics
  61. HANDOUTGoogle Analytics cheat sheet
  62. Facebook Insights
  63. FACEBOOK INSIGHTSWho likes your page Demographics & location of Likes
  64. FACEBOOK INSIGHTSPosts with the most reach Sort by Date, Reach, Engaged Users & more
  65. FACEBOOK INSIGHTSPeople Talking About This Try to stoke more engagement
  66. When should you post? Rank your updates by likes, comments or clicks to see what time of day is most prevalent
  67. HANDOUTGuide to Facebook Insights 15-page handout for Facebook developers by Facebook
  68. Twitter analytics tracks who’s clicking on your links in Twitter. (Add “+” to end of your url to see the stats.) Twitter Counter lets you count registrations and comments on a particular campaign you’re running. Klout, Tweet Grader & Twitaholic assess your impact. Twittorati tracks tweets from high-profile bloggers. tweetreach offers reach metrics, statistics and analysis for marketing and PR pros. Retweetrank measures how often you get retweeted. Tweeteffect determines which tweets make you lose or gain followers.
  69. GOOGLE PLUSGoogle+ to increase visibility • Private or public Hangouts • Share photos & campaign information • Set up targeted circles • Give your content a search boost
  70. LINKEDINLinkedIn for nonprofits Get found in Google search. Integrate keywords into your organization profile. Recruit staff or board members. Host fundraising events. Create community vibrancy. Generate viral awareness. Find connections & expert advice through Groups.
  71. C U R AT I O N T O O L SPinterest
  72. SOCIAL MEDIA DASHBOARDSPace yourself, don’t stress! HootSuite Buffer Tweetdeck Spredfast Crowdbooster ThinkUp
  73. Integrate social into the culture Create teams of participants. Knock down the silos. Get people using the tools. Use ‘reverse mentoring.’ Share monthly metrics reports. Photo on Flickr by lanuiop Provide evidence of how social media moved the needle. Shine a light on examples of employees doing social media well — reward best practices. Convert the skeptics
  74. Key takeaways Begin with an Aligned Strategy, not with the tools. Tell your stories Use your community — your biggest resource: your supporters! Measure, measure, measure! Evaluate, iterate, relaunch.
  75. And spur real-world action! Turn supporters into champions Photo on Flickr by
  76. Don’t settle for the status quoIf you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading. — Lao Tse
  77. Thank you, let’s talk! JD Lasica, founder Socialbrite: Social media consulting for nonprofits email: Twitter: @jdlasica @socialbrite